Just got home after attending a banquet dinner hosted by Grand Hyatt Jakarta (thank you for having me at the event, it was an honor), Residence onFive was the home to approximately 100 invited guests, we were basically there to enjoy the night and wonderful things Grand Hyatt has prepared for us. We (or I) was basically just prepared myself to be surprised because I know when it comes to Grand Hyatt, I know it’s going to be an awesome one.
Batik was the dresscode of the night (uh I love dresscodes FYI) and I was groomed in this gorgeous batik by my favorite local brand Garuda by Negarawan (not ad!), only stupid me forgot to snap a pic hence I had none here, but if you’re reading this right now or following me on Snapchat, you’ve probably seen it. Got a lot of sweet compliments for you. Thank you my love.
Everyone was expected to come by 6:30 PM for cocktails and canap├ęs. I had zero idea about whoever was invited here (normally I don’t even care) but by the time I arrived I knew a lot of people (yes). I wanted to explain you more about Residence onFive, but I did a little review about this newly renovated space a few months ago, so click HERE to check it out.

By 7 PM the dinner started, but beforehand, a beautiful warm welcome by local traditional dancers and a vocalist, by the end of the song, they slowly formed this gate like formation and we were pleased to take our assigned seats.

The deco was anything but BEAUTIFUL! The table setting was the kind of display that would take quite an effort to decorate, just gorgeous, and I love the fact that we were about to dine with beautiful Jakarta skyline as the backdrop.

By probably 7:20 PM, one unexpected (and uncalled for) event happened, the sky started “crying” (or should I say squirting), literally in a brief brief moment and everyone was running and rushing back to the house! Hey, here I noticed something that really captivated me, while I know it’s their responsible to take care of everything and to make sure everyone feels calm and “live in the moment”, I saw with my very own eyes that THEY WERE REALLY ATTENTIVE and I was so glad just to know that they have actually prepared a “Plan B”. They quickly set tables, decorated them as fast as they could, and I think it only took them 15 minutes to finish the whole thing, got us seated and soon enough started the dinner service. I know everyone must be feeling pissed due to the freaking force majeure, but this is something nobody can control. 

You can TOTALLY book Residence onFive for your private wedding banquet, and what you would really need on your big day is a solid and attentive team to take care of you and your guests, and I notice that (and I was glad I did), good job Grand Hyatt!   
Ok dinner time. I did not see a menu handout on the table so I didn’t actually know the official name of the food here, but I will try my best to describe and tell you how I feel about the four courses.
 Course 1

Possibly my favorite menu out of the three savories. The Foie Gras was really nice with beautiful creamy texture in contrast to the crunchy fragrant butter garlic crouton. The foie gras was seasoned lightly to emphasize on that gorgeous natural foie gras flavor, little details such as pickled shallot, sauted mushroom, mashed potato and apple (if I’m not mistaken) gave an extra texture and flavor play to this dish. The plating was top notch and oh so beautifully presented. Purple heart for this one.
Course 2
I think it has always been my instinct that whenever I had a soup dish, I always try the soup first. On this one when you only had the soup it was quite bland and milky, but when you actually had it with the scallop and everything that’s sitting on top of it (crumbs, edible flowers, crunchy salty bits), it was just beautiful and saltier in a very delicate way. Yum.
Course 3
The briefly pan seared skinless salmon with sambal matah was incredible. The salmon was cooked perfectly with pink and soft center and paired with their house sambal matah, it’s not spicy, they contributed in giving the flavor and aroma and they matched perfectly with the salmon.
The steak however was not as tender as I expected, good but not out of the world good.    
Course 4: DESSERT
Sweet tooth betta be happy! Beautiful chocolate textures with mango pannacotta, here you got the liquid chocolate (the one in the tube), chocolate macaron with edible gold for that extra crunch and texture, chocolate mousse mostly for the flavor (it was rich on this one), and beautiful mango pannacotta for the twist. Had nothing bad to say about this, you got me on this one!
Didn’t expect this as a souvenir. Roti Buaya (crocodile bread), in Indonesia it’s highly connected to wedding or traditional cultural events, mostly by the Betawi people. IT’S CUTE THO!
Someday, if I ever get married, I would seriously consider throwing a private party here. I am not big at large scale wedding reception. I like to keep things intimate.
Thank you for having me at the event. Best of luck Grand Hyatt!

The Residence ONFIVE
Grand Hyatt Jakarta
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat 10350
021 - 2992 1234

Map for Grand Hyatt Jakarta

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