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Nobu Express is another venture from the Nobu brands, if you're familiar with Sushi Nobu, then this one is another venture from the same master brand. Nobu Express is located at the heart of Kemang, just across ,then near KemChicks (famous supermarkets in Kemang) and Common People Restaurant.

Nobu Express is best for people who wants a rather instant and express food and that's why the main menu of this restaurant is the Japanese Hotdog. Two flavors available: Beef Sausage BBQ and Katsu Hotdog. Most food and drinks in this restaurants are relatively affordable. I'm going to all those in a while, but first, please let me introduce the beverages they're having. Prepare yourself from getting an extreme thirst.

Sumo as the mascot. His name is "Kusshon".
Yellow is the main color of this restaurant, you can find it almost everyone starting on the walls onto the menu.

Colorful drinks, those colors are the cause of the massive thirst.

I didn't manage to get all individual shots of the drinks, but to pre-conclude, most drinks served here use sparkling water mixed with another ingredients, it's a simple concept for beverages, some tastes very decent and some were OK but since this restaurant's concept is "Express" and the prices are relatively cheap, so I guess that comes with the teritory.

Hawaiian Beach
IDR 25k
This drink is the mixture of Blue Curacao syrup, Green Apple syrup and sparkling water. The physical appearance of this beverage is just awesome, just look at that color gradient! Anybody looking at it must be torn between wanting to drink it or not because it's so pretty! However, this drink is pretty fresh, me likey.

Tasty Lychee
IDR 25k
Since I am a big fan of lychee, I gotta say that this one is also a fresh creation. Another drink for you all to try.

Blue Lychee
IDR 25k
My favorite drink would have been this one, the Blue Curacao syrup and the lychee somehow works really well together.

Ogura Float
IDR 19k
Nice experiment on the Ogura ice cream, it's pretty decent, and it works too with the sparkling water, resulting a good beverage but without overpowering sweetness.

Green Tea Float
IDR 19k
I've never really tried a plain sparkling water with Green Tea ice cream and somehow I'm not a big fan of this one, but who knows you might like it, then try :).

Seasonal Green
IDR 25k
Sparkling water with Green Apple syrup, it's good but it's not fantastic great. Still prefer the "Blue Lychee" for I think that's the most unique one.

BBQ Beef Sausage Japanese Hotdog (JapDog)
IDR 19k
For only IDR 19k you can get the good old hotdog but here with Japanese touch from the usage of Nori. Well technically, to really emphasize the Japanese-ness (I don't think that's even the word) of this course, I'm expecting more unique Japanese touch. However, despite the lack of Japanese emphasize, this food is pretty decent. I love the BBQ sauce, it's the bomb.

Japanese Katsu Hot Dog
IDR 19k
For the same price, you'll get this Japanese Katsu Hot Dog, for me this one rings Japanese a lot more for its experiment with the Katsu. I love the play of texture from the bread crumbs. I'd recommend this one if you go here. One is probably not enough for you.


The pastas served here are using two sauces to choose depending on your preference: Wafu and Cream sauce. Wafu sauce has a shoyu base mixed with other ingredients, and it will leave the pasta covered in the sauce, but not soaking wet, almost Aglio Olio type of serving presentation, while the cream sauce will definitely give a creamier taste to the pasta.

California Wafu Pasta
IDR 29k
Eating this pasta feels like eating a "California Roll" in pasta form, the Wafu sauce is the secret ingredients to success, overall I am fond with the usage of Wafu sauce instead of the creamy ones. From the overall choices, I'd recommend this one to you, for this is the most unique, the tastiest and the most playful.

California Cream Pasta
IDR 35k
I personally think that the cream needs to be thicker and more seasoned instead of bland and plain, but thankfully the generous amount of toppings of the pasta really help increasing the whole serving. I still prefer the ones with the wafu sauce in general.

Chicken Katsu Wafu Pasta
IDR 29k
The Katsu is very crunchy, I think they're making very good Katsu dishes here for the previous Katsu Japanese Hot Dog is another favorite for me.

Salmon Katsu Wafu
IDR 29k
Impressed by how they managed to cook the Salmon perfectly without leaving any distinct smells behind. Another recommended menu, the flavor of the Salmon and the Wafu Pasta is delicate.

Gindara Katsu Wafu
IDR 29k
Another lovely meal, I do think that Wafu Pasta and fish really works well together! Gindara's cooked beautifully. Just look at that texture. Goodness!

Dori Cream Pasta
IDR 35k
From overall pasta with fish topping, this one is my favorite, the Dori fish is very smooth and light, the cream sauce works well with the Dori, I think this is when the cream sauce works perfectly with the topping. Such a hearty meal. Purple heart for this one!

Tempura Cream Pasta
IDR 35k
Beautiful in presentation, that's to be exact, but aside from the lack of seasoning in the cream, I also think that the tempura's flour also needs a little more seasoning. They're already fried beautifully but a little pinch of salt and pepper would be nicer :).

Golden Roll
IDR 35k
From the overall menu served, this one received the gold medal from me, this one is the best dish of the day and probably what they have here! Everything is just on a great balance, great seasoning and garnish, generous amount of topping yet still balanced. Great play of texture from the Tobiko and fried crumbs. Highly recommended!

Nobu Express is definitely for you who are always mobile and in pace, yet still craving for nice food in your belly, but if you're too lazy busy to go out and wanted a delivery instead, do not worry, they also have the hotline at the attached phone contact below.

Thank you for this session! Will definitely come back for more Golden Rolls!

Nobu Express || FACEBOOK | TWITTER
Jalan Kemang Raya No 9C
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan
021 - 719 5246

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  1. I didn't know about this place in Kemang! How cool!! The photos look so inviting! They made me hungry.

  2. It's kinda new actually, the food are relatively cheap but still decent :).