Oh La La Cafe Plaza Indonesia

A sudden meeting with my friend leads to an afternoon tea session. This time we're trying Oh La La Cafe which is now located at the more approachable and in-crowd-able location in Plaza Indonesia. This french themed cafe is known for their fabulous series of patisseries which includes delicious cakes and yumsters of macarons.

IDR 7k/each, IDR 20k/3 pieces
Let's not forget the role of macarons on your afternoon tea. Not only is that they give more colors to the plate, they also taste nice. I am pretty much fond of the macarons here, they're very chewy and fluffy on the inside but crunchy on the outside. I rarely find macarons that are actually strong in flavors, some I barely even taste the flavor, but these pretty little devils are hearty in mouth.
Green: Pistachio, Blue: Blueberry (RECOMMENDED), Brown: Chocolate

Chocolate Twist
IDR 16.5k
Lovely crunchy texture leads to a moist patisserie on the inside. I was lucky that I got the one fresh from the oven so when I sliced it open, the aroma was just wonderful. The chocolate may not be as generous as I thought it would be but it still gave you the chocolate flavor you want.

Sacher Cake
IDR 35k
Absolute winner! Now this is a chocolate cake! From the top to the bottom, you'll experience a soft moist cake with wealthy chocolate flavor especially from the lovely layer on top. The cake literally melts in your mouth, such a joyful flavor explosion :). Would love you to have this one.

Iced Cafe Latte
IDR 30k
The Iced Cafe Latte is a great choice for a rather quick drink, the flavor is balanced, overall it's good but nothing very significant in this drink from the most coffees I've had before.

Oh La La Specialties:
Haute Couture
IDR 35k
First of all, gotta give it to the presentation! Such a wonderful color gradation from orange to green <3 (even though the green's very little), very very impressed with the outer look but still, the question is, is the flavor as sweet as it looks? It definitely is sweet, and yet unique. I can hint a glimpse of orange and pineapple flavor inside leaving me with a fresh impression. This one is what you should try by the time you pay your visit here.

Oh La La can be in your consideration for a lovely place for lunch (will come back for that, I was drooling when I looked at their menu) or afternoon tea, they do have great selections of cakes and beverages. I'd really recommend you their Sacher Cake. I wonder why this outlet didn't have their fabulous meat-filling-croissants like I usually purchase in hospitals or airports. I know right, not your common places to have croissants. However,  I did ask and I didn't have a really clear answer, but I am very impressed with the sleek and simple design they're upscaling to this outlet because it does look more "parisienne".

Have a fabulous weekend guys! Thank you for reading.


Plaza Indonesia 2nd Fl Unit I 001
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat

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  1. I have had my coffee breaks here quite a few time, was never really impressed with the food though. The coffees are okay, but I have to admit they are located in nice location at Plaza Indonesia. Your photos on the other hand looks beautiful. Nice review as always hans :)