I don’t know who started the whole thing, but Indonesians are just too damn creative sometimes. Who never thought at the first place that Indomie can be the base of people’s creativity and business, while on the other side, I always think of Indomie as one of my guilty pleasures. Maybe I’m just not that creative I don’t know (lol).

If you ask me what is the biggest food trend in Jakarta at the moment? I would say either Martabak or Warung Indomie. The number of those two has been growing very rapidly, even passing the amount of new dessert places, which I initially thought will grow bigger this year.
There’s a new Indomie specialist cafe opening in Tanjung Duren called What’s Up Cafe. This particular is their third outlet after they opened the first two in Margonda, Depok and Kisamaun, Tangerang. First, the location, I think it’s very smart of them to open in Tanjung Duren (precisely across Warung SS), where the area is surrounded by students. On the day of my visit, there place was very packed with students who just finished school and wanted to have good time. Tanjung Duren is a growing area, and the arrival of What’s Up Cafe just adds in something interesting to the scene.

The interior design have this artsy pop to it that’s just very youthful.
The menu range here is huge, while their focus is on their “elevated” Indomie creations, they also have a lot more menu ranging from toasts, kue cubit, sandwich, dessert sandwich, rice, noodle and assorted drinks. The food was humble and came with friendly price tag, generally the food price here range from IDR 15k-30k, and the drink here range around IDR 5k-25k. Came here with my sister and a friend and together we explored A LOT of their menus. Parental guidance advised, tons of foodporns coming!

Choco Nutella Shakes – IDR 22k
Their more humble take on the Cakeshake craze. I could definitely taste the rich Nutella flavor, a sign that it’s generously given. It’s a simple chocolaty thirst quencher without appearing too creamy.
Caramel Love Story – IDR 18k
Oreo Smoothies – IDR 15k
Generally talking, the texture of the Indomie was how I wanted the firmness to be, they happen to cook it on just the right timing and temperature.

Indomie Whats Up (Level 2) – IDR 18k
This is the signature Indomie menu here, the broth was made from the mix of Ebi extract. I was a bit skeptical as normally when you have Ebi as a part of your broth, it better be cooked perfectly fresh and seasoned well, or else the Ebi aroma and flavor can overpower the aimed flavor, and they nailed it beautifully. There’s a hint of Ebi flavor, but not too much (which is good)
Indomie Blackpepper – IDR 22k
This was one of my favorites! I love how they serve it on this a hot pot and it sizzled when it’s served to my table. It was quite aromatic, the sauce was rich, even though it looked like it’s not generously given but it covered the whole thing nicely and it was not spicy and came with chicken cuts.
Indomie Carbonara – IDR 20k
Now this one is dedicated for cheese lovers! I honestly didn’t want to try this because of you know why (re: cheese), but maybe it’s because of the many things I have to shoot that day, when it was time to eat, I proceed to this and I had that on my first scoop while completely forgetting that it was loaded with cheese, and not until 10 minutes after that I realized... BUT the good thing is that I didn’t find this cheesy at all, it’s indeed creamy, but didn’t have that smell or milky flavor that I don’t like about cheese.
Indomie Oseng Mercon – IDR 18k
A spicy treat for spicy lovers, you can customize the spiciness level.
Indomie Tomyum – IDR 20k
The tomyum flavor was quite there, but don’t expect the ultra rich one with lots of seafood topping, friendly reminder that you’re having humble food and you’re paying a little amount of money.
Indomie Miso Ramen – IDR 18k
Initially thought that they’re using milk for the soup here, but apparently it’s not exactly milk, but yes with a little cream. It did feel like having Japanese miso soup, only with a tiny hint of creamy flavor to it. I honestly think that the miso flavor works well with the noodle itself.
Indomie Teriyaki – IDR 18k
Another favorite of mine, the good ol Teriyaki! The chicken cuts were given generously on a single serving and the sauce was a tad thick, and were given enough to cover the whole noodle. It was sweet and savory at once.
Indomie Spicy Tuna – IDR 20k
Now this is the ultimate one. MY FAVORITE and a must order here. I really thought I would love the blackpepper one the best but from the first scoop of this one, this caught my attention and my palate’s favor. It was spicy, yet very tasty with generous tuna and spot-on seasoning. LOVE!
Surprise Sensation – IDR 20k
Chocolate, green tea and strawberry ice cream dressed in chocolate sauce, all in red and green hotdog bun. Despite the shocking colors, you know you’re having ice cream bread and what can be so wrong about that?
Black Hotdog – IDR 24k
This was my favorite from the hotdog menu! The sausage was pretty thick and to my surprise: juicy and tasty! I really thought I was just about to have something so-so, but this one was quite a stunner to be honest. The sauce and cheese were pretty generous too!
Uwel-Uwel Coklat – IDR 12k & Uwel-Uwel Greentea – IDR 17k
This was basically cut fried donuts dressed in icing sugar and served with chocolate or green tea ice cream, your choice. This was quite enjoyable. I expected the donut to have slightly softer and pillowy texture, but again, this just can’t go wrong unless the donut is hard as rock and burnt!
Fiuhh boy it was a lotta food, wasn’t it?
Overall, What’s Up Cafe is honestly a pretty cozy hangout space, please don’t expect some kind of 5 star or fine dining quality food and service. This is a simple and humble cafe serving comfort food, and built as a space to hangout with your friends, loved ones or maybe family without the need to spend a lot! There are mixed reviews about this cafe, but I was honestly not disappointed, because I didn’t really expect anything.


What's Up Cafe
Blok G - Tanjung Duren Barat Blok G2 No. 12
Jakarta Barat
0813 - 1523 - 0719
Opening hours: 9 AM-12 AM
Average spending for two: IDR 50k
Dresscode: casual


Map for What's Up Cafe