The number one pizza delivery service, PHD, just recently introduced to the public their newest and (always) awesome creation: THE NEW MEAT LOVERS!

How do I even begin talking about Meat Lovers? I guess this was the very first creation, as well as a bridge that introduced me to the brand and their other creations. Ever since the first time it’s being introduced to the public, it has consistently sit on the all time “best selling” menu, after all how can a pillowy pizza dough with tomato sauce base, generous cheese, ham and sausage topping can go wrong? It just can’t, and something about the seasoning, the fragrant pizza and that very sensation when you have it that just made everything even more fantastic.

Talk about “the new” Meat Lovers? Anybody wonders what exactly is new about the “Meat Lovers?”

Do note that the sauce is the base sauce, not the dipping sauce – photo purpose only.

PHD introduces their three new sauces that you can choose: Spicy Tomato, Honey BBQ and Cheesy Mayo. I came here with my foodie friends and everyone had different take on each sauce and their personal favorites. If you’re familiar and actually fond of PHD Hawaiian Chicken Pizza, you’ll probably love the Spicy Tomato sauce. It’s overall quite light without being overly spicy with a hint of tangy & sweet. For Meat Lovers, I expected the kick of the sauce to be stronger and bolder, however when having it on the Hawaiian Pizza, it was just perfect.

Secondly, Honey BBQ sauce. It was a little tangier than the Spicy Tomato, and I honestly think this was such a good match to the Meat Lovers. Meat and BBQ come on!
Ironically, even though I am not a big fan of cheese, I must say that their Cheesy Mayo was my favorite of the day. It had this strongest flavor and impact on the whole dish in my opinion, and the cheese flavor did not overpower my palate (which usually is super weak to cheese), infact, it gave a very good aftertaste sensation, just this blend of creamy, sweet, savory and unique. I t had this flavor character that I can’t explain, but it was just good.

Ok this got me excited, besides the new toppings, PHD is the game changer when it comes to modifying their crust, talk about little details properly executed!
So happy when I know that they’re introducing the Sausage Puff Pastry crust!!! It’s their newest kind of crust that can go with all the pizza variants (however the base sauce is ONLY for Meat Lovers) with flaky puff pastry and chicken sausage inside. When it’s served to the table, the first thing I noticed was how fragrant the pizza was. I suggest not taking too long on your pictures, or else you’re missing the best state of the crust when it’s on its crunchiest, and anyway every pizza is best served hot (never understand people who eat cold pizza but some of they do).
Whether you realize it or not, have you noticed what kind of PHD customer are you? Are you the one who loves trying new stuff or you are pretty loyal to what you love the most and most likely to repeat your order? I might be mostly the first one with a little bit of the second. I honestly found the new creations to be pretty unique and quite delicious, and it’s just always nice to try new things so that you can decide to go back to what you believe in or let yourself be a little open to new things!

Can’t wait to see what other good things coming next, PHD you rock!
...and don’t forget to share your pizza!


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