Even when you are living your dream job, you get tired when the pressure is too much. Well I didn’t say that I am not happy with what I am doing, but I have some things that I choose not to post nor talk about because I don't want to spread negative energies, but the behind the scene of my day works is anything but hectic, and being almost stressed out is something that I have to fight most of the times, especially the end of last year where I have so many things on my plate that I have one or two days of crying in my sleep. I don't know why I am sharing this but I just feel like am.
Lately I have learned a lot about time management and thank goodness it's far better now, yes I still feel very tired and exhausted most of the times, but I am in a sense more well balanced mind-wise, the point of my sharing is that whenever I try to find peace and tranquility for my own, I go to Ubud, it's seriously the perfect escape to go to, and I fell so deeply in love with Ubud.

During those meltdowns, I had a short escape to Ubud and stayed at this GORGEOUS new resort called Mandapa, A Ritz Carlton Reserve. The mysterious and rather isolated entrance led to this beautiful gem, and as soon as I arrived on the lobby, I was pleased with such a breathtaking view of the resort overview, the whole resort looks like a village miniatur, with Ayung River bordering the whole “village”, the view from up here is nowhere near shabby. It’s almost like a village, but when you know it’s Ritz-Carlton the experience better be lifted.

The thing with most high-end Ubud resorts I’ve been is how I always manage to feel secluded and almost isolated from the outside of the world, and in the same time opening myself to my surrounding, a beautiful peaceful Ubud with a touch of fancy and privacy, and that kind of feeling is just sometimes what I truly really need and nothing else seems matters.
Upon arrival, a warm greeting and a classic Bali hospitality of rounding a Jepun flower necklace were given to us, they took care of our luggages and the check in was smooth and fast, it took less than 10 minutes for me to finish the whole check in procedure, took some quick shots, and being escorted to my room with an assigned buggy and patih (what they call the butlers here).

Mandapa acomodates 35 suites and 25 stunning private pool villas with a selection of pool, rice fields and river views. I bet everything is equally good, but since I am in Ubud, I wouldn’t miss the chance of not waking up to the gorgeous rice field. I stayed two nights at their awesome one bedroom private villa (after a quick online research it’s 430 sq.m), and the villa was an AMAZING HIDEOUT! It's so beautiful with just the perfect size of everything for me! I was so happy to find out that the pool was quite large comparing to the other ones I've seen in private villas! In overview, I adore how the design of the villa has this local Balinese value to it seen from the design and details.

As soon as I stepped into my gorgeous villa, the air-conditioning was so perfect, and Bali was quite humid that October FYI. The bedroom had this king size bed just perfect for us, as well as a mini living room with beautifully set fruits as a gesture of their warm welcome greeting. I was told that each villa has a one-of-a-kind painting and hand-woven songket decorating the bed.

Now bathroom! I am a bathroom person (weirdly do) and I will get disappointed if by chance the villa bathroom is bad, but the bathroom here in my villas was awesome and quite spacious with separated sinks (I LOVE SEPARATED SINKS), large mirror hang from the metal chains, this sort of crackle glass light, and most importantly, a large bathtub (YES!!!), separated toilet and shower rooms, and an outdoor shower to bond with the wild LOL, but I think I might just keep it private.

The bathroom amenities were pretty complete, and they also provided us with a cooling spray and gel to prevent your skin from burning, I love the grassy scent to it, it reminds me of L'Occitane's Verbana but not so identical.

Each villa is completed with a smaller villa/cottage assigned as a separated living room,  a functional space for guests, or simply a lounge to chill around and do your thing. It's half the size of the main villa and consist of sofa, couch, a phone like a normal living room. The details of the villa ARE AMAZING. Told you I am obsessed with Balinese and traditional details, it's almost like it's made from a very neatly set rattan.

Awesome awesome Iberico!

Mandapa accomodates four restaurants, but every guest here is entitled to breakfast at Sawah Terrace restaurant, it's not super spacious, but filled with good and fresh food. To be completely honest, I don't normally like Ritz-Carlton hotels' breakfast, but trust me this one is really good, probably the best out of the whole Ritz-Carlton properties that I ever experienced, and another memorable thing about Ritz-Carlton hotels is their awesome massage! I don't know why I always get the best massage in their properties, the cold hands of the masseur are very well-trained when it comes to locating the points of my exhaustion. Don’t be fooled by their small figures lemme tell you.

Anyway, back to the breakfast, besides Ala Carte menus, they also have a neat buffet station where you can have pastries, breads and cheese buffet, as well as Omelette station and fruits! It was quite a fulfilling breakfast.


One of the perks of choosing to stay in the resort for me is the chance to explore what the resort has in store. I chose to be lazy that few days and just wander around the resort having fun. One of the recommended things to do here, precisely around 3-4 PM is enjoying Mandapa’s fabulous afternoon tea in The Library. It might be quiet hot depending on how the day goes but try to grab the seat facing the pool view, it might add something special to your afternoon tea experience. The tea selections here are exquisitely large, and the server will guide you through the variety of teas if you fancy. I would recommend having their Phu Erh to accompany your savory and sweet treats. They’ll brew the tea for a couple of minutes - and the timing’s measured using the sand clock (which I found awesome) until it reaches the optimum brewing state.

More of their restaurants coming on my post!
I love staying at Ritz-Carlton properties, they really know how to pamper their guests with good hospitality, and the properties speak for themselves and for us, the guests. I tried to figure why I am madly in love with Mandapa, especially when I have to compare my stay at the other villas, but then I realize how staying in Mandapa didn't actually make me need to compare. It was just the right time to be in Ubud, I had my brother and my best friend with me, we had a good time, and it's all supported with the perfect moment, perfect hospitality, perfect food and that's what so inspiring about my stay. I would recommend everyone to stay in Mandapa, it's an incredible resort.

The idea of being lazy needs to be more overrated, being lazy for a certain moment keeps you calm and indeed a moment of tranquility that I need. No works, no stress, just you and your surrounding that you can enjoy without you trying so hard to love it.

How can there be no downside? Well, there isn't, if I really have to dig deep and find what I don't like then it's probably just how it's a new property and the paddy field was so fresh and new that it hasn't grown long and tall, but it's just the matter of time.

Now the million dollar question, how much does it cost you to enjoy all this glamazon? The rate per night for the villa was $900/night, and that already included special complimentary of afternoon tea (more about that later), 24/7 butler service, and more! If you wanna book your stay and browse the resort virtually, click here!

I will de-freaking-nitely go back and stay at Mandapa! I wanna share you guys more stories of my experience in Mandapa, but give me more time to deal with all the pictures. I always take tons of holiday pictures but always have no time to edit them!

Swear to the universe that two weeks ago (as this post is written), one of the restaurant owners that I collaborated with before told me that she was so captivated with my posts about Mandapa and the Iberico that she just booked a round of honeymoon for several nights, that's such a good news.
All opinions remain my own and this is not an advertorial post, nor they pay and fly me to review their hotel :).

Mandapa, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve
Jalan Raya Kedewatan
Ubud, Bali
0361 - 4792 777



Map for Mandapa, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve