I am one of those people who love having brunch, something about the word "brunch" that fascinates me, on certain occasions, I even love dressing up for brunch, even though some days having noodle at street stall is also considered brunch, anyway if you fancy brunch as much as I do, then this entry will be about me sharing you guys my recent finding, which turned out to be one of the most impressive brunch spots in Jakarta, especially in Kemang, I literally didn't set any expectation on this one, and I guess sometimes when you put none you got a lot in return.

If you ask me to name my favorite brunch places in Jakarta then I would have five that's on my list, ones that I really like, and this particular cafe sky rocketed to the top 5. If you are not aware of this place before, then it's my honor to introduce you to Poach'd!
Poach'd is a relatively new brunch place that's located in Kemang, precisely next to Arion Hotel! The cafe is considered spacious with seating capacity for 50-60 people (I guess from quick eye scan lol), the interior is simple and neat with this homey and minimalist vibe to it, just proper without appearing overdone, there are cute murals where guests are more than welcome to take pictures at.
I guess they're pretty serious with their coffee, some wonderful gears they're using here!
Quick scan of their menu and so many delightful options in store! They serve mostly all day breakfast menus inspired from several cultures (Australian, American, European), with some "Indonesian" feels infused mains, such as Iga Bakar Bumbu Bali (IDR 175k) that's you're going to see as you scroll! Some of their best sellers include Texan, Aussie, French! They also have Vegetarian menus here and the menus with pork are labelled with the pig symbol on the menu, so the rest should be halal I guess.

Price range for the food here is from IDR 65-IDR 205k, and as for the drinks, beside coffee they also serve non alcoholic drinks (chocolate, green tea), various tea, juices, mocktails, beers even cocktails.

Sprinkled Coffee, coffee starts from IDR 30k
I found that their coffee is pretty good with smooth aftertaste and for that extra vibe to it, they sprinkled the cup lip with meses and salted caramel almond, and I think that's a cute touch for extra texture and flavor.
Cocktails - range from IDR 85k-IDR 100k
Pomegranate Muesli Bowl - IDR 77k
For those who fancy yogurt and fruit based healthy bowls, go for their Pomegranate Muesli Bowl, the appearance might be simple, but there's something about the amount of ingredients that's just so well thought and spot on, inside the bowl you'll find honey yogurt, pomegranate, chocolate chips, strawberries, banana slices, mango, almond and oats! The yogurt is not the overly milky type and already sweetened with the honey, hence didn't bloat you out easily, the addition of fruits adds in some crunch and naturally balances out everything!
Aussie - IDR 127k
Aussie is their Australian style brunch menu, first of all: wonderful presentation, pop and packed but me likey! So many elements here, but let's start with the incredibly fresh and creamy avocado, which turned out to be imported because quite frankly it's not the easiest to find fresh, soft, gooey, creamy avocado like theirs, then you'll have two sourdough breads topped each with cream cheese, then smoked salmon and smoked snapper, followed with perfectly cooked poached egg, for the extra crunch: pomegranate, almonds, beetroots and then altogether dressed in Hollandaise sauce for that creamy flavor goodness. I absolutely love this menu, really nothing bad to say, oh I'll probably leave the snapper alone or change it with smoked salmon because for kinds of food like this, smoked salmon always!
Texan - IDR 117k
If the Aussie is not calorie wise 'challenging' enough for you and you need a full blown protein kick, then their Texan might be the option for you! Even from looking at it I know I'm going to just freaking full: sliced briskets (pretty huge for a single serving like this) topped on cheddar fried egg and sourdough, with Jalapeno hash brown, bacons on the side and dressed with BBQ sauce! Another very good option, packed with flavors, so fresh, absolutely in love. So far, still has nothing bad to say.
Salmon Bagel - IDR 95k
When it's served to my table: JUST SO TEMPTING! Toasted bagel with generous smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, tomato, ren onion and chives! The toasted bagel is pretty moist but it was really the smoked salmon and cream cheese that really take the cake, something about the cream cheese that's deliciously savory and perfectly creamy, and the smoked salmon. FRESH AF!
Iga Bakar Bumbu Bali - IDR 175k
Don't judge the pricy price tag, the portion was really beyond what I expected: HUGE!!! It's like this one full blown chunky rib stacked on the plate, generously seasoned with spices with meat that's uber tender and juicy, and for the side carb, nasi bakar (grilled turmeric seasoned rice) that's defaulty spicy and so lightly seasoned, to the point where you eat the rice alone you might feel that not much flavor is packed inside but I think you should have it altogether with the generously seasoned rib for the balance.

HELLO! Look at the chilli and tender meat! As I am typing this I feel like going there tomorrow HAHAHA!
My first experience here was nothing but bliss, I absolutely love the food here, the coffee, the warm friendly service, the bitchy side of me wanted to find something negative about this cafe but I don't think I can find one so far, and hopefully not because after my visit I really have this delightful experience! Short to say, one of my favorite brunch spots in town at the moment! Anyway they open quite early so maybe even before office hour you can have something to indulge here (if you work around the neighborhood LOL)! Thanks for reading!
Jalan Kemang Raya No. 11
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan 12730
Opening hours: 7 AM-7 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 350k
Dresscode: none

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