For me, some restaurants are not just a place where I go to dine and leave, some restaurants managed to leave certain impressions in me because I grew up with them, and shared my younger days and memories with. I am honestly very glad to the ones who can survive and make it at the rapidly changing food business and trend, and one of the many that I have in mind is surely Restaurant Penang, and special thanks to my parents for bringing me here the very first time because it's always the parents who kinda introduce us to the good eating places.
I love Japan, to the point where I am lost for words to describe my love for Japan, or even to describe Japan itself, but one thing for sure, it should be on everyone’s bucketlist and you better believe me on this one.
My Hokkaido blog posts are seriously one of the most requested this year and it's been one month since the trip and I have been missing Hokkaido so badly and I found myself reopening the folders and reedit the photos (and I don't know if it's just me but I sometimes can edit one photo to several editing style lol). I've been dreaming of going for so long and finally got the chance to travel and on top of it, shared the happiness with my sister, clearly one of the best highlight of the year that I'll forever keep in mind.
The major food event, Taste of The World, is happening at PIK Avenue and I was invited to come check out the event on its opening day and blogging my experience for you guys, the event is here to stay until October 1st 2017 at their Main Atrium, that means you still have 6 days to come and see what they have in store.
Okay now this is exciting: the famous BAKE CHEESE TART is finally opening in Indonesia with Jakarta (particularly Grand Indonesia) being where the first outlet is located the country! The cheese cake and tarts trend is really booming here in Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta and the amount of new businesses focusing on this particular product is really getting a bit insane! I remember when it hasn't opened in Singapore, the only place where I could buy their cheese tarts is in Hong Kong (and last year I happened to visit Hong Kong more often than Bangkok), and in certain ways I am so glad that more and more famous foreign food businesses are coming to Jakarta and expand here, making it super accessible for us to purchase their stuff.
Hello my beloved blog readers, so several weeks ago I paid a visit to Almond Tree, a cake store with a new concept from the Mount Scopus Group, which I believe previously known as Cheese Cake Factory. I grew up with this brand, their cakes were so close to the heart of my friends and families as they were there for the celebrations and I thought I wanna blog about my experience to their store as well as giving you ideas on how they're doing now.


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Hello my beloved blog readers, so several weeks ago I paid a visit to Almond Tree, a cake store with a new concept from the Mount Scopus ...
I think it was after this blog post that I haven't paid that much attention to the rapidly growing Kopi Susu trend in Jakarta and boy I might need to update the list now, this entry will be a brief thought about this newcomer called Kopi Kenangan which I just had earlier today. I found it interesting because they claim to be using the 8-years Arabica Aged Coffee (which got me like 'hmm...'). They have a little shop in Menara Standard Chartered but because I know that normally Kopi Susu shop will be incredibly petite and almost impossible for you to sit around so I really recommend to just have it Gojek-ed to your place.
You can take me out of Indonesia, but you can't take the Indonesia out of me, or should I say, the Chinese blood out of me. Despite the rapidly changing food trend, the classic always stays and I am talking about good Chinese cuisine, if you ask me to name one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in town then Sin Cin is one of the top ones that flashed in my mind just like that, and I have a lot of good things to say about this restaurant.
SORRY GUYS for just writing about this entry aka my experience to The World of Ghibli exhibition in Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place Jakarta which I visited around three weeks ago, sorry I've been super busy and not to mention I just went back from Hokkaido for a short summer holiday with my sister.
I am just uber excited to blog about this restaurant that I visited LAST MONTH in Bangkok (really can't believe it's been a month tho) and it's just three more days before the restaurant opens in Jakarta and of course yours truly got the privilege to sample their best selling menus on a private tasting lunch two weeks ago, but disclaimer first, this blog post will be the mix of my experience trying the original Greyhound Cafe in Bangkok too and I can really say that after coming from the private tasting lunch, the presentation of the food here and there was exactly the same, as for the taste and impressions? Keep on scrolling.
Just earlier today I visited the newly opened Momozen for a lunch date with some lovely people and it is another establishment from the Les Amis group and located at what previously the home of Shabu Gen (now located just across Momozen), venue wise not the most spacious but clean, neat with fancy vibe, the latter might be me carried away for the fact that it's located at the 46th floor, somehow the higher it is the more prestigious it feels, well at least for me.
More and more new places are opening, well that's just how the business goes, but can't deny at the same time I am getting more aware and the F&B competition in town is a crazy battlefield, especially when it comes to Japanese restaurants (and yes I hope everyone's doing good). Anyway, welcoming the new kid at Kelapa Gading Boulevard of feast: a new Japanese restaurant that's ready to fulfil your craving of fresh sushi and sashimi: SUSHI NARA!
It was an impromptu visit with friends to this newly opened (and highly talked about) restaurant when I didn't pack my guns with me, so shoutout to my dear friend for allowing me to use his camera.
Maxx Coffee apparently has become a brand that's well accepted by the public, especially to those who thinks Starbucks is way too expensive these days and they come to the scene as the more affordable dupe, in a good way of course, and after countless outlets and series of success, yesterday (August 16th 2017) they officially opened the first Maxx Corner at Plaza Semanggi Jakarta! I was invited to come to the opening ceremony (thank you!).
Makna Coffee is a new venture by Makna Creative, which is a creative studio owned by Ernanda Putra and Keenan Pearce. Just earlier today I managed to visit this coffee shop which just opened yesterday (August 9th 2017) in Kuningan City and today they're having a IDR 20k flat for all coffee. I got the Iced Cappuccino for me and not sure whether it was pretty packed the time of my visit that they made the coffee with such pace but the coffee had this burnt taste to it leaving a rough aftertaste on my palate, but was it horrible? Not at all. I believe they can do better and I need more future visits too.

