Following the success of its first and pioneer outlet in Lippo Mall Kemang, W Group is expanding their business field with the opening of their newest W brand, just slightly a different concept.

W Kitchen Cafe opened a week ago in Gandaria City replacing what was a home to Lokananta. This particular outlet is slightly more spacious comparing to W Diner with a different vibe to it. If W Diner is a little more vibrant and youthful, W Kitchen Cafe seems a little more “serious” and urban, while still is perfect for young adults.

I came precisely a day before its opening last week (so now it’s VERY open) and got the chance to preview some of their highlight menus hoping to win your hearts, I didn’t take any photos of the interior as it was still on construction, so let’s just focus on what I ate & drank instead. Promise you guys you’ll love them!

You know, hot chocolate can be seriously tricky, and seriously speaking, I am not easy to please and I have quite a high standard for hot chocolate drink. My champ is currently the one from Angelina, or Koko Black in Melbourne. While this wasn’t something that’s close to the two mentioned, but this is pretty enjoyable, it’s a tad watery but the combination of chocolate and almost flavor were quite there yet! If you fancy the classic, they also have the original hot chocolate.

Their signature BBQ sauce was thick and generously glazed for each and every wing, hence it had this bold and rich flavor covering the beautifully deep fried wings, it was quite crispy with juicy chicken meat, and remember that chicken wings are BEST SERVED HOT!
The spring roll was simple, yet filled with generous minced chicken and vegetable topping. It’s almost like the more modern rendition of Indonesia’s local fried shrimp roll, good!

Truth be told I was a little skeptical about the Loco Moco at first. Loco Moco just never is my favorite meal as based on my earlier experience having it at other restaurants, I got the bad bad ones! I was happy to meet theirs, I even had a good feeling already when it got served to my table as it looked quite promising and tempting enough! The burger patty looked dense with the perfect brown color and smells so friggin good, and even though the egg was a little cooked (expected the runny one), it still looked good tho!

The mushroom gravy was clearly the highlight of the meal, it was beautifully seasoned with the right thickness to be served with rice. The beef patty seemed like it has a tad more flour to it, but altogether well seasoned!

First, I quite like the presentation, it’s a nice try to make what supposed to be a humble food looking dolled up #fancy #appreciate
The chicken was very tender, just slightly undercooked but very fresh and not something that came just from a freaking freezer I must say. The mushroom sauce was EVERYTHING! It really elevated the dish and giving a little tweak to the flavor and texture!

BOMB BOMB BOMB!!! I met the owner who happens to be very confident about his Regal Shake and now I understand his genuine confidence. The Regal Shake was indeed something that when you look at it, it’s actually uber simple, but something about the flavor and probably the measurement of each ingredient that’s perfect. It’s creamy but not too creamy, and just the right amount of sweetness for me, perfect actually.

Now moving on to the trending ones, you know, often I find it embarrassing when some of the trend followers actually failed this fancy milkshake, but good news it’s now W Kitchen Cafe, their rendition of the good old Nutella-Ovomaltine milkshake falls pretty decent, it’s just right without the need to cross the “forced” over-creativity.
Now to my favorite one among all:
I had the chance to see the making of this milkshake & soft-serve from scratch, that’s why I could say that you need no worry about all that preservative shit. Their cereal milk creations are huge success! I went a little crazy over their fascinating cereal milk soft serve. Not sure whether the flavor developed from the freezing process, but the cereal milk indeed tasted twice better than the cereal milk, it’s saltier in the most delicious way with the corn flakes cereal flavor dominating the flavor! Oh here it goes, the word you hate the most: DAYUM!
Based on my experience having lunch here, it’s normal to have a little “misses” here and there, generally I found the food and drink pretty good, you know me, I love simple cafes, sometimes I might like when things are over the top, but generally I prefer the simple ones. W Kitchen Cafe is a humble cafe serving good food, supported with good service too. I can say you won’t be disappointed with what they have in store, but it’s not a place where you wish you have the best meal of your life, emm, best cereal milk soft serve probably ;P.

Gandaria City
UG Mainstreet Unit 32
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan
021 - 2923 6333


Map for Gandaria City