A couple of days ago, I went to have a quick lunch at this new restaurant called Sofia at The Gunawarman. Just like how the name directs you, Sofia is located at Gunawarman street.

It was the day before the lunch where I happened to pass the neighborhood and got my eyes locked at a huge Victorian inspired building and what seemed like a fancy restaurant inside, all of the sudden, I just had the spontaneous urge to want to come there and have a perfect lunch, all seemed very well pictured in my mind even before I knew the restaurant’s interior and all.
Sofia is another establishment by the Syah Establishment group which also owns, manages and headed joints such as Ling Ling and the upcoming The Gunawarman, so basically the photos above refer to The Gunawarman in general, and Sofia is the beautiful restaurant located inside, and indeed, it's probably the fanciest looking restaurant in town at the moment, I have a good feeling a good amount of dime is spent on the deco, even on the posh waiters’ outfit. I initially expected Sofia to be more spacious, but the design did all the talking already. Probably the first time where ambiance wise, I actually felt like eating in a fancy New York restaurant, and therefore, for you to dress up is essential, not exactly mandatory, but let's just blend with the ambiance for a bit
The restaurant was packed during lunch, hence I decided not to take a lot of pictures or at least not to embarass myself, damn that place was literally filled with rich looking people they hair intimidated me, I felt like the poorest among all LOL.

For the food, I went for the recommended ones, so I fully depend on what the waiters were about to serve me, but honestly, I almost don't have anything nice to say and I was a little unsure whether I'll post or not post the review, but anyway, if you want a quick recommendation, better go straight for their steaks and their amazing Apple Crumble Mille Feuille, seriously one of the best fine-dining desserts in town.
Kale Salad – IDR 80k
Cheese Bread – IDR 50k
My least favorite. I just didn’t find this anything special about the bread. Out of the two pieces, one was served very cold, and being asked about this, the waiter gave such a disappointing answer:
because it’s an appetizer, that’s why it’s cold.”
At that time, I stopped touching the bread
Crispy Calamari – IDR 80k
Sweet Corn Ravioli with Truffle Butter Sauce – IDR 75k
250gr Beef Chuck – IDR 200k
They did make another mistake on this one, I asked for medium, but they served me medium rare. I honestly usually had medium rare for my steaks, but normally for tenderloin steaks, and medium rare just didn’t feel right for this kind of protein, but as soon as I had the proper “medium” one, I was thrilled. The steak was nicely seasoned and very tender. I added some extras to the table, additional IDR 40k for each sauteed mushroom and mashed potato. The mashed potato was not my favorite kind, I like the one where it’s a little lumpy, this was way too smooth almost like a cream (good seasoning tho), and the mushroom was too dry for my liking, I would love to see the juice!
Apple Crumble Mille Feuille – IDR 75k
THE BOMB!!! It’s almost a bliss that this came at the end as the sweetest closure. While I wasn’t exactly thrilled about most of the previous dishes, this one won my heart on that very first scoop! Probably the first time having Apple Crumble Mille Feuille dessert and this was incredibly delicious. Mille Feuille ABC with the crunchy stacked pastry layers with generous apple, crumbs, it’s just altogether complement one another very well, sweet without being overly sweet, and if you love apple desserts, probably one of the best versions you can find elsewhere in Jakarta. MUST TRY!

You know what they say, save the best for last.

I honestly do have high hopes for Sofia, it’s just so unfortunate that a place that fancy and serious looking failed to impress me big time, but despite the dissatisfying reasons to all the flaws, I must be fair here, the service here is nice, and the waiters are friendly, I honestly think they’re just nervous, and I would love to give Sofia another chance, judging from the steaks and desserts. I know they can do better, and quick scan at their menu, I was happy that it's at least cheaper than what I initially pictured in mind.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a place where you can spend a romantic night with your beloved one, or feel like Carrie and the girls from Sex and The City or at least a New Yorker for a couple of hours, hop off to Sofia.


Sofia at The Gunawarman
Jalan Gunawarman No. 3,5,7
Senopati, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12110
Average spending for two: IDR 700k
Dresscode: smart business


Map for Jalan Gunawarman

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