I have been travelling constantly over the past three weeks, hence my blog is on a pretty calm hiatus, but I am very back and I'm going to start posting more and more, anyway, another finding that I’d like to share to you! A week ago, me and my sister went to Meirton, a rather fancy (looking) Western cafe and restaurant located in T.B. Simatupang area in South Jakarta.

Meirton is located in the 18 Office Park building, when you came from the main building  lobby, turn right then go straight until you reach the end of the alley and an espresso machine, from outside, it indeed looked like a small coffee shop, but when you’re actually in the dining area, the minimalistly designed restaurant is actually pretty chic, homey, industrial and modern with a little bar located around the center of the restaurant. The inner part of the restaurant is a little more dim, but rest assure as they also have their al-fresco area which is such a good benefit for my photos. I found out that Meirton is the brainchild of Griya Group which also managed Neo Hotel and Seconf Street restaurant in Seminyak Bali.

 The al-fresco area

Quick scan at their menu and they emphasize on the Western cuisine, particularly the European cuisine with a mix of French, Italian and European Fusion. Some of their best sellers include Beef Wellington, Salisbury Steak and their very own take on Hungary Goulash soup, I might tried none of the three mentioned, but I did order some of their other signature dishes, so let’s dig in!
Meirton Basil Pizza – IDR 80k
This is one of their best selling pizzas here, for the sake of my love for basil, I opted for this one. First off, texture! The crust of the pizza is uncommon, it’s not exactly thin, but it’s not fluffy and more categorized as flat, but that certainly does not mean a bad thing! This tempting looking pizza is share-able for three people, the toppings of the pizza consist of smoked beef, mushroom, bell peppers and coated with generous Mozarella cheese. It was honestly quite tasty, I expected the basil flavor rise and I got what I initially wanted.

Meirton Traditional Oxtail Soup – IDR 95k

Their traditional oxtail soup can be prepared in three different ways: grilled, fried and original. Opted for the grilled one so that I can experience the “authenticity” with a twist, I think when I am excited about a place, I always try to opt for something very original or classic.
To be honest, I was very skeptical about their oxtail soup, have you ever experience a moment where you ordered a food that was a total opposite to the ambiance and concept of the restaurant that you started to wonder if you did the right thing, BUT turns out, their oxtail soup was actually very tasty, and I didn’t expect the flavor to actually be “that” good (I did expect that it would be somewhere between decent or OK). The seasoning of the soup was spot on, but they did defaultly add in a little chili hence it’s just a tad spicy (but I strangely found it amusing). The oxtail chunks were generously given along with the veges.

Fish and Chips – IDR 70k

Probably the must tempting looking dish here, it’s hard to handle such golden crisp fish and chips sitting gracefully on your plate and not have a bite! While I expected the coating to be a little crunchier (PS I am totally Fish & Co biased when it comes to Fish and Chips), everything was pretty decent.
Chocolate Lava Cake (Chocolate Volcano) – IDR 40k

Keeping it classic for their dessert, their Chocolate Lava Cake wasn’t anything shabby! It was actually quite delicious with just the right cooking timing and temperature allowing the chocolate batter to ejaculate on that first scoop, and yet, what’s better to accompany a warm chocolate lava cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!
Pavlova – IDR 40k

I was glad for the fact that for its fancy look, the prices of the food was actually quite affordable, not exactly cheap cheap, but still very reasonable, and not to mention, good food quality & cozy ambiance. Reservation is required, but do note that they close at 8 PM daily, I wondered why it's pretty early but it's all because of the building's operational hours.

18 Office Park GF
Jalan T.B. Simatupang No. 18
Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan
021 - 2278 1710
Opening hours: 11 AM-8 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: sporty casual


Map for 18 Office Park

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