Anyway they have limited seating capacity outside the coffee shop, and I think the coffee shop's meant more for take away (aka Grab and Go), the coffee shop also shares the same space with the Makna Creative office which guests can't freely go in and out, but can definitely peek inside through the glass wall and the connecting door. I didn't take any pictures of the space I honestly tend to get lazy when a restaurant/cafe/coffee shop is crowded.
Makna Coffee
Kuningan City GF
Jalan Prof. DR. Satrio No. Kav. 18 RT.14/04
Karet, Jakarta Selatan 12940
Opening hours: 7 AM-10 PM


Map for Kuningan City
If you ask me to name one of my favorite coffee shops in the North, Ottoman's Coffee Brewers surely one of the ones that comes to my mind instantly. My visit last week marks my third time to this coffee shop as well as my first time trying their all day breakfast and brunch menus which they just launched not too long ago and I am going to share my experience and review in this entry, and hey this would be my first review of Ottoman's too (I didn't take any pictures on the previous two visits).
Boy time flies and I really can't believe that it's been a week since I went to Bangkok (if you saw my Instagram posts and Stories) like seriously 7 days have gone just like that? I just finished editing all the pictures and can't wait to share the story with you soon, the Instagram posts have not only been the live reports but also published teasers to the blog post that I am writing soon, but these are some of the unpublished photos that I want you guys to enjoy!
Residing across Mall of Indonesia (MOI) is HOURS: Coffee and More, a new cafe/coffee shop that's a newcomer in Kelapa Gading area and good news today marks their first day of opening, I got the exclusive invitation to check out what they have in store prior 'the day' (special thanks to Ruby from Wanderbites) and simply go with the scroll and enjoy this entry.
I have been noticing how lately hot pot/shabu-shabu has been one of the most rapidly growth (savory) food trend in Indonesia, more and more hot pot and shabu-shabu specialist restaurants are opening or existing restaurants start adding in the option into their menu line-up which is good for me because I am such a fan. A couple of weeks ago I paid a visit to this freshly opened restaurant in Jalan Samanhudi Pasar Baru called Lac Mei Che! It's very easy to find as it's located precisely beside Classic Hotel. This is the sister restaurant to its previous and existing venture Lac Mei Che Restaurant, which of course owned and managed by the same owner.
Disclaimer: if you're expecting a full blown review of their restaurant, this won't be one. I already ate prior coming here and initially just wanted to go check out the newly opened bar, grab some drinks, nibbles and leave.
A couple of weeks ago I went to Bali for a short escape with my sister, spent the whole time browsing the freshly opened SAMASTA by Summarecon group which aims to be the one stop entertainment destination in Bali, precisely in Jimbaran. By one stop entertainment destination I mean you can really find various dining, shopping, beauty, grocery and more. This concept then visualized as this stylish 'village' that's rapidly and constantly opening more and more tenants. Stick with me and keep on reading.
WHAT'S UP JULY?! A couple of days ago I went to have a coffee date with my good friend at this newly opened coffee shop called Harapan Djaya that's located around Panglima Polim area, precisely across Woodpecker Coffee. Technically this coffee shop has almost nothing to do with the movie Filosofi Kopi (nor the setting) which is coming next week, but one of the owners of this coffee shop, Muhammad Aga, starred in the movie. I honestly can't wait for the movie because I absolutely love the first one!
So last night I went to one of Jakarta's biggest annual event: PEKAN RAYA JAKARTA (PRJ) 2017, I have missed the event for two years and I think it's good to be check out what's in store this year, especially it's their 50th anniversary this year! To be honest I kinda expected something different, but not really sure what it is either, ok sorry I am getting so unclear but I hope you know what I mean.
I brought a lot of stories that I am dying to share to you from my latest trip to Jogjakarta. I have emphasized it so many times and I am repeating it again: I FREAKING LOVE JOGJAKARTA! There is just something about Jogja that makes you feel like you're welcome home, the people are one of the friendliest human beings and they constantly give me this warm vibe that warms up my heart. If Bangkok is known the land of smiles, Jogjakarta sure is too!
This will be a short review of the coffee shop that I visited with my mom and dad earlier today because today is the day off for all of us so we thought we're going to have a quick lunch and coffee date before heading to Pacific Place for a little shopping (bitch I earned it). We had lunch at Eaton which is such a memorable restaurant for my family and I because I basically grew up with them! Mom was craving for their uber good Talas cake (which is still pretty much perfect) and fried kwayteau, lunch was pretty enjoyable but I remember the food was better last year, but the cake is still a muthafuckin bomb. Hands down.
Right after trying out King Mango, me and Yenny went to this newly opened cafe in Pluit Karang Timur called Kata-Kata which just opened two days ago and special thanks to my some of Instagram followers for letting me know about this place! You guys rock!
First of all, special thanks to my sister @yennymakanmulu for kindly queueing for this trending drink and disclaimer: this won't exactly be a full review of the newly opened King Mango in Neo Soho, only my two cents of their drink.
Welcoming "The cheapest Michelin starred restaurant" to Jakarta and brought to you by Hersing Culinary aka the same people who manage Tim Ho Wan! Its first flagship store opened just last November 2016 at 78 Smith Street Singapore with its second outlet located in 18 Tai Seng Street, expectedly their Jakarta outlet is located at the same location as Tim Ho Wan Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) on its second floor. Just went from having lunch there and excited to write the story for you guys.
As this post is written and at the very moment, Japanese cheesecake is seriously the biggest food trend there is right now, in just months there are more than 10 new cheesecake brands, mainly local brands and several established foreign franchise, but as I look around, none has created this concept and they are the first to bring the molten cheesecake on the table! Say hi to one of my favorites: KIBO!


