Last weekend (may 14th-15th 2016) I went to the BCA and Sinarmas Land Expo & Auto Show in Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in BSD, straight from the lunch preview event at Hello Kitty Cafe. Thank goodness last weekend was such a terrific day to ride, it took me only 30 minutes to arrive in ICE!

This was my first time going to ICE and I didn’t know beforehand that the venue was infact quite spacious that it took me awhile to figure out where to get in, turned out the event took place at the Expo #10 and Pre-Function area. It was crazy packed that afternoon, and the main purpose of me going here besides to check the event out, is to basically browse my dream car and home, particularly in the BSD area because I feel like the area is still pretty chill and laid back at the moment, and boy do I hope still, anyway HOT RIDE COMING AHEAD (Lexus, Honda, Mini Cooper, Mercedez Benz, BMW, Porsche you name it) so keep reading.
So why here? Why not just go to the official dealers and buy fresh off the dealer?

Easy, since it’s an expo, normally there are good deals you can’t find anywhere else, and here, since it’s organized by BCA, customers were eligible to special interest rate, free gifts (Flazz cards, iPads) and doorprizes (one Honda Beat and one Yamaha Mio motorcycle)
Kredit Sepeda Motor (KSM) BCA
Because this event is supported mainly by BCA, I would like to share a brief knowledge and it’s good for those of you who are in the state of planning to get a motorcycle or a car.

The first thing that I noticed was this booth located in from of the expo entitled “KSM BCA”, so I did ask the staff what KSM is and it’s basically the program launched by BCA for its regular customers* in which the bank is going to help you to get your very own motorcycle with loans.

BCA regular customers basically means those who have been a customer to BCA bank and has been saving in BCA at least one month.

For more info about KSM BCA, click HERE

Kredit Kendaraan Bermotor (KKB) BCA
The main method was pretty much the same as KSM, only this is valid to cars as well and minimum down payment depends on the car brands.

I highly recommend you guys going to this link for the complete details on the terms and conditions - click HERE

Oh, there was also a test-drive session until 5 PM!
After a few hours of browsing, a tiny bit of happiness was located just outside the expo door: FOOD COURT! There are some of my favorite F&B brands here.  I wasn’t exactly looking for heavy meals, but I was glad that they have coffee. For food, they also have D Crepes, Eggo Waffles,  Ron’s Laboratory and BAKMI GM (Bakmi GM is just Bakmi GM lol). While it might not be as various as the F&B, there’s a tiny space for bookworms & techgeeks to shop.

For those who have BCA Credit Card, Flazz, and Sakuku, there were too many promotions you can get, such as discounts, pay 1 for 2, and cashback (for Toko PDA booth). Btw, I saw some expo visitors applied for BCA Credit Card, Flazz and Sakuku because they didn’t wanna miss the chance to get the special price!
Ok a little story, I have been a customer of BCA bank for a very long time (since I was in the junior high school when my parents opened a sub-bank account for me under their name) and as far as I can remember, I had zero issue with the bank and all things related. They really help me to spend my money wisely, help me get my travel visa and more! There were ATM machines available for cash withdrawal and Flazz card reader if you fancy using the card to pay.
aahh.. i also try to using Sakuku Apps. It was cashless.. and the coolest part was the QR code for the payment process. Wow, get your smartphone ready now for Sakuku!

Looking forward for another round of BCA Expo and Autoshow! In the mean time, gonna save more for my dream car.


Map for ICE BSD

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