I have heard that Tanpopo has improved its performance, because quite frankly, my very first visit wasn't exactly the most memorable, but you know what? Even as soon as I revisited Tanpopo and the moment I arrived after the last time, the vibe itself was quite different in a good way, but not sure why, but anyway, here for the food!
I am one of those people who love having brunch, something about the word "brunch" that fascinates me, on certain occasions, I even love dressing up for brunch, even though some days having noodle at street stall is also considered brunch, anyway if you fancy brunch as much as I do, then this entry will be about me sharing you guys my recent finding, which turned out to be one of the most impressive brunch spots in Jakarta, especially in Kemang, I literally didn't set any expectation on this one, and I guess sometimes when you put none you got a lot in return.