I have all these pictures from my first trip to Australia that are sleeping inside the abandoned folders looking sad. So back in the November 2014, I made my first visit to the land of Kangaroo aka Australia to embark on a two-week journey there. Sydney was the first city I visited before actually heading to Melbourne and Hobart.


Sydney is undoubtedly one of my personal favorite cities to visit in Australia, while I am mostly a city person at heart, there are times when I have this urge to browse and explore what’s happening beyond the metropolitan charm of the places I am travelling, so when you are travelling to the New South Wales, particularly Sydney, don’t forget to add in Blue Mountains on your list.

The Blue Mountains is just like Puncak for Jakartans. I woke up at 8 AM and departed from my hotel (Radisson Blu), we rented a car (AUD 65/day) and it took us 90 minutes to reach the Blue Mountains. We did not have anything specific that we wanted to do here, the only specific thing was just to spend the lazy days here. Hey I was in a holiday yeah.

The whole Blue Mountains was a very laid back town and had that beautiful vintage countryside charm that I love, and most of the people I met here in the Katoomba town were very friendly and warm, is it just me or what because I notice that most people that I met in a more laid back town tend to be more friendly than the busy ones. Don’t mistaken what I am saying here, Australians are generally friendly in my opinion, and never have I encountered a bad racial experience here, it’s just how I feel.

When in The Blue Mountains, I suggest you guys to spend a night here instead of travelling back and forth, especially for a first timer since there are quite a few things to explore here. I would probably make a separate entry on the shopping and eating guide here. Hopefully can publish it quite soon.

My first stop was a quick visit to The Three Sisters is the iconic landscape arena featuring three almost identical rock formation here in the Blue Mountains, somehow it kinda reminds me of Tebing Keraton, only much safer, cleaner with less alay people (omg can’t stand those people). Being a tourist attraction, the place was packed with people, but somehow still really organized, but we didn’t stay here long and I just took some cloudy pictures, set and left for our next destination.

PS: they actually named the three rocks: Meehni (sounds Indian and the tallest), Wimlah and Guneedo, and from the history of nature, they are standing the way that they are now due to natural erotion happening a long long time ago.
I didn’t sleep very well the night before, so after exploring the Three Sisters, we rushed to have a quick lunch at the gorgeous Hydro Majestic hotel (also to take pics here). The hotel was beautiful with royal touch here and there, the kind staff actually gave us a brief tour and showed us their iconic red room, by 2014 it was still on construction and not yet opened for public, but I can definitely assure you it’s pretty dope, try googling the hotel’s official website to see the room.
Little visual tour of Hydro Majestic Hotel    

Straight from Hydro Majestic, we made it to the gorgeous Lilianfels where we spent the night. I literally dozed off to have a quick nap after taking a few shots of my room, and actually woke up LATE! Had a dinner reservation at the restaurant’s hotel (Darley's) and took the desgustation menu set with wine pairing dinner. OMG everything was still very fresh in my mind as I am writing this and it’s almost two years ago. So sad I couldn’t take any picture because it was super dark and the only lighting was a little candle and a very dimmed warm lighting. I honestly think my shots were shitty and chose not to publish them in order not to embarrass me LOL! Anyway food was spectacular and the whole dinner was so damn fine!
Photos below were taken on the way to the hotel’s restaurant.    

I highly recommend staying at Lilianfels, the room literally would make you feel like home (even tho it’s a little feminine for guys) but all just sweet. Bed was ultra comfy, the hot shower works amazing, fast WiFi, who wants to freaking go home?
We didn’t have to wake up super early today. The only thing we had in our itinerary was a visit to Scenic World and then went shopping before departing to the airport and flew to Hobart. It was uber sad to leave Lilianfels, it was a beautiful resort surrounded with beautiful natural landscape. More pictures I took that morning before we left.
Just like Puncak, you suddenly breathe the fresher air, almost like an oasis to the mind and soul. Waking up in the Blue Mountains was certainly a pleasant thing, and I think that’s what you should be looking for in the Blue Mountains: NATURE LOVE!
First thing of all, parking is free here omg can’t be happier! Parking fees in Australia is just freaking expensive can’t deal.

The nature here in Blue Mountains is already pretty gorgeous, and Scenic World offers everyone the chance to experience the nature in four different ways: Scenic Railway, Scenic Walkway, Scenic Cableway and Scenic Skyway. First, we started by taking the Scenic Railway. The Scenic Railway is currently the steppest passenger railway in the world with 52 degree incline, well that’s that and you don’t need to worry ‘bout a thing as it was totally safe and the staffs were attentive in reminding and checking our safety. The Scenic Railway will then lead us to the Scenic Walkway where you are free to explore 2.4 kilometers of boardwalk & Jamison Valley with rainforest and the smell of green surrounding you along.

I HATE TREKKING, but suddenly I wasn’t, probably knowing I was in Australia MWAHAHAHA! You know this feeling where you’re suddenly a little different than you are in town when you’re in somewhere you love. Walking in Jakarta is probably what I hate the most besides the stupid traffic and long ass red light, well not to mention Jakarta is fucking hot, but forever will be a home for me, but when I was in Tokyo, London, Paris or Australia, I just want to walk walk and walk.

No actually because the transport is expensive there MWAHAHAHA! JOKING! No seriously I love walking around  and exploring, just not so much in my hometown, you’re just too secure with Gojek, taxi and Uber I guess. You too right whoever you are reading this?!
I enjoyed walking around taking pics non-stop without realizing I have almost reached the end of the road, meaning it’s time for SCENIC SKYWAY! While (again) taking pictures and enjoying the view, the staff who was full of spirit, explained to us the bits and brief history of the Blue Mountains, Orphan Rock, Katoomba Falls & Three Sisters, something that he has been doing for probably a million times. Here in the Skyway, the floor was made transparent for viewing pleasure, almost like the cable car I rode at Ngong Ping Hong Kong, only this one was way bigger and could accommodate more people.
That was the last resort and by time we finished exploring everything Scenic World had offered, we were escorted to this gift shop (cliché) where you can buy souvenirs, homemade honey, dolls, handcrafts, keychains, fridge magnets and more. I bought several dolls only to realize that they’re made in Indonesia, well not something I regretted tho, I support both parties HAHA and I believe my money went somewhere nice with my good will.
DANG I AM MISSING AUSTRALIA RIGHT NOW *looking for cheap flights online* 

Thank you for reading!


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