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As this post is written and at the very moment, Japanese cheesecake is seriously the biggest food trend there is right now, in just months...
Last week me and my sister went to the newly opened Sushi Go! to have a quick lunch and I've been hearing quite a hype about this and good review from fellow foodies so why not give a chance. Sushi Go is probably the first brand to bring the one price sushi concept to town and they're choosing Dotonburi PIK Avenue as their first port of creativity (and business).
Taiwanese dessert trend had its peak of glory 4-5 years ago and I was there living and witnessing the growth and vividly remember how Hong Tang dominated the market and how everywhere it opened, waiting list were common thing, ah nostalgia. Even though recently the trend has moved on but I think Taiwanese dessert will always have a special place in my heart and I am still a regular at Hong Tang too (only my visit might not be as intense as it was a couple of years ago) and as much as I love dessert, some days I wanted something that's lighter and less guilty, and this place that I am about to introduce you might be somewhere you can consider if you're looking for the less guilty dessert.
Last night I was invited to the launching of Kuliner Indonesia Kaya web series along with the cooking demo and breakfasting at Almond Zucchini Prapanca, first things first special thanks to William and Edi from VosFoyer for having me! It was a rather private event and I had quite a fun there!
Last night I was invited to come to the private viewing of Lewis and Carroll's latest venture, their flower market in collaboration with Atelier Fleuri and it officially opens for public TODAY at Central Grand Indonesia UG fl, special thanks to Edward and Natasha for having me last night.
I used to dream about cafes with "Aoyama Flower Market" vibe to it since I really-really love that cafe and it's always in my Tokyo must visit list, and the dream is sort of coming true thanks to this collaboration, to be completely frank technically they're not the first florist-cafe in town but theirs is the closest to my personal taste, not to mention the touch of rustic and how they put the combination of 'tea' and 'flower' as the main highlights. Nope I won't be talking about every single flowers that's available for sale here or the complete details of tea that they're having, the private viewing last night included several tea sampling and a dinner set (which I didn't take because I was freaking full). I never had unpleasant experience when it comes to their teas and I love how they always give informative details to tea newbies like me including which tea to choose in case you want to have the chilled teas, and about their flowers, they will change their collection at times to add more 'colors' and vary in options.
This post will be more like a gallery post of things that I managed to capture during my visit here last night. Enjoy and if you have further questions drop them below or as usual, DM me on Instagram.
Some of the flowers here are imported for quality adjustment and to be frank I was pretty shocked when I saw the price tag and how they sold certain flowers in a bunch to be that cheap. Anyway if you happen to see the word 'a bunch' here that means per 5 pieces!
Beautiful dried flowers
It's kind of them that they actually allowed us invites to choose the hand bouquet as souvenirs!
Pink flowers say what!
To be completely frank, my first time seeing Rose Cappuccino <3
Pink babybreaths are the prettiest! Seriously a lot of too pretty eye candies here!!!
Cotton flowers that I overly abused for my Instagram related photos!
Another generosity of theirs, they also gave us the freedom to choose the terrarium to bring home!
Opted for this one, pretty ait??
For those who wonder yes they still serve food here, and expect to find new sweet and savory menus that differ from their first outlet in Jalan Bumi and talk about their interior design, I feel  like both are pretty equal when it comes to they homeyness each offers but the vibe was so much different, I like their first outlet better since I love minimalist open space white venue but this one was certainly beautiful too, overall still very minimalist, neat and clean!
Flowers and pretty overdosed but I don't mind! A very vibey place where you can have simple comfort food, tea time over good cakes and together treating your eyes with the beautiful flowers selections that you can take home too! Flowers and good tea what's not to love?! The best of luck to both Lewis and Carroll and Atelier Fleuri!

Central Dept. Store - UG fl
Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall East Mall
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k (with food)
Dresscode: Casual


Map for Grand Indonesia