My days in Sydney (or generally Australia) is pretty much these two words: meals and coffee.

I am living such a heavenly tourist-foodie life on my 6 days Sydney trip a few months ago, it’s my second time to Sydney and it’s still to date one of my most favorite cities in the world, and probably you too self devoted foodie. Australia is the land of good food and good coffee, and I ALWAYS have so much fun arranging my itinerary and stalking through the internet the pages of blog reviews and food Instagram account based in Australia, and throughout my days in Sydney, never I found a single bad food and coffee, the places that I went to are mostly recommendations from you guys AND YOU FUCKIN ROCKED IT! Thank you for that.

I thought I might share you my experience having brunch at (what I would say) Sydney’s PRETTIEST café: The Grounds of Alexandria. Just like Sydney, it’s my second visit to this gorgeous venue. It’s a MUST VISIT, even if you don’t like eating (seriously?).
I suggest taking taxi to get here, it's located at this industrial suburb area (CMIIW it looks like that to me). The Grounds is ALWAYS packed no matter weekdays or weekend it is, so expect to be on a waiting list unless you come super duper early. Lucky enough since I manage to came here quite early, I never really had to queue, I was probably behind one or two queues and that’s totally alright, but seriously even if you need to wait, it’s BARELY a chore. The Grounds is more than just a restaurant, I don’t have a specific word to describe what The Grounds is, it’s this restaurant surrounded with gorgeous picturesque vintage garden (where you can also sit around), a mini farm, a florist, also a patisserie, boulangerie and a coffee shop. It’s almost like a mini playground for kids (and even adults like me), it’s just so green with natural vibe to it.

What I also love about The Grounds is how they function the recycled items as part of their decos. I saw hanging jars, soda cans as plant pots, giant chick pea cans and more.
Ok visual tour first then we proceed with the food.    
Hot Cappuccino with Bonsoy ($4.5)
What I am seriously missing about Australia right now: SOYCAP! Too bad they don’t have it in Jakarta (but we do have almond cappuccino & latte but that’s not the same). I was quite stunned that Hong Kong coffee shops served soycaps, but the coffee was like 1,5x pricier that Jakarta and Australia price. The soycap was amazing, and The Grounds personally serve one of my favorite coffee in Sydney. Do order this ok, and make sure they use bonsoy otherwise DON’T.
Deconstructed Iced Coffee (AUD 8)    

Deconstructed Hot Chocolate (AUD 7)    

BREAKFAST MEALS - until 11:45 AM   
South Australian Smoked Salmon (AUD 17)
Generous amount of smoked salmon on top of toasted sourdough and served with free range soft boiled, saffron labne, soft herb salad, beetroot and The Grounds’ signature cashew dukkah. 
Our Signature Avocado (AUD 16)
Toasted sourdough topped with generous fresh avocado slices, heirloom tomato, pomegranate, za’atar, garden mint, micro herbs, and feta cheese. This was my friend’s and I didn’t try this, but this one surely looks good and photogenic.
The Grounds Breakfast Board (AUD 22)
One of their signatures dedicated to those with big palate, actually generally I found the regular food portion here in Oz to be quite big. The breakfast board consist of toasted sour dough, avo, smoked salmon, two poached eggs, sausage, grilled asparagus. One satisfying breakfast I say. So simple yet seasoned lightly (and Australians are big on avo btw). The poached egg was one of the most perfect looking I’ve seen!
Berry Hotcake (AUD 19)    
Ah memories, I had so many berry hotcakes during my days in Australia as they’re VERY GOOD, I don’t understand why the ones in Jakarta tend to suck (aside from the butter and milk). The Grounds’ Berry Hotcake had this vanilla infuses mascarpone cheese, blueberry and strarberry salad (as what they love to call), puffed quinoa, micro basil and Agave syrup. Agave is by the way a sweet sauce, almost maple syrup like. I personally found myself liking Harry’s Espresso Bar’s hotcake the most, but this was pretty good too (again I told you I had no bad food in Australia)
Geez micro basil sounds so lab like I LOVE, and seriously AUSTRALIA AVOS ARE THE BEST!!! It’s just so creamy with this buttery texture and FRESH!

Finished eating and went for a quick walk browsing the whole The Ground’s area.

WOULD U?    
Say hello to The Ground’s very own icon: KEVIN BACONS! I do hope he’s not turning into a bacon anytime soon. Gosh he’s hairy.    
Obsessed with the beautiful lighting, editing my Aussie pictures has been nothing but a bliss.    
I don’t even what to stop with this post.    

I wouldn’t wonder if The Grounds is the most photographed café in Sydney at the moment, and I wouldn’t differ of how gorgeous it is. I took a pic on their Instagram and I think it’s THE BEST Instagram restaurant account I’ve ever seen (plus with a lot of followers too), each picture is styled so perfectly I envy the effort (the boy here is lazy af). Generally I found the food and service here in The Grounds pretty good, food wise might not be my favorite, but every time I am in Sydney I get this urge where I HAVE to go back to The Grounds again and again. 


The Grounds of Alexandria
7A, 2 Huntley St. Alexandria
Sydney, New South Wales
+61 2 9699 2225
Opening hours: 7:30 AM-11 PM
Average spending for two: 50 AUD
Dresscode: casual


Map for The Grounds of Alexandria

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