As you guys probably know, I just came back from my fantastic trip in Australia and I am now missing it very much, especially Melbourne! I don't know, I just feel like Melbourne is so me, but I'm not going to talk much about it right now, there will be so many posts about the trip, so make sure you stay tuned and going to keep you guys updated!

When I was in OZ, I noticed that this highly anticipated restaurant is now opening and I wasted no time to have my dinner here just earlier tonight with my best friend. Knowing that this restaurant is the sister of the well known Cacaote, I indeed had high expectations for this one.

I felt the design of the restaurant was pretty much like Cacaote, still that French feeling to it with the hanging chandeliers, Golden colors, classic Victorian detailing and sense which I found quite likeable. The area was not as spacious as Cacaote but I just love the ambiance of this restaurant, I like using this word but I indeed found it "proper": keep it simple and with class. Sweet Tooths are guaranteed to drool over the beautiful cakes set behind the display, I felt like I wanted everything! There's also the "outdoor" area of this restaurant (which I obviously opted for) with the replica of vintage street lights surrounding it, probably to live up that French-ish al-fresco ambiance

The menu was dominated with western cuisine and comfort food like burgers and pastas, but I think they're highlighting the "All Day Breakfast" menu more. For some reasons, the menu here kinda felt the same as those that I saw in Sydney and Melbourne cafes, well, those two cities are VERY BIG on breakfast and brunch not like here. The "All Day Breakfast" menu featured some of the good old classics like "Big Breakfast", Tunisian Inspired Breakfasts (and you can opted for "Baked Eggs" for that) and some other savory selections. They also have the sweet breakfast menu like waffles and pancakes and toasts!

Left: Equil Still Water (IDR 25k), Right: La Parisienne (IDR 50k). I love this mocktail! The La Parisienne was very fresh, good balance of sweet and sour (even though I kinda expected it to be a little more sour) and very fruity because the base was berries.

Baked Eggs
IDR 85k
Heard their Baked Eggs was the best seller so we decided to go with this one. First of all, gotta love the presentation! The Tunisian breakfast and baked eggs are normally presented this way along with the hot pan, which is good because it's pretty! The appearance of this food was quite inviting, and not to mention, the beautiful and fragrant Sour Dough breads (my favorite kind of bread in the world FYI). I love the crispiness of the Sour Dough and truth be told, it's one of the best consistency I've tried in Jakarta restaurants. The Baked Eggs was actually quite nice, the beans and the sausages were given generously, but as in overall taste, I was expecting more of that spices kick, I just like it tangier, bolder and better like the one I tried in Wild Honey or Habitual, but I guess each of them has their own thing and not everyone like bold spices flavor.


Mushroom Lasagna
IDR 85k
Somehow this vegetarian dish was the highlight of the night! Me and my bestie liked it very much! The texture was thick and creamy with bold mushroom flavor, to describe this shortly, it's like having mushroom soup in the form of lasagna! I just love how generous they're with everything and it's also reflected on the Mozzarella cheese given! The idea of having the Arugula leaves on top as the dressing was also brilliant! That unique flavor of Arugula managed to blend nicely with the more  subtle mushroom flavor. This one got my "must try" stamp and you need to order this when you're here!

This was a complimentary dish thanks to the kind-hearted Daryl (who's also the owner of Cacaote and this). Some considered part of breakfast menu but in my case, this was the dessert and it was heavenly good. Granola is not a photogenic material since it looks more like crumbs but I love how they presented this with berries as the main fruit and the edible flowers (not easy to find here). I wasn't quite sure with the cream but it felt to me like the mixture of yogurt, Vanilla and Bavarian, but whatever that is, it's creamy and delicious without feeling milky of course! The clue to having foodgasm is actually having them all in a spoonful! The play of the texture and consistency was lovely, you'll experience sour, sweet, crunchy and creamy in the same time. This one was another one worth your try!

Mango Vanilla Choux
Cacaote has been on my list as one of the best dessert places in Jakarta, but I am a virgin when it comes to this one. The choux had lovely coating consistency, semi-flaky with decent density and moist in it, but I gotta give it to the cream! The consistency was medium but the flavor was bold and flavorful! I love how Mango blended with Vanilla, just never wrong.
I had high hopes for St. Germain. Cacaote is currently a success and they deserve it because they've been very constant with the quality of their product and service and St. Germain seemed to adapt the classiness of Cacaote but being translated to a more casual approach. Pricing here was more affordable than Cacaote and the service here was also nice, the waitresses were attentive and fun, that simply made me feel like they're on the right path already and they need to keep on improving or maintaining the quality. They're currently just one week old now so there's plenty of time and room to improve!

I'd go back here to try their breakfast menus, seems fun! I am a freaking convert after OZ, now I feel like brunch and coffee is essential to me, and oh, talking about the coffee, they made good coffees here!

GOOD LUCK St. Germain!

BTW if you're interested with the photos I've already posted on the social media, you can check out my Instagram and look out for the hashtag #eatandtreatsOZ.

St. Germain by Cacaote
Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, Upper Ground level - East Mall
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10350
021 - 2358 0018 / 0812 1863 6100


Map for Grand Indonesia

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  1. That photography tone of yours really make your photos stand out!

    I am still wondering how you keep your stomach in the 'safe' width, though.

  2. The yogurt that you tasted on Granola is called Muesli. Muesli is a popular breakfast dish based on raw rolled oats and other ingredients including grains, fresh or dried fruits, seeds and nuts, mixed with milk, soy milk, yogurt or fruit juice. It is very famous now in Bali.