The number of steakhouses in Jakarta is rapidly growing, but I notice one thing in common about the new ones: they’re now packaging their concept as an affordable steakhouse, and believe me Ruth Chris is not included to this genre.

I went to have lunch with my sis and her boyfriend at this not so hidden gem called Cut’ n Grill, located precisely at The Bale in Daan Mogot area. The steakhouse indeed had this homey vibe to it and was quite spacious making it easily noticable from the outsidea, if you are familiar with Jco The Bale, it’s located just behind it.

The design of Cut’ n Grill was something vintage with a mix of industrial, minimalist and moody from mostly the application of black color and wood material. They use glass as part of their window allowing natural sunlight to spread evenly during the day, in the case, sitting next to the window would be the best option if your pictures are your concern lol.

A big lunch, as always.

 Avocado Affogato – IDR 30,5k
One of their signature drinks here is their Acovado Affogato, basically an avocado float with a shot of espresso. The avocado was quite creamy, I must say I am totally biased for the fact that I am such an avid fan of Avocado float so this did no wrong.

Exotic Punch & Apollo – IDR 30,5k
Two of their best selling mocktails. Me liking the Apollo for its nice and refreshing blend of pineapple, orange, lime and Grenadine syrup!
Beef Tenderloin Pasta – IDR 55k
Was a bit shock with the pricing, as IDR 55k for a goddamn sirloin is VERY cheap! This was a pretty satisfying meal portion and flavor wise, the portion was generous enough for a single serving and the seasoning and flavor were spot on and a bit more to the sweet side if you fancy. The pasta had the right al-dente standard and proper firmness, all covered in thick and tasty blackpepper sauce!

Hamburg Steak – IDR 80k
The hamburg steak came in such delicate and tempting presentation on a hot stone plate, a portion consist of fresh hamburg steak covered with mozarella cheese and their signature sauce, well-done sunny side up, veges (diced carrot, peas and corns), and french fries.

The hamburg was meaty and chunky and made using imported beef, it’s highly suggested to have it while it’s still hot and fresh, because normally hamburg tends to be a little dry when being left cold. I didn’t know that the default serving of the sunny side up would be fully cooked, but you can customized how you want your sunny side up to be, if you fancy one where it’s half-cooked, your wish is their command.
You can totally opt for other available side dish options: mashed potato (IDR 16,5k), potato jacket, potato wedges (IDR 19k), butter rice (IDR 16,5k) and fried egg (IDR 3k).

Combo Ribs and Chicken – IDR 90k
Cut’ n Grill caters the “Combo Menu” for those who think that “two is better than one”, or basically for those who are greedy and have a big appetite LOL JK. Besides the Ribs and Chicken combo that I had, they also have the Sirloin and Ribs. The thick single bone rib was covered in BBQ dressing and the chicken had this peri-peri like dressing, but not exactly that. Overall, I found both the meat tender enough and altogether pretty tasty, not to mention, the potato chips, veges and blackpepper sauce sides.
Meat Craver Pizza – IDR 60k
A good moist and fluffy pizza with generous cheese topping just can’t go wrong.
Seriously had nothing bad to say about the pizza, and besides, as mentioned above, pizza topped with generous meat, mushroom, light dressing and covered with generous mozarella cheese allowing us to get the cheese strain shot, how can it go wrong? It simply can’t.

Flavor wise, I found everything in control, the tomato base spread was just proper and not too much, while still giving that hint of tangy flavor to the pizza.
Hokubee Sirloin – IDR 115k
I really hope my picture can show you just how tender this Sirloin steak is!
Promise me when it comes to steaks, DON’T TAKE TOO LONG ON THE FREAKING PICTURES! Or you’re missing the steak on its best state where it’s completely hot, tender and juicy!
How do you usually have your steaks, as much as I like saucy steaks, I find myself liking steak more when it is what it is, just a little sprinkle of salt and pepper on top and I am really to dig in, my sister on the other hand a total opposite, well both are honestly equally enjoyable #yum. You can choose either the complimentary mushroom or blackpepper sauce to go with your steak, we had the mushroom sauce to go along and even though I expected it to be a little thicker in terms of texture (not that it’s watery), the flavor however was spot on.

I am just always excited to acknowledge the fact that more and more qualified steakhouses are coming and offer. It’s so sad, but absolutely true that the bad economy situation we’re suffering kinda have the negative effect to most restaurants that I know, and to come with more affordable options while still manage to offer beautiful quality is just a good resort.
The food here is insanely affordable for steak and grilled food category, I didn’t set my expectation to this one, and therefore I found eating here is super worth it, for the pricing that they offer and that kind of quality, I can predict that Cut’ n Grill will have its years in the biz. GOOD LUCK!

Cut n Grill
The Bale C1-C2
Jalan Tanah Lot, Daan Mogot KM 16
021 - 2967 5409
Opening hours: 11 AM - 10:30 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Cut n Grill

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