Who else here grew up eating Indomie throughout their childhood? Indomie will always have a special place in my heart and to me, Indomie is just my kind of "vitamin": one that keeps me very happy as a child, and now that I am a growing adult. Indomie is just so popular, and the branding is so strong that coincidentally when ones say they want to eat Instant noodle, they often say "Gue mau makan Indomie" or "I want to eat Indomie" instead of actually saying "I want to eat instant noodle".

Recently, Indomie has just released its newest variant, and it's currently trending: INDOMIE REAL MEAT. The name already describes what this product really is, but if you still don't get it, let me give you a little enlightenment then. It's basically the more elevated version of Indomie's dry instant noodle in which they pack real meat inside the packaging. There are currently two flavors released to the scene: the Ayam Jamur (Chicken Mushroom) and Rendang, but on this entry I'll be talking about the Chicken Mushroom.

One box of Indomie Real Meat is retailed at IDR 8k and available widely at minimarts and supermarkets near you.

Thank you Indomie! Inside the introduction package I found two boxes to Indomie Real Meat and a guide to their interactive Virtual Reality.
Unboxing: instant noodle (110 gr), the sauce with chicken and mushroom chunks, dried spring onion and chili sauce.
For this particular product, the noodle is different to the other common Indomie products, this one is slightly curlier, chewier and perfect with this concept they're having for the products and match the other ingredients.
COOKED! The beauty of instant noodle, you don't need to be a chef to make a good one. I suggest 2 minutes of cooking (in the boiling hot water) to get the perfect noodle texture.
Close up to all the juicy goodness. The chicken was chunky, tender, fresh and the mushroom was just juicy af
Add in a nice little poached egg (not perfect looking I know but it's still very delicious) to add in more fun, and appeal to the eye.
Poached egg uhh works everytime damn!
So overall what do I think of Indomie Real Meat?

I think Indomie did it again and again as how they always is with their products! To me, and to the core of my honesty, Indomie Real Meat is something special, and something about that reminds me of "Bakmi Ayam Jamur" and "Mie Yamin" in the same time. I had zero negative thing to say about this, the noodle is perfectly firm and chewy (2 minutes please), the seasoning of the sauce was spot on savory and tasty, the chicken and mushroom toppings were given pretty generously for the retail price they're setting. It's just something that I can munch to anytime that I want, I have a good feeling this will be my best friend to help me thru the night as most of the time I am more inspired to start writing when the moon was at its peak.
Oh the beauty of instant noodle, it's the food for all ages, and for a lazy human being like me. OK gotta stop with this post and hit publish because I am seriously getting hungrier and hungrier.


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