Wanna know more about me? So here are the most asked questions about me and this blog.


Who are you?
I am Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto, if you want to read more about myself, there's actually my personal page at the PERSONAL AUTHOR page.

I was born in Sambas (West Borneo), 21st of July 1991. I am the oldest of three and each of my siblings is 3 years in birth gap, As I'm writing, I'm currently 22 years old and turning, we're all turning anyway!

Are you a Mix?
This is funny because so many people think I am not Indonesian (mostly korean or mix) and yes I am 100% Indonesian, of course I mean here Indonesian with Chinese descent. I definitely speak Indonesian, I just love to speak in English and have this blog written in English because I want more and more people to actually know Indonesian food and since English is the most general language in the whole universe.

Are you taken?
No, I'm Indonesian!

How can I reach you?
By means being with me? Not sure I can answer that.

But if you want to reach me for other purposes, you can always ask anything to my email, kindly send it to eatandtreatsindo@gmail.com or my personal email stanislaus.hans@gmail.com.


What camera are you using for the photos in your blog?
I own several cameras but most of the photos on my blog were shot using Nikon D3000, that's like the cheapest entry level DSLR ever, I owned it back at my first year of college for photography class and that's actually the start of my interest in the world of photography, never really consider it as job, I consider photography as my hobby and part of my life.. The reason I'm using Nikon D3000 because it's super handy and light, I just don't like making myself complicated with heavy cameras and I don't like the fact that I need to bring two bags (one personal and one for the camera) everytime I went somewhere around, another reason is because this Nikon D3000 is my first ever DSLR that I bought myself few years back and it has been my handy best friend ever since!

For holidays, I'd love to capture pictures in bigger pixels, so I brought Nikon D7000 for travelling, if you want to look at the photo qualities or samples, I have posted some blogposts which featured photos taken with D7000.


For commercial works, I'd love to use the good old Nikon 5D Mark II

Lenses for Nikon Cameras:
Prime 35mm, f/1.8.
24-105mm f/3.5-5.6

Photo Editing Software?
Adobe Photoshop CS6

How many hits are you getting in one day?
Excited about this one because I'm happy that my blog's traffic is going pretty well! Thanks my lovely loyal readers! You won't be getting the exact same number everyday but the average readers per day for this blog is ranging from 7000 readers (since April 2014) and has been steady.

Why not eatandtreats.com?
Working on this one because the url has been taken by a second party. I'm going to work on having that url mine. *fingerscrossed*


What kinds of cooperations are you up to?
Mostly I received any form of cooperations, I've done advertorials, sponsors, endorsements. Advertorials are usually one blogpost (or more), sponsors are usually one blogpost (if only I really like the product and worth blogged!) and endorsements are mostly mentioned on the social networks.

How much does it cost to advertise with you?

eatandtreats stats, updated July 4th 2014.
eatandtreats currently received 7.000-12.000 visits daily.

Blog Advertorials: IDR 4.500.000 and up
Sidebar Banner: IDR 1.500.000 and up (per month)
Social Media Buzzer: IDR 400.000 and up

I accept endorsements, but if the product's worth a publicity and aside from my obligatory to post the products, I'm (mostly) going to post it on my social networks accounts. Thank you!

I'm sorry but I don't do advertorial posts for blogshops, I'll consider it as endorsements.

Will you promote me for free?
Err...no, thanks! I don't owe you anything, PLEASE STOP ASKING ME TO PROMOTE YOU FOR FREE, I have bills to pay just like any other human beings.

How if I want to submit sponsorship?
Kindly email me to stanislaus.hans@gmail.com or eatandtreatsindo@gmail.com or contact me on the number 0858-9006-9053 :).