When this first opened I was in Australia so I could only drool over my phone's screen, luckily I still manage to hold myself from unfollowing everyone! A few days ago, I visited this incredibly happening dessert house and here I am blogging it for you all! Shirayuki, which by the way means "white snow" is located in the guilty pleasure neighborhood, Pantai Indah Kapuk and just beside Ohka Ramen and near Food Plaza/Fresh Market in the Rukan Emerald (so it's not around the Ikkudo Ichi Ramen or Sumoboo but kind of align). From what I heard, it's the "reincarnation" of Kabocha

To be completely honest, I hate going to PIK, I don't know man, it's just that for me, PIK is kind of far and the road taken is kind of long, even though it's not actually far far! So everytime I go to PIK I have to know the purpose of going there and need to at least hop into several (if possible) new cafes! Not to mention, the traffic and how packed PIK is almost everyday. Generally, I don't like crowded places, I like quiet romantic peaceful place but it's absolutely not what business dealers always want. They want customers!

I initially wanted to go to Cake-A-Boo right after Shirayuki, but guess what? Bloody rain started to pour and turn the table around, but you have to see this post as well to know the other reason why I cancel my visit to Cake-A-Boo!

Enough yakking! PHOTOS!!!

The interior
Shirayuki is actually not as big as I expected, it's just medium, but for some reasons that I was not sure of, I love staying here and the ambiance felt homey to me. The combination of the earthy elements such as wood, iron and the color that they're using were just a good balance. 
The "Wire Wall of Fame", next time you go here you'll probably see my photo.

Christmas decorations were already set since Christmas is just around the corner!
Wildberry Soda
IDR 29k
I ordered the Wildberry Soda since Jakarta has (always) been humid during the day and I was in need for the ultimate thrist quencher. This was your typical refreshing fruity drink and as you can see it's sparkling, basically just common but I did like the usage of popping bobas.

Kashoku Latte (hot)
IDR 30k
This was divine! Frankly speaking, this was probably probably the first time for me to ever try literally all nut based beverage and I freaking love this one! the nut flavor was very rich because the nuts were actually roasted, the foam was very creamy, I just love how unique the flavor was because I could hint a little saltiness that somehow blends nicely with the sweetness from the milk and sugar! Even though you can choose to have the hot or cold version of this, do me a favor, order the hot one and fell in love.

I don't know how to really explain the nut flavor but if you've ever eaten in Chung Gi Wa and had that nut powder that they served for the meat, that's pretty much how it's like!

Kushikatsu C
IDR 40k
This menu happened to be one of their best seller and yes you have to order the "C" set. The portion consist of Chicken, Beef, Tomato and Cheese, Spicy Lotus Root and Spicy Shitake Chicken. My favorite one has got to be the beef as it's very tasty with juicy and tender texture. I also quite liked the Spicy Lotus Root as it had green chili infused to it, the tomato and cheese was also unique, I just love when the tomato burst in my mouth blending the flavor and texture of the cheese. Simply nice.

Cabe Ijo Bianco
IDR 45k
Green chili was the main ingredient for this dish and that's why they named it Cabe Ijo Bianco. The green chili did not only give a little heat to the dish, but also managed to deliver lovely flavor to it. I must say I love this simple meal for basically the green chili. The other condiments such as mushroom and shrimp were given generously but I didn't notice a lot of eggplants (which was good because too much eggplants could make this dish appear sticky, soggy and tasted funky).

FYI when you know exactly how a dish tasted and especially when it's spicy and you're trying to describe it = DROOL!
Salmon Cream Soup with Spaghetti
IDR 55k
Another favorite of mine from the savory selection must be this one! The soup was incredibly seasoned with semi-creamy consistency but not milky according to my taste bud. If you're wondering if this particular dish is the same as Pasta De Waraku's soup pasta, well I must say they're completely different both from the concept and flavor. This one was tastier with quite rich salmon flavor and al-dente cooked pasta.
Premium Viva La Cocoa Yukidaruma Matsuri
IDR 58k
First things first, I was sold to how cute this dessert looks! Unlike their common presentation, I came just on the right time since they just released their Christmas edition Yukidaruma! I am giving 9/10 for the presentation only. I've heard mixed reviews from people about this particular menu but I guess I am going to speak on behalf of myself about this. I think you need to order their chocolate one! I didn't try both blueberry or strawberry but I could already picture how it would taste and somehow considering their condiments, I guess the chocolate sauce fits and blend with everything much much better! I didn't think I was lucky, I just opted for the better one.

Say hi to the most famous snowman at the moment!

