Nanny's Pavillon: Le Jardin Des Fleurs Central Park

I bet this empire needs no introduction. Nanny's Pavillon has been one of the most successful culinary franchises in this country, we can definitely see it from the growing outlets, thumbs up for their unique concepts on each branch, giving a fresher and slightly different ambience.

One of the newest branches is this one in Central Park, with the concept of "Le Jardin Des Fleurs" or simply a flower garden, this one is their prettiest branches yet. You can see a lot of domination of while colors, bird cages, wooden chairs and!

My visits to Nanny's Pavillon always leave me with different impressions: there are times when the food is really good, sometimes it is really bland and different from the very first time I go to their City Walk outlet, but I don't know why, there are things about this restaurant that keeps me coming back for more.

Dad's Favorite Fries
IDR 35k
I remember exactly the very first time I had this as my dish back around 2010 at the City Walk outlet. I literally fell in love at the very first bite, sadly I see that this dish has been downgrading (based on my eating experience) such as less and less beef fillings. Unfortunately, I got mine served cold and I need to ask the staff to reheat this dish. Please keep up this dish's quality, this one is one of the best sellers!

Nanny's Buttermilk Mushrooms
IDR 29k
Another regular order and still fond of this one :). The mushrooms are just juicy, yummy and crunchy. A worth to try appetizer.

Black Oreo Caramel
IDR 29k
My ultimate favorite. The caramel sauce is the bomb! I feel like every element of this food blends together creating such a lovely flavor close to the heart, the pancake is moist and I always love having it with one scoop of vanilla ice cream. Simple but just perfect.

Nanny's Mushroom Fettucine
IDR 45k
Shall we pass the mushrooms? They're awesome already.
Overall it's a one good dish for pasta with yummy cream and generous amount of mushrooms (now that's important).

Fitz Carbonara Fettucine
IDR 45k
I don't see any significant difference from the Mushroom Fettucine except for the filling, well it's still good though but not fantastic great.

I have been to Nanny's Pavillon for numerous times I can't remember and I am surely going to keep you guys updated with the menus. I'd recommend another two of my regular pasta orders here: Kimberly Green Sausage Pasta and Hubert's Chicken Capers, and for pancake, I always go either with Black Oreo Caramel or a good old Mango Waffle <3.

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