One of the best parts about my job is how I can work from anywhere else in the world, so today I and Rinku team departed from Seminyak to our current “home” in Ubud, currently sitting on this comfy sofa in my gorgeous suite in Bisma Eight while writing a story I wanted to quickly publish to you.

I think out of anywhere else in the world, Bali is where I constantly feel like having the best sleep. Something about the Bali resorts bed that is so comfortable and after a few minutes of laying down while still on my phone, I dozed off like a sleepy dog. I can’t do that and confess to often it’s seriously so unglam!
If you’re wondering the purpose of me going to Bali, well aside from having fun (of course), I am here to bring the lucky winner from the Instagram contest that was held by Rinku and me a couple of weeks ago. The contest theme was “F&B on table” and in two weeks, we gained around 600 submissions and Karlina is the lucky winner selected to embark on a 3D2N paid expenses trip to Bali, which as this post is written, am currently here, laying on my uber comfy bed in my gorgeous hotel room in Sofitel Nusa Dua Bali and writing this post.


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HELLO FROM BALI!!! Yay!!!!!     If you’re wondering the purpose of me going to Bali, well aside from having fu...
If you saw my Snapchat earlier today, I went to have a quick lunch (and Skype meeting) at this newly opened café in Senopati (yay finally a new one in Senopati) called Mister Sunday, precisely located at Cikajang, next to Cut The Crab.
I have all these pictures from my first trip to Australia that are sleeping inside the abandoned folders looking sad. So back in the November 2014, I made my first visit to the land of Kangaroo aka Australia to embark on a two-week journey there. Sydney was the first city I visited before actually heading to Melbourne and Hobart.

Just got home after attending a banquet dinner hosted by Grand Hyatt Jakarta (thank you for having me at the event, it was an honor), Residence onFive was the home to approximately 100 invited guests, we were basically there to enjoy the night and wonderful things Grand Hyatt has prepared for us. We (or I) was basically just prepared myself to be surprised because I know when it comes to Grand Hyatt, I know it’s going to be an awesome one.
Tapas bar is not something that I am hideously familiar with nor have I ever heard about it before. I have heard about BAM before, and some of my close friends have actually recommended this to me and raved about how good the food here. A couple of weeks ago, I went here with my sister to have a quick lunch.
It’s not often that I love a place so much that I am actually blogging about it while I am still around the place. Right this second, as this post is being written, I am actually hanging around at this uber cozy coffee shop while waiting for my next meeting that’s happening in an hour. Lads and gents, I want you to feel more about Fillmore!
Last weekend (may 14th-15th 2016) I went to the BCA and Sinarmas Land Expo & Auto Show in Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in BSD, straight from the lunch preview event at Hello Kitty Cafe. Thank goodness last weekend was such a terrific day to ride, it took me only 30 minutes to arrive in ICE!
A few days ago I went to this newly opened coffee shop in Sunter called Atomic Espresso Bar. Thought I wanna briefly share my experience with you here.

Atomic Espresso Bar is located in a Sunter neighborhood located just behind Satya Negara hospital. For your information it’s a very well known hospital and medical center with specialization in nerve problems. My family is a loyal customer to the hospital and it’s really recommended.
As a virgin to Goldcoast, I was quite surprised to find that Goldcoast is infact a very laid back town. People here are very chill and less busy comparing to the more city Sydney. When you have this picture about lazy beach life, Goldcoast it is.
My days in Sydney (or generally Australia) is pretty much these two words: meals and coffee.

I am living such a heavenly tourist-foodie life on my 6 days Sydney trip a few months ago, it’s my second time to Sydney and it’s still to date one of my most favorite cities in the world, and probably you too self devoted foodie. Australia is the land of good food and good coffee, and I ALWAYS have so much fun arranging my itinerary and stalking through the internet the pages of blog reviews and food Instagram account based in Australia, and throughout my days in Sydney, never I found a single bad food and coffee, the places that I went to are mostly recommendations from you guys AND YOU FUCKIN ROCKED IT! Thank you for that.
I have been putting this post on pending for a long time and I almost forgot about it. Yesterday when I was cleaning my computer and transferred everything to the new computer I just got, I found the picture from my trip to Thailand last year and I thought it would be an amazing idea to share my experience at Madame Tussauds Bangkok to you.
This post is going to be long & heavy on photos, but please ENJOY!
A lot of people refer to Disneyland as the happiest place on earth, and yes for 12 hours in my life I did feel like I was in that state, I mean I am pretty happy most of the times, but maybe it was me missing being a child, and the fact that I was there made the feeling even more! NOPE... not going to be dramatic this time I purely want to spread the joy and share you guys my experience in the fabulous Disneyland Hong Kong!

First things first, my latest trip to Hong Kong with my best friends happen to be ONE OF THE BEST TRIPS EVER! EVER!
Avid Japanese cuisine fan should not miss this newly opened Japanese Izakaya restaurant all the way from Hokkaido Japan. Let’s give a warm heartwarming welcome to Tsubohachi Izakaya!
The Korean food hype isn't stopping anytime soon, and I don’t think it will. If you’ve been following me on Snapchat and Instagram, this month alone, I have been having Korean food more than I have ever had six months combined. There’s just something so fascinating about Korean food that makes you crave for more, palate-ly speaking, I think it’s the rich seasoning and how familiar I’ve been with rich food considering I am Indonesian and we’re blessed with good food ever since our arrival to the mother earth.
Good news everyone: HELLO KITTY CAFE is officially opening in Jakarta! Pantai Indah Kapuk will be the arrival land of the famous establishment, precisely at Rukan Crown Golf, beside (and on the second level of) Tsubohachi restaurant, both restaurants are owned by the same owners.
I have been to Jjang Korean Noodle & Grill in Senopati twice, only this time I feel like the experience is worth sharing simply because it’s better. My first visit wasn’t a hit, but the latest definitely changed how I see Jjang.
A couple of days ago, I went to have a quick lunch at this new restaurant called Sofia at The Gunawarman. Just like how the name directs you, Sofia is located at Gunawarman street.