LIN Artisan Ice Cream: I Scream Ice Cream

I remembered this new joint in Kemang area that caught my eyes on a trip back home inside a taxi, and just a few days later I got the privilege and honor to try their creations! I know right, grateful.

LIN Artisan Ice Cream is the first declared ice cream store in Indonesia for using Liquid Nitrogen (awesome) as their freezer material. Liquid Nitrogen is pretty safe, so you don't need to worry about all those bad side-effects, and the greater thing is, your order is made on the spot and it only took two minutes to a hearty splash of so-called-heaven!

Did I tell you that LIN itself stands for Liquid Nitrogen?

I think I am pretty much impressed with the venue, I tried to look at the outlet and realizing that it's originally not a huge place, but they managed to set the interior to be minimalist, while managing the aesthetic of the venue by the usage of woods, white paint. Looking from the unity part, I think the colors, the ambience of this outlet is impressive for me.

LIN Artisan Ice Cream offers two options of ice creams: Gelato and Sorbet. Gelato is definitely using a glimpse of milk to the mix and on the other hand, Sorbet is using all original ingredients (mostly fruits). Both fits my liking, I'm going to get to those beautiful ice creams in a moment.

Let's take a brief tour to how the ice cream is made.

It's so futuristic looking, I feel like I am inside a medical facilities instead of an ice cream house LOL.

Each glass refers to an ingredient, the base ingredients is turned into a more liquidy form by a mixer. 

Fresh premium fruit, you can tell.

I personally think the most fun part of this ice cream is the freezing process. I love love love watching beautiful cold smokes flowing out of the ice cream blender. It's an amazing view for me.

The reason why they're using gloves in the process (besides from the hygienity point that they need to keep), is because you don't want to get the Liquid Nitrogen all over your hand. It's freakin freezing I bet.

*sexy smoke*

and just in two minutes on each ice cream, there comes:

Ultimate Chocolate
IDR 39k
For everyone who worships chocolate, then this is definitely the one for you. This is made out of Cocoa Powder and overall I am very into this! I think it has a very well balanced sweetness: not very sweet, not bitter either. They also had a little additional of chocolate chips. Eating this makes me realize that there's a difference between chocolate ice cream in general and LIN's chocolate gelato! So so good! Recommended.

Rum and Raisin
IDR 69k
Another kick-ass gelato! Rum and Raisin has been in my regular order everytime I visited a gelato house and this one is another gorgeous made. I like it that the Rum (which is alcohol) doesn't overpower the creamy flavor from the milk and cream. Loving this one!

Lemon Sorbet
IDR 36k
Can I just get to the point and awarded this: THE BEST LEMON SORBET I'VE HAD PERIOD?!?
I love everything about this one: smooth-melts-in-yo-mouth texture, color as white as snow and incredibly playful flavor in my mouth. Even though it's lemon, which is known for its high acidity and sourness, but they "manufactured" it into a culinary artwork. I love how the flavor is stable (still more sour which is perfect for me).

Merry Strawberry Sorbet
IDR 39k
Overall, I am a bigger fan of LIN's sorbets over their gelatos, they already have very great gelatos, so those sorbets must have meant something very precious. I mean, for example, just look at this one: it looks pretty and mouthwatering already, just the moment you put that in your mouth, there's an explosion of flavor you might remember forever. HAHAHA I know right, the words I am using are very hyperbolistic (???) but I am very true about the ice creams here, and sorry, I don't do sugar-coating reviews.

Cheesy Strawberry
IDR 59k
For cheese lovers, this can be a good choice. Initially, I am not a huge fan of Cheese, but trust me, this one is good, the cheese somehow diffused into something a creamy flavor. Another great hit.

These may not be created in two minutes, different timing, same awesomeness!

LIN's Affogato
IDR 62k
Another favorite of mine, LIN's Affogato is clearly an attention seeker, regarding to that this one is a coffee fusion. Just like the common Affogato, the presentation is sort of the same: vanilla ice cream poured by one shot of Espresso on top. I love the vanilla ice cream, I took one tiny scoop to feel the original Vanilla Ice Cream and you can feel the premium-ness of it. I personally think you need to have that right away, don't wait until it melts because you'll end up feeling like you've spent money for a cup of Cappuccino. Do remember, the value of having Affogato is to have that right away. The difference with the other Affogato that I have had before is that the Espresso itself doesn't taste very acid. LOVING THIS ONE!

Plain Waffle
IDR 20k
The waffle is cooked soft, more of a sponge cake character instead of the crunchier one you probably have usually.

Chicken Nuggets
IDR 22k
Praised the crunchiness of the nuggets, the chicken is tender and yummy!

Squid and Prawn Balls
IDR 22k
Another nice light bites, one is not enough, this may cause you an addiction.

French Fries
IDR 29k
This may seem and look like a regular french fries, but there's something about the seasoning that's pretty good and surprisingly, this bowl of french fries rise to the upper part of my list of the yummiest fries. Cliche but it's true. Thick cut fries rawks!

Thank you LIN Artisan Ice Cream for those adorable sweet treats <3. Convinced me enough to keep screaming for ice creams :).

Come on guys, go here and experience having ice creams using Liquid Nitrogen, it's a cool experience watching the creation process!

LIN Artisan Ice Cream: I Scream Ice Cream || FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM
Jalan Taman Kemang 1 No. 6
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan
021 - 7179 4393
Opening Hours: 11.00 - 23.00

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  1. Hans, how come the rum raisin ice cream cost so much more than other flavor? I love your review, amazing pictures as always :)

    1. Thank you :). I think it's because of the rum (alcohol), but yet I personally think it's still a bit pricy because most gelatos don't reach the 60k label even from Rum infused. However, back to the portion, they're very generous. I think one cup is great for two.