It’s not often that I love a place so much that I am actually blogging about it while I am still around the place. Right this second, as this post is being written, I am actually hanging around at this uber cozy coffee shop while waiting for my next meeting that’s happening in an hour. Lads and gents, I want you to feel more about Fillmore!

So many people have been recommending me about this and I have personally received an email from their management team, but I did not reply and choose to go on my own will. Fillmore is a newly opened coffee shop located in Suites at Seven Karet area in South Jakarta. It’s easily “Waze”-able so depend yourself on Waze no matter where you are on the road.
The place is perfectly small with two stories & one of the homiest ambiance I’ve ever felt in a coffee shop. So far my Monday has been really good, and boy this pretty much describes how I feel…
Yes it does have that homey ambiance that I love... not to mention, the humble & friendly service!
 They currently only have coffee, pastries and smoothie bowls, not sure if they would add more to the menu but I am not the kind of person who actually eat big meals in a coffee shop. The coffee will always be my priority and I can always have my meal somewhere else. PS they’re occupying Strada espresso machine to cater your coffee fuel.

I tried both their hot and iced coffee. Opted for the classic hot cappuccino (IDR 30k), iced cappuccino (with almond milk – IDR 36k) and a healthy brunch meal: “Fillmore” (IDR 55k): a smoothie bowl consisting of mainly peanut butter and chocolate.

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 30k)
The cappuccino was nice with good balance and aftertaste, just slightly watery. FYI they’re using two kinds of blends here: Colombia and Ethiopia blends.
Iced Cappuccino (with almond milk - IDR 36k)
I didn’t like the almond cappuccino on that first sip, but after two packs of brown sugar the flavor got elevated for my liking. I have tried some types of almond cappuccino, but I think my palate only goes best whenever a coffee shop is using Dama almond milk, it has the right creaminess, sweetness & flavor that I like.
Fillmore (IDR 55k)
Fillmore consists of peanut butter, cocoa, granola, chia, oats and almond milk and dang this was pretty fulfilling, after a bowl of creamy goodness and two coffees. I am fucking full. I love this one for its well balanced sweetness and creaminess, the only thing I expected more is for that to be colder.
Another thing I love about Fillmore. Fast WiFi! Probably because there wasn’t a lot of people around and I get to suck in all the WiFi goodness MWAHAHA!
I can totally see myself coming back quite often on the weekdays, as soon as this place get crowded I might cheat on it (just kidding). I hope the business takes off like rocket! Good luck and welcome to the jungle you Fillmore.
Fillmore Coffee
Suites at Seven
Jalan Karet Pendurenan, Gg. H. Sidik No. 7
Karet, Jakarta Selatan
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 7 AM-8 PM
Sat-Sun: 9 AM-9 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 100k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Fillmore Coffee

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  1. from their offerings to the level of service. Its proximity to Clarke Quay MRT station meant that this outlet has entered my list of favorite haunts. Although I was perplexed when the waitress told me they didn’t keep tab of the customers’ orders, it wasn't such a biggies as we did not order that shop calgary

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