When this first opened I was in Australia so I could only drool over my phone's screen, luckily I still manage to hold myself from unfollowing everyone! A few days ago, I visited this incredibly happening dessert house and here I am blogging it for you all! Shirayuki, which by the way means "white snow" is located in the guilty pleasure neighborhood, Pantai Indah Kapuk and just beside Ohka Ramen and near Food Plaza/Fresh Market in the Rukan Emerald (so it's not around the Ikkudo Ichi Ramen or Sumoboo but kind of align). From what I heard, it's the "reincarnation" of Kabocha
It's not often that I blog about something that's already very famous, popular and reputable, if restaurant is a celebrity, then this following name is definitely Mariah Carey famous, so when I do, it's either because it's very good, very legendary or simply to show you guys how much I love it.
Went to this newly opened cafe yesterday for lunch with Cindy and since we both had good experience, I wanted to blog this asap, well not really, it's because I am those people who manage to go here earlier hence I want to blog about it before everyone else does HAHAHA! No lah joking, probably half true, it's just that I am always excited when it comes to visiting new places and be the one who promotes them at the early stage, that's probably certain percentage of happiness there is for me. Before I start, I just want to tell you that it doesn't matter if you blog something fast or not, make sure you make a bloody good post and you can tell when it's good, it's like you can feel the writer's passion on the writing and not ONLY for the sake of reviewing, not to mention, take freaking good photos and chill on the editing, don't hurt someone else's eyes.
As you guys probably know, I just came back from my fantastic trip in Australia and I am now missing it very much, especially Melbourne! I don't know, I just feel like Melbourne is so me, but I'm not going to talk much about it right now, there will be so many posts about the trip, so make sure you stay tuned and going to keep you guys updated!
Still reminiscing my days in Singapore and I am finally it’s because I am representing eatandtreats and Indonesia at the World Gourmet Forum in Singapore just last month and on this post I am going to be sharing so many newsworthy stories for those of you who adore a little touch of class and luxury, especially those who are such big loyal fans of Singapore Airlines.

Hello everyone! If you follow my Instagram them you should know that I just got back from my latest trip which was Singapore and I couldn't wait to blog about so many stuff that I experienced in Singapore, it's almost like...mandatory because they're informative and you're gonna love it!

This post is going to be short because the pics do the talking! I am promoting this currently running contest that you might be interested in participating because the prizes are drooling!

I recently downloaded this uber cool application called "Bango Warisan Kuliner Nusantara" on my phone and so far I have been loving this. I am a newbie to this app but I just can't stand not blogging about this. I honestly do expect you to download this, this is such a magnificent idea from Bango (yes the soy giant) to risen up the local culinary scene and our support is more than appreciated.
Went to this newly opened cafe in Pantai Indah Kapuk just yesterday just because I couldn't stand the cuteness when I saw their pics on my friend's Instagram! Sweet Hut is a Malaysia-franchise joint and brought up by the group that managed some of PIK's most favorite ventures such as Agantea, Broaster's Chicken, Karaoke PIK and Sinsin. They're only 1 week old and still on their grand opening days, but from what I see, I think they already have some loving customers, or at least curious hungry people! PS: their outlet was very easy because of its eye-catching appearance! Red and white color, almost festive. It's located just beside the PIK Karaoke in the Ruko Cordoba area.