Johnnie Walker: An Iconic Label

When you hear someone mentions "Blended Scotch Whiskey", most people will think about Johnnie Walker! This came in no wonder because they are the number one best selling Whiskey brand in the world!!! 130 million bottles of Scotch Whiskey sold each year! From its origin in 1820, Johnnie Walker has been consistently improving and eventually impressed its costumers with its signature flavors, which surprisingly consists of the most simple ingredients on earth! peat, barley and water.

The unique flavor from the Blended Scotch Whiskey is the soul of this Scottish brand, it somehow represents the image of the mega brand which communicates and relates to its costumers as they're drowned into a fantasy and in the same time mysteriously elegant and classy. It's like every step of the production process is perfection and it shows in every sip.

I personally think there is a difference between people who drink for social (which is pretty mainstream in the social itself) and people who drink for personal satisfaction. The social drinkers tend to be more conscious of their own image by the behavior and the drink they're having. From the quality itself, no wonder that Johnnie Walker is the top notch brand, well HELLO?! It's been centuries and they're growing by age: the more, the mature, the better. The quality somehow is on a line with the image they're growing <3.

Anyway, have you guys watched Johnnie Walker's new ad campaign? It's featuring the hottest Formula One driver in the circuit, Jenson Button! I bet all those massive views on YouTube are mostly females drooling over Jenson.

Choosing Jenson Button as the brand ambassador must be something! Well clearly in the ad, he represents masculinity (which represents and affects both gender), in the same time classy, mysterious, expensive and charming. This ad is simply pointed right on to the image they're looking for.

In a nutshell, Johnnie Walker is undoubtedly the "labels" of your taste while drinking with class.
some of their iconic beverages! Photo courtesy of

For more information you need to know about the brand visit their website here!

This is a sponsored post, but opinions are my own.

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