I recently downloaded this uber cool application called "Bango Warisan Kuliner Nusantara" on my phone and so far I have been loving this. I am a newbie to this app but I just can't stand not blogging about this. I honestly do expect you to download this, this is such a magnificent idea from Bango (yes the soy giant) to risen up the local culinary scene and our support is more than appreciated.

If you claim yourself a 'foodie' but you have close to zero knowledge about local food well don't bother. Try this: name 20 well known street food chain in South Jakarta? If you can't name it, well you really need this application! I mostly blog about International culinary on my blog and I bet if you are my blog readers you must know about it, but I must say that I have quite self-proclaimed-decent knowledge for local cuisine, especially street food! I freaking love Indonesian street food and so blessed to be born here because my life has been surrounded by so many delicious food.

The thing about Indonesian food, they might not be the most photogenic but I am proud enough to say it out loud that Indonesian food are really good as in quality, well probably because I am the local here hence I could relate more, but there's one thing that I always do whenever my foreign friends come to visit: I always bring them to the best local street food. I don't really see bringing them to the fancy places could really impress them the way I wanted (unless it's very authentic or very good) and my vision is to make them miss Indonesia more and more. Just like when I went to London, I probably miss The Borough or The Broadway Market more than the fancy places, it's the experience of bonding with the social that counts... at least for me.

What is it about it that's very cool and should be on your 'must download' list?
I must say this, as long as I remembered starting my hobby as a foodie, I honestly think that street food is awesome in so many ways, and I am here referring to those who have been around for decades: they have quality and they have loyal fans. The F&B business lately have been highly supported by the social media, something that they clearly didn't have when they started their business, it's basically mouth to mouth promotion and decades later, they're still running the business and most likely becoming a legacy to the younger generation and I FOUND THAT FREAKING AWESOME.

That's why I was very happy when I heard about this and couldn't wait to download this, there's finally a social platform for foodies and from foodies, especially those who are into the local food.

Just like what I've mentioned before, this app is going to be a true foodie app, which by the way connects the foodies who gives recommendations to one another, short to say, from foodies to foodies. I only wished we could upload more pictures in a single post hence this app would be perfect!

3. FREE!
Yes it is! For IOS and Android users <3. Thank you Bango for making it very berry easy!

Okay, now I am going to be talking about some of their outstanding features!

You can download the app at the App Store (for IOS users) and PlayStore (for Android users), and I want to personally congrats Bango because this app so far has reached 50k downloads, which is quite impressive!

Just searched "Bango Warisan Kuliner app" on the search bar and it's actually on the top of the search list, but here's the icon just in case you download the wrong one and it's my Mobile Force. Right after downloading and installing, there will be the signing up process, pretty much like the common one, and after you're done, you'll be directed to the homepage which is the right side on the picture below.
This app is highly supported by Google Maps hence you can browse so many dining spot. When you're on the "Kuliner Terdekat" menu or in English means the nearest ones from where you at. the app will show you the nearest recommendation and you're just a click away from them. I was in the Panglima Polim area when I print-screened this and as you can see from the photo below, the spots marked with the red sign and you can click that, for example when I clicked one of it, it's showing the famous Gultik (Gulai Tikungan) in Blok M!
The Kuliner Terdekat menu also has 3 other sub-menus: Terdekat (closest), Terbaru (newest) and Terpopuler (most famous or in a way most searched or clicked).

The "Terdekat" menu is showing you the nearest dining spots around based on where you are currently at, and since I told you I was in the Panglima Polim area, they're showing me those in Dharmawangsa, Mahakam, Lamandau and Blok M.
"Terbaru" and "Terpopuler" tabs
Not only that, this app also features a lot of submitted recipes from the users. I checked several of the recipes and I love how they put extra effort in creating the post and explain the process in such detail. For example when I clicked on the Nasi Goreng ala Surya Saputra it's also a recipe given exclusively and personally by the well known Indonesian actor!
Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) ala Surya Saputra!
But of course my favorite feature is the "Berbagi Kuliner" or "share the culinary" feature, and since I love sharing food pictures on Instagram and any other social media possible, to have another one wouldn't hurt HAHAHA! I love sharing my new inventions, it's nice and sincere to share people where to go to eat and I am always happy if people liked my recommendations.

Here is my recommendation of "Nasi Uduk Ibu Sum" one of my most favorite Nasi Uduk in town, my post should be in the list I guess and I'll start posting more and more <3.
Short to say, this is another exciting and genius venture from Bango and still on their (hopefully) never-ending campaign to bring and keep up the existence of Indonesia's culinary heritage! As an Indonesian and self-proclaimed foodie, I feel like I have the responsibility (and you should feel that way as well) and I believe there are so many things that we can do to help! I also joined this year's Festival Jajanan Bango that was held in May and you can read the post here!

Thank you Bango for developing this app along with the wonderful website than you can check out here. Download the app for free at the Apps Store and Play Store (IOS and Android users).

last but not least,


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