I have been to Bangkok three times and in all those times I managed to visit Chocolate Ville (Chocoville) every single time. Two years ago, I have posted my first story and review about the place and you can check it out HERE, I honestly won't be talking much this time, I just have all these photos from my latest visit to Chocolate Ville that I want to share to you, a bit to show off how my photography skill has improved over the years :P, nah just kidding babes!

I am going to explain you guys a bit about Chocolate Ville, yet again as I receive so many questions about it on my social medias. So the name might be Chocolate Ville, but actually the place has nothing to do with chocolate nor it is a chocolate factory. I think the naming still remains a mystery, but one thing for sure, Chocolate Ville is actually a restaurant, or should I say a theme park restaurant, a very very spacious and ginormous restaurant as well as a manmade village inspired by the vintage European town design. It is just a nice spacious retreat for those who desire somewhere with less city vibe around Bangkok, but thinking Hua Hin is a bit too far to reach, and of course, the narcissistic bitches *kiss*.
Since Chocolate Ville is located at the outskirt of Bangkok (address below), I highly recommend everyone to take taxi or if you've been renting cars on your Bangkok trip, then drive here. I do not recommend going by mass public transportation like bus as it would really cost you more time. If you read my previous KL post, I told you guys how I have been using Uber and worship their existence in Asia. My Uber ride was pretty cheap! 250 baht for one way ride (that's like 8 fucking US dollars or IDR 100k) comparing to a regular taxi ride costing 400 baht (14 USD or IDR 160k). I did a little online research and if you still really insist on going to Chocolate Ville using bus, you can take the bus #60 (depart from Grand Palace) and took a 1,5 hour ride (excluding the traffic) and arriving at Grand Sport Thanon Nawamin, you might have to cross the road and walk 20 more minutes (1,7 kms) to reach Chocolate Ville, but the bus ride will only cost you 19 baht (80 cent or IDR 7700), that's basically nothing, but again, you get what you paid for.

Bangkok's traffic jam is among the worst I've ever experienced and you can never guess how the traffic's going to be that day. My first visit to Chocolate Ville only cost me 40 minutes, the second one last year cost me 1 hour, and the latest cost me 1 hour 20 minutes. If you're keen on taking pictures and wanting empty background (meaning no people in your frame), I suggest arriving at 3 PM since their operational hour starts at 4 PM daily, but honestly I think everyone knows about this secret already so I think everyone will come early then (not helping Hans, not helping!)
They occasionally rotate their entrance theme, the latest was Europe's famous buildings and you can spot some well known architecture in miniatures such as Pisa tower, Big Ben, Eiffel and more all made of woods.
OK again, I won't be talking much in this post, so from now on, just enjoy the pictures. I wouldn't say that the food here are generally outstanding, they were pretty ok but still with pretty reasonable price but a restaurant this class, average spending for two ranges around 600 baht (20 USD or IDR 240k). ENJOY THE PICTURES!

I spotted so many lovebirds taking photos! Well the heart said it all.
Everyone is more than welcome to climb and hang around at the observation deck, but stay safe ok!
Chocoville is even more charming at night. Hanging around the Chocolate Ville "town" at night with endless music really gives you this relaxing vibe. The kind of music they're playing is this Disney-like music, ones that gives you hope and restore your faith in life haha!
So beautiful. Just so beautiful I want to live here.
I read some articles online saying that they had hard time getting a seat because they didn't make reservations beforehand, well I NEVER book seats but I always end up getting tables. Do come early, or if you still want to make a reservation you can call here -> (083)077 - 3738 or (083)921 - 2016

Here's their official map for you to download or save, just show it to the taxi driver and they will take you here. Don't worry, as far as I know, Thai taxi drivers are generally pretty nice.



Chocolate Ville Bangkok
Kasetnawamin KM. 11 Rd
Kasetnawamin, Bangkok, Thailand
083 - 077 - 3738
Opening Hours: 4 PM - midnight
Price Range: 100 - 500 baht, for each person prepare 200 - 300 baht
Dresscode: casual


Map for Chocolate Ville

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