The portion came with stuffed mochi, mochi ice-cream and coffee jelly topping.
Tip: logically since it's shaved ice sculptured to look like snowman and if you happen to experience problem with "breaking the ice" then I guess you should pour the syrup all over the Yukidaruma's "body" part and clockwise! DO NOT pour them only on that one certain area. I understand that it's probably for the photo purpose but you have to be smart as well!

Bailey's Kanten
IDR 36k
Another cute presentation! Appreciate the extra effort to actually include the "noodle jelly" maker, basically a block of plain jelly put inside the thing and when you shove it, you're going to have noodle shape jelly. As you can see this portion also came with matcha ice cream and Bailey's! The matcha ice cream was wonderful, and for me, much much better from its opponent on the same area. As in for the Bailey's I don't think I need to explain how it tasted.

Seriously? You don't know how Bailey's tastes? Geez. HAHA just kidding peeps, I sounded exactly like a bitch alpha blogger from mean girls (only there's none and I am a guy). So, Bailey's actually a liquor and yes it has alcohol in it, the flavor was pretty much creamy (if you know Irish cream then it's pretty much like that), a little chocolaty, coffee-ish, caramel-ish (imagine a little butterscotch) and Whiskey like. If you don't know how Whiskey tasted like you better go to the nearest club and start getting laid HAHAHA!!

Bailey's with rocks (ice). I tried mixing the Bailey's with the matcha ice cream and found that there were certain good characters from both elements causing them to fit incredibly perfect! The natural bitterness of the matcha got toned down by the creamy flavor of the Bailey's but the matcha worked nicely in toning down the alcohol flavor!
Their matcha ice cream was adorable!

Watanoki Matsuri - White Winter Wonderland
IDR 37k
Everything here is either cute or cuter! I could easily died of cuteness here and I literally went "aww" when I saw dessert after dessert coming! Anyway, I decided to opt for their White Winter Wonderland or simply the plain original one because I wanted to see how every element complement one another. You can choose the ice cream flavor, since I had the matcha one I went with the "Kashoku" or mixed Japanese nuts (and by the way they imported them). The texture of the ice cream was obviously the same and I am referring to good, flavor wise, since I am a diehard matcha fan, I root for the matcha, but to be honest, their Kashoku ice cream was very nice with rich nut flavor, caramelish, fragrant, smooth and creamy but comparing to the Kashoku latte I had earlier, I must say that the character of the nut spoke louder on hot situation.

The portion came with soft and fluffy Warabi Mochi. You have to dip it to the brown sugar dip to get that different texture and a tiny bit of flavor.
The brown sugar didn't really speak or had that much flavor.

As much as how cute the presentation of this dessert is, this was my least favorite, but don't mistaken or translate the phrase "least favorite" as "hate" or "dislike", it's just that I couldn't find the correlation of the combination I was expecting, maybe it's just meant to be cute.
Continuing what I said earlier, I guess another reason why I canceled my visit to Cake-A-Boo was because of the amount of food I had :"). Shirayuki impressed me in so many ways. To be honest (and I have been mentioning this a lot), there are so many new spots opening these days but most of them had this bullshit content and yes I am referring to the food and I kinda pre-judge Shirayuki but after actually coming here and tried out some of their best sellers, Shirayuki rose up on my list of favorite spots to have matcha! They ain't bullshit and I won't disregard how good they're with their matcha creations and I won't diss any brands here but I guess we're on the same line, almost like wifi connection we connect! I was fond how how they set the price for their desserts here, for me, they're very affordable. Desserts here range from IDR 30k-IDR 58k and their savory courses range from IDR 30k-IDR 80k.

Their savory courses were not bad too, aside from their matcha ice creams and cute desserts, I really do think I'm going back for their Cabe Ijo Bianco and I am starting to imagine the flavor and it's not healthy at this hour! (typing this post on 12 AM right now).

Thank you for reading and please do enjoy this currently (and hopefully will always be) popular dessert spot in town, but oh, think I forgot to mention that they are close at every Thursday!

Rukan Emerald, Jl. Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara 14440
021 - 2970 4981
Opening Hours: 11:30 AM - 10 PM (CLOSED ON THURSDAYS)
Pricing: $


Map for Fresh Market PIK

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  1. Salam kenal. Tidak sukanya aku baca blogmu itu, MEMBUAT LAPAR. Dan selebihnya suka, suka dan SUKA hahaha .. Dan postingan ini cute abis. Sayangnya aku di Surabaya hahaha ..

  2. lovely plating and decor <33
    you should visit cake a boo! the decor is super adorable and the foods there are quite delicious but too bad the portion is too small or 'dikit' :p

    cheer, michelle ~