E & O Jakarta: A Dinner with Chef Will Meyrick and Chef Palm Amatawet

I have been actively blogging for around seven months, technically, I have this blog for about nine months, but the first two months were sort of like the transition from a newbie to a more hopeful blogger with more passion and more effort in changing the blog to something that's a pleasure for both the writer and the readers. In that beautiful seven months I have been blessed with a lot of things, new experiences, once in a lifetime achievements and meeting new people!

I don't know what graceful things that I do the other day that caused me to get this email from E&O Restaurant Jakarta, that's the "golden ticket" (read: invitation) to a dinner session with Chef Will Meyrick!!! I was very happy knowing I'll have the chance to experience a dining session and a little chit chat with this Street-food Chef! It was a straight yes, I was too stupid to say no to it!

E&O is another venture and collaborations of Chef Will Meyrick, who is also the executive chef for two awesome-established restaurants in Bali: Sarong and Mama San. Chef Palm Amatawet from Thailand is Chef Will's tag team member/partner-in-crime. Together they evolve Sarong and Mama San to a world known restaurant. Did I mention that Sarong is on the number 13 of Miele's Dining Guide? E&O is the short of "Eastern Oriental" and the concept for this restaurant is a fusion of Thai and Vietnam cuisine. This is totally a fresh-breakthrough in the culinary feast of Jakarta remembering that most fine-dining restaurants in Jakarta serves either American or European food. The table's turned and the bars are set a little higher now.

I was impressed by the interior of this restaurant because it rang classy, elegant and expensive in the same time. The usage of hardwood materials in collaboration with the dimmed lighting and a slightly modern yet romantic ambience for this restaurant are just perfect. There's also a bar area for a more casual cocktail dates. When I got there, I was quiet impressed by how many western people visiting the restaurant, it's just a rare scenery these days, especially when you know the restaurant is serving asian culinary, as an Asian, I am so proud that asian culinary have its fans, and as an Indonesian, I am proud because the restaurant is in this country! *wipe tears*

Anyway, let's tour this gorgeous restaurant!


Pineapple Corriander Margarita (No Alcohol)
IDR 90k
This drink is the mixture of Silver Tequila, Homemade Lime Juice, Pineapple and Coriander Root and as an opening drink, this totally freshen me up, the surprise is the hint of salt, enough to wake you up, especially when you didn't notice the salt LOL. I am not an alcohol guy but this one is literally amazing.

Salmon Betel Leaf with Galangal, Dried Shrimps, Roasted Chillies, Coriander and Salmon Roe
IDR 32k/each
The moment I started to put this in my mouth and chewing it, I can feel the explosion of flavors like they're were dancing joyfully in my mouth. This may not be the most photogenic dish but if you try this one, you might die of joy. This one is so so so delicious. The idea of using Salmon Betel Leaf is just insanely genius. Tip: to eat this, you might need to put them all in your mouth wrapped or not-wrapped but promise me you won't give this a break, it needs to be in a complete form!

Crispy Pork Belly with Tamarillo and Tamarind Sauce
IDR 190k/portion
This could probably bring to me to tears because I have never felt like eating a starter so delicious, it's staying in my mind up until now. All the ingredients here work so well with one another, the pork belly is super yummy, it's soft and savory on the upper part but all the way crispy to the bottom. I am failing at emphasizing how delicious this is in words, and that's why you really need to try it yourself. If perfect is allowed, than I am giving this dish that title already, and it's awesome that we just come to the appetizers!

Chicken and Prawn in Egg Net with Peanuts, Lemongrass, Mint & Pickled Cucumber and Shallots Relish
IDR 65k
Another good appetizer, but certainly if you're putting this one with the Crispy Pork Belly side to side, just so you know, I am still going to recommend you that one.


Selection of Northern Thai Relishes with "Nam Prik Ong", "Nam Prik Goong", "Nram Prik Num" and Crispy Tempura Vegetables.
IDR 125k
Nam Prik Ong means Chicken and Tomato
Nam Prik Goong means Dried Shrimp, Chili and Lemon
Nam Prik Num means Eggplant and Dried Chili

Such a lovely course to start the 5 course-8 meal dinner, I love how they managed to seasoned the tempura so well, but still, the main idea is to have the tempuras with the relishes. The fried-tempuras were water spinach, mushroom and white fish. My most favorite relish must be the "Nam Prik Ong" (Chicken and Tomato) because I found that the closest to my appetite behavior.

