The Korean food hype isn't stopping anytime soon, and I don’t think it will. If you’ve been following me on Snapchat and Instagram, this month alone, I have been having Korean food more than I have ever had six months combined. There’s just something so fascinating about Korean food that makes you crave for more, palate-ly speaking, I think it’s the rich seasoning and how familiar I’ve been with rich food considering I am Indonesian and we’re blessed with good food ever since our arrival to the mother earth.

Recently, I paid a visit to this relatively new Korean restaurant (around 5 months 0ld as this post is written) opening in Pantai Indah Kapuk called It’s Chimaek Time. It’s owned and managed by the same people who own Dubu Jib and the newly launched Hello Kitty Cafe, that’s why they both are located in the same building, and you can freely order both food wherever you’re seated in the restaurant area.

Maybe I was born with dirty minds or something but everytime I hear the word “Chimaek” it instantly want to make me laugh if you Indonesians know what I mean! Never mind, Chimaek actually stands for Chicken and Maekju (beer) and that’s what It’s Chimaek Time emphasizes their focus on: serving good fried chicken and beer, the two companies Koreans love the most when they dine out & hang out with their fellas. On my last visit to Seoul a few months ago, I just can’t believe with the amount of food they could take, even the females can be deceiving! I once saw a petite lady having a huge bowl of ramen, a beer and some condiments all by herself, while me and my mom couldn’t even finish a bowl, I seriously started to feel sexually depressed.

I forgot the name of this drink, it’s basically the refreshing mixture of yuzu drink and Heineken beer.
Came here with some friends, and friends = big lunch, and big lunch = lots of food, and lots of food = happy fats and happy fats = HAPPY with all capitals! We shared some food from Dubu Jib and It’s Chimaek Time, mentioned earlier that you can order the food from both restaurants wherever (and as long as) you’re seated in the dining areas, so technically you can have the following food anywhere.

Jumokbap is Korean’s very own onigiri, normally in balls shape (not mine). The texture of the rice is pretty identical to the Japanese sticky rice, but in Jumokbap, the rice is topped with various toppings such as seaweed, dice-cut cucumber, fish roe and sesame seed. They offer two selections here: the original and the one with spam. We had the original one considering there are more proteins waiting to be finished. I liek the saltiness of it, it’s just nice.

Sundubu Combo – IDR 78k
Big big fan of Sundubu, what can possibly go wrong with rich hot seafood sundubu, a runny egg that you mix along together and generous mushroom inside. NONE. This was pretty tasty, sometimes I wish they can use this kind of broth to the ginormous Budae Jjigae (they mostly have lighter soup), I could eat that non-stop.

I found the food with Gokjujang base seasoning here to be pretty bold, same with this tteopokki, the sauce was so rich but in a good way convering the perfectly firm tteopokki.
Jap Chae – IDR 68k
Their Jap Chae aka potato vermicelli rice was just so simple with light seasoning, here’s the thing, if I had this alone, I would say that it’s slightly under seasoned, but considering how I basically pair every single thing here with the other food, I found this pretty enjoyable.
Cheese Buldak – IDR 140k
Cheers for cheese! Talking about buldak, mozarella cheese happens to be the right fit for this kind of food particularly what I mentioned before, the gokjujang dishes here are rich, so the mozarella cheese acts sorta like a neutralizer and balanced out the flavor. The chicken was tender and quite generous for a single serving.
The only problem was the mistake in adjusting the spiciness, here you can opt the level of spiciness you fancy, went for the regular and there’s only a tiny bit of spicy flavor but soon covered with the sweetness of the sauce, should have gone for either Medium or Hot.
Bulgogi – IDR 120k
Texture wise, I found the Bulgogi (grilled marinated beef) pleasant enough with tender meat, I would love it even more if the meat had this smoky flavor, aroma and bolder seasoning.

Budae Jjigae – IDR 150k

I always refer to Budae Jjigae as a happiness in a pot (NOT THAT POT), the perfect cure for cold days, and best thing about it all is having it together, well it’s too much for yourself I bet.

Theirs was quite tasty with loaded Budae Jjigae typical toppings: sausages, hams, veges and ramyun. The default amount of gokjujang sauce was good enough to give such flavor to the serving, more is even better as I like my Korean soup spicier.
Gojuchang sauce being mixed with the then neutral flavored vege broth
Now ramen in!

Ready to serve!
Ban Ban B – IDR 138k (Half Crunchy and Half Yang Nyum/Spicy)
Perfect for sharing and to experience both variants: the Ban Ban B consist of half original crunchy and half yang nyum (spicy). The yang nyum chicken is coated with generous rich red sauce (again with gokjujang base).
Comparing the two, I think I might like the original one better for it’s simplicity, along with the beautiful well-balanced flavor. The yang nyum (spicy) one was very tasty but I found the seasoning a bit strong, maybe since I’ve had so many food with Gokjujang base seasoning and the original came just in time for a little retreat and intermezzo.

I notice they also have the garlic chicken, but it’s not available on the half-half menu, well next time.

What a satisfying lunch, flavor and portion wise. If you ask me what sticks the most in my head right now it’s probably the sundubu combo soup and the crunchy fried chickens, I would be more than happy to recommend those two to you when you go here, and on top of all, I notice the pricing to be very reasonable and still on the “affordable” range.

Dubu Jib & It's Chimaek Time
Ruko Garden House Blok D No. 20
Jalan Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk - PIK
Jakarta Utara 14470

021 - 2903 3375
Opening hours: 11 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 300
Dresscode: casual


Map for Dubu Jib

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