Bond with the trending and there I was at one of the most (if not the most) talked about new cafe in Singapore at the moment: Hello Kitty Orchid Garden cafe in Changi Airport Terminal 3 (first floor). I arrived at the airport exactly 4 hours before my departure schedule just to have a glimpse of this, and hopefully I can understand the vibe, well I guess I pre-understand it because it's Hello Kitty for goodness sake, the fact that it's Hello Kitty and the overall cafe is cute and well-decorated.

My cousin happened to be on the first day of its opening and she told me the queue can go up to 4-5 hours. Geez I wonder if some people actually slept over in the freaking airport. Talk about Changi, it's indeed my number one favorite airport in the world, it has always been so charming and I like the mall-vibe making it just the right hangout spot to kill time.
The funny thing about my life is that when I look back to it, I must admit I have always been pretty lucky when it comes to queueing wherever I, and no I did not get special treatment or whatsoever! I was there around 6 PM and the queue was modest, I got a table for three right away but 30 minutes after we was seated and having my meals, the queue suddenly got longer and longer and there were around 30 people waiting to get in.
I couldn't really compare this particular outlet to our very own Hello Kitty cafe in Pantai Indah Kapuk as I think the two are very different, but I must say that they did spend a good effort in decorating the venue to bring the garden-like ambiance to the cafe, anyway if you're wondering why orchid and not any other flower? Well that's because Orchid is Singapore's national flower!

First thing you'll see after the entrance: a gelato bar and a souvenir station placed in this Hello Kitty shaped drawer. I heard the plushies they're selling is running out quickly that it's limited to two pieces for each person. Each costs S$50

Cafe tour in pictures!
 The whole cafe is filled with hanging plants and Orchid flowers above the ceiling, on the wall, the glasshouse or just anywhere possible. I like that the overall look is not too feminine and still fits men in a sense.
The menu mostly consist of Western comfort food all cuted up and all HALAL, expect to find various kinds of all day breakfast, soups, salads, rice dishes, sandwiches, wraps and pastas. Mentioned earlier that they have a gelato bar so you can totally have ice creams and sundaes for desserts, as for the drinks, nothing really special as they sell common stuff such as tea, coffee, soft drinks and mocktails. Eating here is not the cheapest, but it comes with the territory obviously, price range for food starts from S$16-S$25 and drinks starts from S$2-S$8. I like the fact that they sell the bottled mineral water for S$2 only yaaash!

I went with Coke Light and Mineral Water for beverages.

Rose I Love you - S$17.5
Cute presentation but not out of the world cute to be honest. The pot dessert consist of sponge cake topped with chocolate soil and buttercream flower. The buttercream was the meal for my eye as I am not a big fan of buttercream, and the sponge cake was an utter disappointment, it was very hard and far from the kind of moist I was expecting and the chocolate soil did not help much either. As I am writing this post and look at the photo now, I realize that what it did was covering the sponge cake.
On the other hand, the peanut butter ice cream was really nice with the right amount of sweetness, rich peanut butter flavor and perfectly creamy! It was served all cold and man it did not melt (literally at all) even after sitting around for five minutes, while waiting for the other course to be served as I wanted a group shot. 
 Somehow the sponge cake looked stiff here, and for a S$17.5... it's expensive.
Let's Do The Salsa - S$16.5
I asked for recommendations and the waitress told us that the either the sandwich, the Cowabunga Wangyu and the Land of The Rising Kitty pasta are the main best sellers here. I looked at the picture online and noticed that the sandwich looked cute and photogenic so I went with this. The sandwich consist of toasted focaccia bread with shredded chicken in Salsa sauce, cheese, jalapenos, lettuce, tomatoes, Japanese cucumber, olive and dressed in homemade taco mayonaisse. The chicken was pretty tender but the seasoning was just not salsa enough for me, it did not make my palate dance or whatever I was expecting to feel. This dish was not bad, it was just not out of the world good.
Waffle fries are always the saviour!
Cheese cheese cheese!
The Hello Kitty Orchid Garden is undoubtedly cute, that's one thing for sure, I absolutely love the place, but when it comes to food, I feel like the one in Jakarta is better: both sweet and savory. If my Jakarta readers who have been to the one in PIK notice, the PIK outlet features local dishes creatively presented with Hello Kitty ornaments, I am hoping to see some local Singapore food inside the menu anytime soon. Fortunately, I showed up here not expecting to have the best meal, but I can't help comparing what I ate here to the one in Jakarta. I tried not to but I just couldn't. The food menus here are not exactly the same as Jakarta, but some menus are indeed look-a-like.

...and oh, DID I MENTION THAT THIS CAFE OPENS 24/7? IT DOES! and if you notice, the Hello Kitty mascot here has two bows on its head, and it's THE ONLY Hello Kitty with two bows IN THE WORLD!
If you've been following me on Snapchat, you should know that I was super duper exhausted or should I say I "suffer" from a mini-stress due to the ginormous amount of work scope I have to deal with this month. I was really overwhelmed yet super grateful to God that this month has been such a busy one yet filled with a lot of blessings for me and family. I secretly booked the tickets for us three and hotels without my mom and dad's knowledge (they did not know I was about to take them to SG with me) and I told them exactly one day before the departure date so it was a very very impromptu trip and we packed very quickly! I am so fortunate to have parents that are very supportive with what I do, this is the least I can give them. They're the best.

In this post I also want to thank my Snapchat followers (or should I say friends, I don't like the word "followers") who have been very supportive and caring to me. Tons of you continuously send me cheerful snaps, send me random happy pictures, songs and quotes. I literally got teary eyed some time ago in the middle of the night reading everything. 
...and Singapore you're always awesome!!!


Hello Kitty Orchid Garden
Arrival Hall Central #01-22
Terminal 3, Changi International Airport
Opening hours: 24 hours daily
Average spending for two: S$35
Dresscode: casual