Southern Hot and Sour Soup Fish with Kedondong Leaves, Turmeric, Chillies, Lime Leaves and Coriander
IDR 80k/half, 140k/all)
First impression: sour and very spicy, the spiciness is enough to slowly soothes to your head, however this one is such a pleasure to eat regarding the deliciousness of this! The fish is beautifully cooked, however not overdone and hard, most importantly: did not stink! The sourness and the spiciness somehow left you refreshed.

Grilled Beef Salad with Green Mango, Shallots, Peanuts, Mints, and Nahm Jim Jauw
IDR 90k
In short, I'll award this as the best asian fusion salad I've ever had in my life. Thank Gosh for the few courses and they already changes my perception of Thai culinary to another level, I was so stuck between Tom Yum Goong and Pad Thai, but this dinner literally opens a lot of knowledge too! I was super duper impressed with the seasoning of this salad which somehow affected the flavor of the grilled beef to be awesome, and also the play of the texture and contract from the ingredients.

"Choo Chee" of Crispy Barramundi with Chili and Thai Basil
IDR 170k
Aside from the "hot" physique, the "Choo Chee" sauce, which is also a red curry sauce somehow tastes quite sweet, but that doesn't mean that I am disappointed, in fact, I am loving whatever Chef Will and Palm did to the courses, they must know what they're doing. This dish has great balance of flavors, crispy fried fish with soft and tenderness inside. This dish is served with "Jasmine Rice" that's being imported straight from Thailand. It might sound cliche, but that rice is the best friggin rice I've ever had, the fragrance of the rice risen my appetite to a level for me to scoop more.

Massaman Curry of Slow Braised Lamb Shank with Cardamom, Shallots, Pumpkin and Tamarind
IDR 170k
Another course with the ingredients fusion of Shallots and Tamarind. I am not a huge lamb fan because most of the times, I found lamb to be extremely stinks and it turned off my appetite, but suprisingly, this one didn't stink at all. It's the moistest, yummiest lamb I've ever had in life. Say thanks to the hours of slow-braised cooking process. The Massaman Curry somehow tasted the same as the "Choo Chee" from the previous course. 

Twice-cooked Beef Short Ribs with Sweet Fish Sauce, Cucumber and "Nam Pla Prik"
IDR 220k
Nam Pla Prik is sort of a Thailand Dried Chili

To get the perfect impression of this course, you need to have this on a right order or at least right seasoning. This dish would taste just okay when you only have the Beef Short Ribs, but when you eat the ribs along with the sweet fish sauce and Nam Pla Prik, it tastes so good you want it over and over again. It's smart because the short ribs were cooked and seasoned to be rather sweet, Nam Pla Prik definitely gave a spicier touch and the saltiness from the fish sauce. Foodgasm checked!


Cocoa Ganache with Peanut Butter Palm Sugar Ice Cream and Honeycumb Crumble
IDR 50k
One scoop all the way to the bottom for a heavenly heart flavor! I love the homemade ice cream and since I am such a peanut butter fan, this one certainly spot in mind. Just one whole scoop and that's enough to make you smile. No, I actually lied, one is not enough. How come? This one is so delicious!

Durian Pannacota with White Sticky Rice
IDR 50k
A masterpiece of dessert? Surely it is! This dish uses Durian, which is my ultimate favorite fruit and it's totally a genius idea of using it on a Pannacota. The Pannacota is super smooth and the flavor of the Durian is strong but in a proper-not-overpowering state. I also did the same thing by scooping it all the way to the bottom and when I put it in my mouth, they melted and I literally smiled. That's enough for me to declare that the perfect dessert, perfect closing and I am in love.

I was so impressed with the courses and again very impressed with the people behind these gorgeous food: Chef Will Meyrick and Chef Palm Amatawet! FYI, they're like the most humble chefs I've ever met period because they literally spent a quality time getting to know us and talk with us about food. That's how foodies should talk. Another great thing to know is that the bloggers coming to the dinner were the ones selected by Chef Will and friends because they literally read the blogs. I just couldn't hide how happy I was and I am, still :').

Along with the impression and based on my personal judgements, in short, I would declare E & O as one the best meals I've ever had in 2013. To declare this, there must be a reason, and all these beautiful food described above are reason enough, but sure, to be more convinced, you need to try them yourself.

Thank you for the great night Chefs! You guys are the dynamic duos! The bombs!
and special thanks to Wati Meyrick, Raechel Temily, Catherine Vilia and the lovely bloggers <3.

See you in the next posts and...HAPPY EID HOLIDAY!!!

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