I was looking at the calendar and as this Mango Tango post is written just to realize I went here exactly a week ago. Sometimes it's just overwhelming to see how fast time flies, in this case the experience was so fresh that I still remember vividly of the desserts. Geez we're not getting younger.

So unlike KL, I actually planned on the places I wanted to visit in Bangkok, one of them is to revisit Mango Tango, a very popular dessert chain in Bangkok that specializes in selling Mango based desserts. They have a few outlets spread in Bangkok and Chiangmai, but I went to the one in Siam Square Soi 3. This was my second visit to this particular Mango Tango branch, but I remember the first time I was seated inside this little space (almost like a little black box) with glass surrounding it but it was nowhere to be found, maybe it was a temporary location? Me don't know.
The Mango Tango Siam Square Soi 3 is located very close to the Siam Square shopping center, it's just like a 3 minute walk from the LINE Village lobby and around the huge Watsons, it should be easily noticable from the eye-catching Mango Tango signage and relatively huge Mr. Mango standing happily greeting everyone passing.
Bangkok was crazy hot on my visit, it was like a sweatbreaking 32-34 degree celcius everyday and getting inside a well air-conditioned space felt like a complete bliss, that's the case about Mango Tango, it's so well air-conditioned, we sat around for like one hour and didn't want to leave damn it. This branch was quite spacious with two stories, industrial vibe, a mini souvenir shop and lots of mango ornaments decorating the wall and ceiling, I didn't check out the second level so I couldn't speak much about it, but business was flowing like water that afternoon (and according to my local friend, every single day), it was clearly good (considering it was a weekday), we were put on a waiting list and there were two name ahead of us, but it didn't take longer than 7 minutes for us to be seated.
The regulation order here is actually pretty simple, but newbies need to know, so READ ok! Before you're actually seated, customers are required to order first (each person is expected to order one), and then you pay and they'll give you your order receipt for you to keep, and after you're being seated, they'll take notes of your seat number and in short period, your orders starts flowing to your table. We literally waited less than 5 minutes after being seated to have every single of our orders on our table (starting from the smoothies). So so fast, I am loving the quick service so far! I never encountered a long ass waiting list but I've read some mixed reviews online saying the service was rude and stuff, but based on my experience, I am lucky enough not needing to encounter such thing.
 Basically everything we ordered: mangoodness! Price range starts from 70-160 baht.
Mango Tango with extra Sticky Rice - 160 baht (IDR 64k or 5 USD)
This is basically like McD's version of complete meal only definitely not significant, it only cost us 20 baht difference than the no sticky rice version we went for the complete set! First of all, I generally love Thailand's mangoes, after all they're not known as the land of mango for no reason. The mangoes are so fresh with the perfect yellow color and naturally sweet! The set consist of four elements: fresh mango, sticky rice dressed in coconut milk sauce, mango pudding and mango ice cream. I think each element of this set really complements one another and I like everything about it: you got the mix of flavor, different textures and the bite of sensation from the cold ice cream, but to be honest I think the highlight has got to be the sticky rice! It might look simple, boring and least appetizing for the eye, but the flavor and the texture were just spot on.
Mango Waltz - 85 baht (IDR 34rb or 2,7 USD)
Holy shit everytime I convert the price to USD I feel like it's so freaking cheap for them!!! Mango Waltz is another best selling menu here (and probably the second most photographed). It's just a basic dessert consisting of milk and mango sago as the soup, then topped with fresh mango chunks, and mango pudding. Haven't talked about the pudding but since it's like the main star of this particular dish I should. I found myself really liking the pudding. It had this melt in your mouth creaminess, almost pannacotta like but yet firmer and more solid with tiny mango cuts in it. This dish was honestly very safe with little wow factor, and shouldn't do you wrong.

Mango Ska - 75 baht (IDR 30k or 2,2 USD)
Refreshing mango lassi with mango jelly, watermelon and melon fruit topping. Again, the ingredient said it all, just fresh and indeed refreshing without being overly sweet.
Holding the reputation as one of the best places to have mango dessert, I must admit I found their creations to be delicate and delicious, however if you ask me whether they wow-ed me, I wouldn't say they did, but in the future I will definitely come back UNLESS I have to queue and wait one hour to get in, that would not be worth it. It's the kind of place that sells good refreshing mango desserts, but it's just so safe, and not to mention mango is my favorite fruit ever.

Will I recommend it to you? Yes. To me it even feels like a tourist spot, at least once in your life or prepare to get hooked and crave for it later.

Until my next visit, I am craving for their fresh mangoes already!!!

Mango Tango
Siam Square Soi 3
ถนน พระราม 1, Pathum Wan
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand 10330
+66 2 658 4660
Opening hours: 11:30 AM
Average spending for two: 250 baht (IDR 100k or 8 USD)
Dresscode: casual

Map for Mango Tango