Still reminiscing my days in Singapore and I am finally it’s because I am representing eatandtreats and Indonesia at the World Gourmet Forum in Singapore just last month and on this post I am going to be sharing so many newsworthy stories for those of you who adore a little touch of class and luxury, especially those who are such big loyal fans of Singapore Airlines.

Just so you know, this is not an advertorial and I am in no way getting paid to write about this, so if you assume things you might want to tone it down darling ;).

I was complimented with business class flight and the flight was splendid as you can tell by reading THIS and trip this was quite an eye-opener for me. I learned new things and for some reasons, I wouldn’t see food catering the same way again, well at least, Singapore Airline’s.

The WGF series started with the visit to the SATC, which is the Singapore Airlines’ catering service and training centre, unfortunately there’s a NO CAMERA policy on the kitchen and that’s supposed to be the highlight, so I couldn’t take any picture, but I could visually translated my experience if you care for reading.

The kitchen area was this whole floor of the building and it was HUGE, more like GINORMOUS with separated areas with their particular stations. Turns out, the kitchen was actually quite clean and super hygienic (didn’t I tell you that before entering the kitchen area, EVERYONE should be in this air shower to make sure there’s no germ carried by you (and yes it’s THAT clean), my favorite area must be the omelette station where they actually had three people running the machine with 12 round-moving plans, and just in case you wonder why they could produce that much omelettes for the service, they’re actually robot-controlled, hence the amount of omelette should be the same, generally and I experience myself that every single thing is produced daily, no preservatives used (they used maximum freezing and reheating AS THE FORM OF) and again, it’s hygiene, yeah you ask yourself have you ever experienced any food poisoning after you eat the SQ food? Bet 100% would say no!

People fly everyday and there’s massive amount of catering produced daily and to see so many people working there (despite taking care of their duty and working purpose), I felt quite touched to see that there were so many old people (and I mean really old people) working there, dealing with the same thing everyday, they might find it boring, but there’s the art of dedication that I honor so much and from now on, everytime I look at the food I am having generally, and particularly the SQ food, I’ll remember the behind the scene, and of course, I’ll remember them.

One of the things I love about my visit to the training center was actually to experience the training process itself. This I must tell you: the trainers are very tough! It’s like getting into a school with very strict teachers, but not the one that might hit you, that would be socially unacceptable, but I mean it in a very strict but professional way, yes there were quite a few “yelling” and “shouting” but it’s the matter of learning, again, you notice that behind the scene is something that you should know and experience before you commeted, so behind all those beautiful smiles of the SQ flight attendants that you’re seeing, there was a big learning session.

The World Gourmet Forum took place at the magnificent Grand Hyatt and journalists from all over the world joined this forum and it's also the media for Singapore Airlines to release some of the interesting surpises for (back then) the journalists and soon for all of the SQ passengers! 
Mr. Tan Pee Teck, the senior vice president of product and service of Singapore Airlines.
Oz Clarke, oh I love this man! As soon as he spoke to the guests, it just feels so recharging and energizing. His confidence really sparked, well no wonder, he used to be an actor and singer so showing up in front of the public has been always a piece of cake for him.
Oz Clarke is currently the newest member of SIA's wine panel along with the Jennie Choo Lee and Michael Hill Smith! Oz is rumored to be the substitute of Steven Spurrier who is now retired but still collaborating with SQ in different approach and state.

There's this one essential information that I manage to learn thanks to this event: the fact that when you're 35.000 feet above sea level, you'll experience humidity of around 2-3% and this will affect not only the dryness of our skin but also our taste bud. The thing is, to keep you and your system on the right track, you need to have good source for that.

Not every food and beverage travel well and that's why I personally think that SQ is genius and in a way very caring with all of this. From the many times I've flown with SQ, I have never been disappointed, there's probably only once where the food went "oh yeah just okay" but usually I'd go "this is good!" or "this is freaking good", so along with their smartness and their own logical formula that we might not understand, they managed to set everything to match most of our palate (I believe) and the wines are not the exception.
Good news! Taittinger Champagne is going to be served on the SQ's business class very soon! So when you travel in the future you might kick off your trip with somma this!
The WGF 2014 also presented the cook panel who will be in charge with all the in-flight catering service for business and first class and the chefs are very established and expert at their fields!
 The humble chef Carlos Cracco from Italy and he's a 2-Michelin star awarded chef for his restaurant, Ristorante Cracco. His motto is to have your meal filled with region and identity. Yum!
 Chef George Blanc, the amazing chef who holds a 3-Michelin star restaurant called "Vonnas" in Paris!
 Chef Albert Tan

I met some familiar faces on the WGF 2014: Matt Moran (whom I just met a few days ago on the Restaurant Australia event in Tasmania and he's actually on the same airplane with me to the Tassie LOL) and the beautiful Suzanne Goin (I love love love Suzanne I think she's my most favorite female chef at the moment), Suzanne currently runs 4 restaurants in the US and that should explain enough how successful she is at the moment.
Matt is a rough looking masculine chef but actually he's very nice and polite! When you see him smile he's actually far from that rough image hahaha!
 There's a little cooking demonstration there by the chefs and the food was served to the lucky guests (those will fast hands) and some dish really caught my attention but I vividly remember that my favorite was the Halibut served with salad by Suzanne Goin. It was just so delicious and smooth but in the same time she's still holding to the healthy concept she's developing. I also quite liked the good old Buratta cheese by Matt Moran, you know that I don't like cheese but it was just yum!

 Apparently, SQ is really child-friendly!
Before I continue with some of the food pics that I managed to capture, I just want to quickly tell you that SQ is having this program called "Book the Cook" so you basically can pre-order your main course and this program applies to the 18 departure cities like Singapore, Sydney, LA, Zurich, Amsterdam and a few more! Isn't that JUST AWESOME? You know what you want and everyone's happy! By the way, here are some of the food that you might experience when you’re flying Business or First Class with Singapore Airlines: (PS: no picture order).

Lobster with turmeric rice
 Singapore's Traditional Bak Kut Teh

 Singapore's Chicken Rice

The food will be presented in the airplane as how you're seeing it right now!

It was a sheer-joy joining the World Gourmet Forum, making new friends, connections and for the chance to know what's happening with SQ and meeting so many inspiring people I am almost inspired to aspire! I am so looking forward for more of SQ's new ventures! Hopefully they'll be YUMMIER!

This serie is not ending, will post the latest post soon!



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  1. <3 Congratulate kak dapat kesempatan luar biasa :")

  2. Sorry, not a big fan of Singapore Airlines anymore. They lost my luggage both way from ATL-CGK. Best airlines for me is Korean and United Emirate Airlines.

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