Maple and Oak, doesn't Maple and Oak sounds like a convincing place to have brunch at? I have been anticipating the opening for quite some time, so when I heard they finally opened its door for public a few days ago, I wasted no time to come on the early days of the opening and had a lovely brunch here with my sister, more importantly, I came to support my friend aka the famous chef Odie Djamil who heads this little brunch retreat in Menteng.

Talking about brunch, it really is a growing trend in Jakarta's F&B scene at the moment. Being a die hard fan of Australia brunch food, I kinda need more of them to open Australian inspired brunch places in town because honestly Jakarta is lacking good brunch spots, but anyway I have been eyeing on the places I went to for the last two months, and I must admit lately the new restaurants have not been disappointing for me, they're either good or very good.
Maple and Oak is located at de Ritz building Menteng (yes the same as Por Que No), literally at the entrance of the building and easily noticable from the green plants surrounding the al-fresco area of the restaurant. Area wise, Maple and Oak is not exactly spacious, neither it's small, but with the good eye and sense of Dara Setyohadi, the place is transformed to this simple, fun and homey brunch spot with a little industrial vibe to the design. The restaurant opens at 7 AM daily catering earlybirds who happen to be around the area that morning craving for a caffeine boost, and kitchen starts operating at 9 AM daily.
The al-fresco area is dedicated for smoking guests, and those so-called Instagrammers who are constantly in need of better daylight for the photos.
 They occupy Simonelli to produce the espresso. I had the espresso alone and it was pretty bold, sweet and acid. Not sure what the blend was I did not ask.
Salmon Egg Benedict - IDR 83k
First of all, I gotta give it to them for the impressive food plating here, all of the meals I ordered were presented beautifully with a little touch of fancy to the eye. REMEMBER THAT WE EAT WITH OUR EYES TOO!
My sister was craving for a good Eggs Benny so this was actually her order. Was itching badly to have that tempting cured red salmon which by the way was really good, chewy and home-cured. I was super thrilled to know that instead of going with the good but boring poached egg, they keep their cool by actually serving Sous Vide egg sitting on top of the crispy and buttery sourdough toast. The salad on the side (technically presentation wise on the center) was seasoned lightly and added a fresh touch to the portion. This sure has the range. YUM!
Steak and Egg - IDR 139k // with additional Foie Gras (IDR 58k)
If by chance I didn't actually have this and saw this somewhere on the Instagram explore page, I would grab the keys and rush to Maple and Oak ASAP. Their best selling "Steak and Egg" is visually appetizing (again, beautiful plating), but since I actually had this, this was not only visually appetizing, but tasted amazing as well! The beef was perfectly medium, lightly seasoned, juicy af and was such a beautiful match to the basil oil, but they were not alone, the whole plate was the sparks of flavors and fun all around. Adding in the extra foie gras was surely the best decision I've done throughout the day, the foie gras was fresh, naturally tasty & melt along with the heat of my palate. The mashed potato was creamy and very smooth, normally I'd love the gritty and lumpier one but this match the concept of the dish, no comment on the sous vide egg as eggs always add something special to my dish!
Chocolate Hazelnut Toast - IDR 68k 
My dessert for the day and boy I did not regret this at all! All hail the platting - the chocolate splatter was something that elevated my appetite the most - in this dish, you'll find the crispy brioche with chocolate spread and crunch, topped with sweet milk soft serve, more crunch, grilled banana, strawberries and seeds. The brioche had this crunchy coating and all the way moist, it was just delicious, the chocolate spread was sweet without tasting cheap, I am a die hard fan of chocolate and banana so it really lived up the overall flavor, so did the strawberries adding something fresh with a hint of sour.
This was a complimentary from Odie (thank you!), so it's one of the signature dessert here consisting of mainly Mascarpone cream dessert, unfortunately I didn't have this becayse I was too full, but hey you won't second the beautiful appearance of this for sure. It's SUPER PRETTY and my sister loved it, she said it was very creamy and interesting from the play of texture, the strawberries kept everything well balanced and fresh.

My first visit to Maple and Oak was FABULOUS. The food was undoubtedly good, the service was friendly. I did not receive any special treatment or whatsoever and I paid for my own meals here so I couldn't be more honest with the review. Quality wise, very good, and if they keep up the good good work (which I believe Odie can), I believe Maple and Oak will be one of the hottest or best brunch destinations in Jakarta. BEST OF LUCK!


Maple and Oak
De Ritz Building
Jalan HOS. Cokroaminoto No. 91, Menteng
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10350
021 - 3906 757
Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 7 AM-9 PM
Weekends: 7 AM-8 PMAverage spending for two: IDR 300k for two
Dresscode: casual


Map for De Ritz Building

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