A while ago I attended the press conference of HappyFresh. To be honest, I have never heard about it until they invited me to come to the press conference and the curious me wanted to know more about this. The press conference was held in the Ogilvy office in Senayan, talking about Ogilvy, it's a digital agency which I personally has been collaborating with for some projects then and now, they're just professional and I love working with them, this was my third time visiting their office, I don't know if "office" is even the proper word because it's almost like a creative working space and they even had their own slides in it (in case they're too lazy to take the stairs LOL).

Of course before I actually attended the event, I briefly looked online for informations about HappyFresh, turns out it's actually a professional grocery shopping service and as this post is written, it has been around the scene for one good year and also active at countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Philippines. Their service is aimed primarily for working housewives and moms who have hard time sparing time to do grocery shopping, so just by downloading the app or do the transaction via website, they will be helped by professional grocery shoppers to do the chore. Honestly ABC easy.

Before we get to the event, I want to quickly show you how to use HappyFresh service, simply a part of their "I GROWcery with you" campaign that has been running for the past a year.
1. First, you must download the "HappyFresh" app from either AppStore (iPhone users) or Google Play (Android)
2. Before you start ordering, your basic information is required including information of the nearest supermarkets around your neighborhood. HappyFresh is teaming up with top supermarkets so their range should be huge!
3. Place your orders and pay after they hand you the items (cash on delivery)
I know some of you might wonder what exactly is the main quality that differentiates HappyFresh to their so-called competitors to let's say GoMart? After listening to the explanation throughout the talkshow, I think the main quality of HappyFresh is the appointed professional grocery shopper, and how they guarantee your products to be delivered to your house for one hour after you submit your orders and the right for you to object the items if you're not happy with certain items.
In the event, they played a very touching video (which I hope I can embed here) about family quality time, so the video was basically separated parents and kids interview and there was only one main question: "if you want to ask anybody to break your fast with, who would it be?", the parents' answers range from their favorite celebrity to certain characters, but the kids' answers were plain "parents". The emotional part came when the parents watched the kids' video and found out that all this time the kids really want to break the fast with the parents, have some quality time but realizing that their parents are too busy outside.
Ms. Maria Hermina, Head of Offline Marketing and Partnerships HappyFresh Indonesia giving a brief speech. She is a beautiful preggy woman and she was so energetic.
The talkshow brought Elizabeth Santosa, a family psychologist who's also a mother of two. She claimed that it's normal for adults to have the desire to go outside and hang around with old friends, but when it comes to kids, adults really need to know how to spare some quality time with their kids, simply because everyone's not getting younger, and childhood is the most precious time of the life, also the moments where kids start to understand the surrounding.
Elizabeth then told us that when it comes to quality time, even a two-minute meet up is a quality time, only if the two communicators locked eyes to each other and actually talk, and she loves referring that 2 minute and quality time as undivided attention. It's not a quality time when you are with your friends for two hours but both are stuck to their freaking mobile phones without any conversation. Kids need that and kids appreciate that gesture. There are a few other forms of quality time together with your kids (and I believe more): cooking together, helping them with their school chores or dining together, or simply these five forms: eye contact, touches, motivational words, humors or listening.

In this month of Ramadhan, some forms of quality time include breaking the fast with your family (with no phone or gadget on the dinner table), praying together and deep conversations, but when it comes to the idea of breakfasting together is a struggle here in town. Face it, we live in Jakarta where traffic is bloody hell, breakfasting is at 6 PM daily, office hour starts at 8 AM and ends at 3:30 PM daily (during Ramadhan), and sometimes it's almost impossible for arrive before 6, and to cook or even to shop added pressure to your mind, and you don't just cook food in the morning and heat them at night and mirroring from the unfortunate possibilities like this, in this month of Ramadhan, HappyFresh is offering a solution for housewives and moms out there with their fresh daily grocery shopping matter and they call it "BulanJaRamadhan". It's honestly just clicks away.
Also on the show, a mother of two and a celebrity Herfiza Novianti (who happens to be the wife of famous Indonesian actor Ricky Harun), she shared with us that her busy schedule often took the biggest burden to have quality time with her big family, in laws, husband and kids at home, or simply to make the best out of Ramadhan, but with the help of HappyFresh, it's now even more possible, at least for making her less tired.
Q&A session, good questions at this session. I love how the press is so critical. I am a good listener (at least).

After the talkshow session, a little game was on, it was quite easy as the contestants were asked to place their order of the mentioned items by the MC. The fastest won shopping vouchers from HappyFresh hmm.
I think the object was "Es Buah" and they were asked to input some fruits like mango and strawberry (as seen below).

Group picture: Ms. Maria Hermina, Herfiza Novianti, Elizabeth Santosa
Herfiza Novianti and her kid <3
...and then of course the event was closed by breakfasting together! Quality time lol.
I don't know about most people, and I am not a parent yet, but taking what my friends told me (those who are married and have kids), they all told me that being a parent is fun, but it's a real struggle, especially the early days of the kids where you can't control their emotional explosions and they learn more than we think they do, but my POV of friendship and relationship is pretty much the same, yes quality time two-gether is important and communication is everything. I think it's one of the most sacred formula of long lasting relationship.

All this time, maybe the ultimate modern luxury that everyone's been looking for is simply spending quality time with the family over material possesions and holidays *smile*

Moments ago I actually tried shopping with HappyFresh (and do note this is a sponsored shopping spree) to measure their specifications. My order came less than one hour, it was like 40-45 minutes. I ordered from All Fresh Puri Indah and boy do I recommend shopping because they were indeed all fresh!
 Shopping bags!
 All fresh! How can I not enjoy the service, ordered quite a lot and flawlessly delivered.
 Enoki mushroom and cucumber
 Melon, vegetables and lemons
After all, I would definitely recommend HappyFresh for my readers, logically speaking it's not hard to explain the advantages it can do to us, or me personally, I HATE doing grocery shopping, and I always have people doing it for me, so as simple as that, it's a total yes for me. DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW AND HAPPY SHOPPING!


and oh, I forgot to greet you all on the previous posts, so here it is...
SELAMAT BERPUASA TEMAN-TEMAN!!! Gotta make the best of everyday, but let's make this month even more special. Blessings for you.



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