Good news everyone: HELLO KITTY CAFE is officially opening in Jakarta! Pantai Indah Kapuk will be the arrival land of the famous establishment, precisely at Rukan Crown Golf, beside (and on the second level of) Tsubohachi restaurant, both restaurants are owned by the same owners.

Many of you wonder and actually Snapchatted me personally asking whether it's the same Hello Kitty Cafe which previously opened (also) in PIK, I personally have never been to that outlet before so I choose not to comment on anything, but this particular one that I went to earlier today is the official one with the direct license from Sanrio internationalTalk about Snapchat, I probably got the most consecutive printscreens I’ve had on my Snapchat history, literally every single thing that I posted got at least 100 screenshots.
 Hot date: sister! She just had her graduation two days ago (as this post is written). Happy bro I am!
They invited me to come to the bloggers preview that I attended earlier today (thank you for having me), and we were spoiled with so many food that came NON-STOP, but anyway that's good so I have tons of pictures to share to you, but do note that this wasn’t exactly a food tasting session, so to be honest I didn’t try each and every single thing or manage to capture every single thing as the rolling was quite fast and I lost track a bit, but I got most of them covered and I am preparing the pricing details and short review on everything that I tasted as reference.
The Jakarta franchise is clearly smaller than the ones I've been before and far smaller comparing to the one in Bangkok, but I personally love the design of this petite cafe, even from outside, I love looking at how pink and petite the cafe looks, and just very eye-catching. The interior was cute and colorful, but doesn't appear cheap, and for some reasons, I love the homey ambiance delivered to the room. By the time of our visit, the third floor was not ready yet.

So the ultimate question for food Instagrammers is whether the place is bright or not? It's quite bright during the day, but I suggest tagging the place by the window for better picture outcomes, because then the other seats will depend on the restaurant's lamp lighting.
Most of the cafe's second floor area is accommodated for their mini pantry and dessert display, which is good because I love this kind of concept, and I can totally see what they're doing to my drinks and desserts. Most of the food here is comfort food, all day breakfast and desserts so expect to see sandwich, and lots of eggs! The food and beverage here ranges from IDR 28k to IDR 108k for food and IDR 18k to IDR 98k for drink.
 They’re using Simonelli espresso machine for their coffee here. Yay!
Iced Cappuccino – IDR 40k
The iced cappuccino was not bad, just a tad milky for a cappuccino.
Kitty Zilla – IDR 98k
GINORMOUS milkshake to share with 3/4 of your friends! Banana milkshake with fruit loops deco, cotton candy and all that goodness. For a IDR 98k it’s worth it!
Bacon Bits Fries – IDR 48k
French fries with bacon bits and special Aioli sauce. The sauce was SO DAMN GOOD! Didn’t expect that I would have one of the tastiest Aioli sauce I’ve had and it’s here.
Caesar Salad – IDR 55k
Probably the cutest Caesar salad presentation I’ve ever seen, that cute Hello Kitty ribbon made from bread is just something sweet! Romaine lettuce with half boiled egg, grilled chicken, Caesar dressing and cheese.
Kitty Sliders – IDR 85k
3 mini burgers (regular, cheese and special Aioli sauce). My favorite is again the one with Aioli sauce, the patty was not bad.
Hot Dog – IDR 75k (non-halal)
100% premium pork sausage with fried egg, onion and lettuce.
Pinkwich – IDR 78k
Pink Hello Kitty shaped sandwiches with egg salad filling. Say what? We need meat lol.
Breakfast Platter – IDR 95k (non-halal)
One of my favorite meals that I had on the lunch today, the pork sausage was so juicy and flavorful with the right seasoning! Basically the platter consist of 2 baguettes filled with runny eggs (oh the eggs are yum too!), bacon bits, sausages, chips, beans and vegetables!
Banana Honey Waffle
 Waffle with banana slices and honey glaze
Waffle Fried Chicken – IDR 78k
Battered fried chicken with Hello Kitty waffle and mozarella cheese.

Honey Brownies – IDR 78k

Brownies with soft ice cream and honey chips aka honeycomb. The brownies had that spot on gooey texture and without being overly sweet. The honeycomb was something I fond of!
Assorted Cupcakes – IDR 35k/pieces, Sliced Cake – IDR 68k/slice

Hello Kitty Donut – IDR 38k
Cute af donuts but sadly not my favorite donut texture. It was too stiff for my liking, well a good point for picture tho.
Brick Toast – IDR 88k
Fascinating looking honey toast with soft serve, fresh fruits and honey glaze!

My favorite meal from their “Fill Your Tummy” section was actually the Nasi Goreng Gila (IDR 65k) but somehow I stupidly forgot to snap a pic. That’s the menu that you HAVE TO order when you’re here. Suprisingly very nice.

Bet most of you are already itching to go, snap some pics and show them off on your Instagram for your friends to be jealous about MWAHAHA! I have a good feeling that this place will be freaking PACKED during the first day of opening, so unless you wake up and go there early...well... REMEMBER THAT THE OPENING DATE IS MAY 18TH 2016 SO DON'T COME AT THE MOMENT, instead buy an itching powder because you need one LOL JK babes!

was a bit skeptical about this cafe, judging from my experience visiting the one in Bangkok, I must say that I was not exactly impressed, but in the same time I didn't expect to be impressed or anything else, that’s just the beauty of visiting cute cafes I think, probably because I knew on the first place that I purely wanted to have fun, not to have serious food, and besides, the food is not bad. BUT I must say that this particular Hello Kitty outlet in Jakarta has better food comparing to the one in Bangkok and this is based on my experience, so kudos to that!

WELCOME and have a blissful success ahead!!!
Hello Kitty Cafe
Rukan Crown Golf Blok D No. 29-30
Bukit Golf Mediterania, Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara 14470
Opening hours: 11 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 250k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Tsubohachi

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