If you’re wondering the purpose of me going to Bali, well aside from having fun (of course), I am here to bring the lucky winner from the Instagram contest that was held by Rinku and me a couple of weeks ago. The contest theme was “F&B on table” and in two weeks, we gained around 600 submissions and Karlina is the lucky winner selected to embark on a 3D2N paid expenses trip to Bali, which as this post is written, am currently here, laying on my uber comfy bed in my gorgeous hotel room in Sofitel Nusa Dua Bali and writing this post.

So today we went to this newly opened coffee shop which I have always wanted to go since its opening precisely a month ago called TITIK TEMU (written “.TEMU”), it’s strategically located at the heart of Seminyak just next to Tokyo Skipjack, opposite Seminyak Village, and align with the well known eatery (and personal favorite of mine: Sisterfields). 
First of all, I love the design of the building, while it’s strategically located, the location might be isolated and rather mysterious, but as soon as you enter the alley and faced by this beautiful little complex before your eyes (with Titik Temu becoming the most sought after), you just got a good feeling about that one. 
The design was simple with minimalist value and just wicked, I love how they connect the second floor with this wood ladder where you can actually sit around too. Ok it’s actually hard for me to describe it with words so I will let the pictures do the talking. 
If you really look at it, the whole building wasn’t exactly big, but the way they arrange the seats and function the area somehow created that “spacious” feel to it, and I don’t know why, but I feel like getting this “village” vibe (in a really homey way) while sitting around here, as the surrounding was green (they have this mini square park), the sun was shining and the eatery next door had this strong ethnic design about it which made it look like a home, you might not get what I am saying right now, but you might when you’re actually here. 

It was a short visit since we were short on time, and we only had some coffee and their Titik Temu Burger to share. I had their iced cappuccino (IDR 40k) - which is available in both classic and ice cream additional – I asked for the iced cappuccino with ice cream topping with no sugar and found the sweetness lovely, only I expected it to be creamier. Their Titik Temu Burger (IDR 100k) consists of beef patty, double cheddar, greens, a bit of sauce dressing and saucy mushroom on the side. The patty was quite tender and seasoned nicely, I just thought they can do better with an actual melted cheddar cheese, the one that I had was still “too firm” in my opinion.    
I just knew that their special is “MAGIC” but too late to know about that after posting the pic on my Instagram.    
Service was friendly and warm, I was honestly already sold by the architectural beauty on top of everything else. I am definitely coming back to experience what they have more in store. I heard they make good local dishes, but didn’t try that on this visit. Until next time Titik Temu!    

Titik Temu Coffee
Uma Seminyak - Jalan Kayu Cendana No. 1
Badung, Bali 
0856 8091 717
Opening hours:
Wed-Mon: 8 AM-6 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k (with meals)
Dresscode: casual as fuck you're in Bali!


Map for Titik Temu Coffee