Approximately a month ago, I came to visit and dine at this still pretty new seafood restaurant in Menteng called Aroma Sedap.
Aroma Sedap is located at Jalan Teuku Cik Ditiro, right across Anomali Coffee, it’s easily noticable as it’s located right at the hook and for its fancy outer package! From outside, it looks like typical Menteng expensive houses, dressed in white painting and huge “Aroma Sedap” signage.

It doesn’t stop there, the interior is the mix of minimalist, industrial, and mostly simplicity. I was honestly really fond of their neat and clean design, probably one of the homiest restaurant in town, alternatively giving me the vibe of French fine dining restaurant, but as soon as you look at their menu, they’re actually focusing on Indonesian seafood menu with the emphasize on Makassar seafood cuisine!

The restaurant accomodates four VIP areas to cater events that needed more privacy and exclusivity. Two of them are located on the second level of the building, and the other is located around the main entrance, including my favorite dining area in the restaurant!

Beside the seafood, Makassar is highly known for its signature chili, the best way to have the chili is to actually mix everything in! You’ll get the beautiful flavor combination from the spicy chilli and nut!

The range of the menu here was quite various, opted for their best selling menus.

Ikan Bakar
What’s a visit to (specifically) seafood restaurant without ordering fish? Some of you might survive without fish, but certainly not me.
Here, they’re giving you options on what fish suits your preference, based on my experience, the waiters will give you recommendations on what fish goes with the seasoning, or suits the type of dish, I suggest go with the flow and follow #accidentalrhyme

The fish was chunky and filled with meat, and it was just very fresh. The seasoning was a basic soysauce dressing, which was already pretty good, but certainly nothing before you have it together with the chili in my opinion, and not to mention, I really like a kick of spice to my fish.

Ikan Kudu-Kudu
This fish is exclusive because it’s pretty challenging to get it delivered to Jakarta as this type of fish is available mostly in Sulawesi. Ikan Kudu-Kudu is indeed best served “fried”. So based on my experience, normally the fish would be lightly battered then cooked to perfection without making the coating dry and crispy, just until it’s golden-ish. When you have the fish without the sauce, it would be just a tad bland, the chili afterall is indeed the champ, it elevates the flavor to another scene.
The texture of Kudu-Kudu fish is just like “white snapper” where the texture of the meat is soft while in the same had the right firmness.

Kangkung Cah Terasi
What else can I say? I just can’t have Indonesian food without this.

Cumi Goreng Lada Cabai Garam (Calamari with Salt, Chili & Pepper)
Another classic “not-to-miss”, crispy calamari with the good ol chili and pepper seasoning. DAYUM! The squid was just fresh and perfectly firm without being overly chewy.

Terong Goreng (Fried Eggplant)
I remember how I used to really-really HATE eggplant and I think it was around two years ago that I started liking it but I can’t remember why and that’s not entirely important, but I am a freaking convert!!!
My favorite eggplant dish is actually the simple one where it’s stir-fried and cooked with spicy balado sauce, here they actually serve it by frying it. I would love this one better if the eggplant was a little softer and pre-seasoned better, but the chili, yet again, came to the rescue.

Kepiting Saus Lada Hitam (Blackpepper Crab)
Can I just cut everything and say that this is probably one of THE BEST crab dishes you can find in Jakarta at the freaking moment?
First, I would love to actually say THANKS to them for serving real full blown crab to the table! It’s NOT one of those shitty crabs where it looks huge and chunky from the outside but as soon as you dig in there’s nothing! It’s super meaty and fresh, with rich blackpepper sauce, a bit spicy but overall pretty acceptable.
Definitely my favorite dish of the dinner!

Here you can customize how heavy you want your crabs to be, but for real, just go with the default ones hopefully you won’t be disappointed.

Awesome ambiance, good service and amazing food are three Aroma Sedap’s strong points, I believe they can totally be one of the most established (rather fancy) seafood restaurants in town. Totally coming back and recommending this to you.



Map for Aroma Sedap

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