When in Bangkok and if you happen to be a huge fan of Matcha: GO TO KYO ROLL EN!

Kyo Roll En is a dessert cafe in Bangkok mainly focusing on matcha, charcoal and black sesame creations that already has 10 outlets spread around Bangkok (more details here). Even though the vibe they're giving me is really Japanese, after a short research online and asking my Bangkok foodie friends about KRE, they are not actually from Japan, but is inspired with the matcha culture in Japan, particularly Kyoto. I have never been to the other 9 outlets before because I always end up coming back to their Siam Square One outlet (first floor) since I love the Siam area and it's near the main shopping centers like Siam Paragon and Central World, honestly it's not hard to travel around Bangkok it's just the traffic jam that's pretty tiring.

Tap water to wash your palate after glimpse of sweets!
Siam Square One is very easy to access from Siam Paragon, technically it's across the fancy shopping mall and located very near to the Mango Tango I have reviewed before, it's located at the lobby level of the mall and located at the back area of the mall. PS if you want to check some cute cafes out there are also B Duck Cafe and Hello Kitty Cafe located around the area as well.

Me and my friends ordered some of their best selling desserts here and two of them happened to be new menus.

Zen Roll Set - 219 baht (IDR 82k or $6)
This type of dessert has always been around in store, but they - as most Thai F&B people - just freaking creative. The set consist of bamboo charcoal roll with creamy and tasty matcha cream filling, served with twist of matcha-bamboo charcoal soft serve in a bamboo plate, matcha sauce and homemade sweets. Overall it was very delicious while not cheap for Bangkok standard. I have always loved their soft serve and I couldn't see myself complaining after three times here (they say three times a charm), the roll cake texture was soft, pillowy with the perfect density to cater the smooth and creamy matcha cream filling. I did not fancy the sweets not that they're not good but I don't think they are extremely necessary here. Leave me alone with the roll cake, the ice cream and the sauce and we're fine for the day :p.
 Texture on point. I like how each did not overpower one another. The matcha was sweet with just a tiny bit of bitter in it and the bamboo charcoal, well as most of them would feel, mostly vanilla with an illusion of black sesame.
Goma Kakigori - 159 baht (IDR 60k or $4.5)
Presentation wise, this might be the one that I wanted to scoop first as the black sesame soft serve is too sexy not to be touched. Just like the common kakigori, this dessert mostly consist of shaved ice (with rocky ice texture not the snowy one), but this one is topped with black sesame balls, homemade Warabi mochi, soft-serve and served with this perfectly sweet and tasty black sesame sauce. The sauce was something that elevated the tastiness of the whole dessert! YUM.
Raindrop Mizu Mochi - 135 baht (IDR 50k or $3.8)
Simple, appealing and on point were the three things that came to my mind when I first saw this served to the table. I like how they use this lotus leaf dessert plate to hold the water mochi because it perfectly matched the "raindrop" concept and what they're aiming for the guests to understand.
The water mochi dessert was paired with Kinako roasted soy powder and Kuromitzu Okinawan brown sugar syrup and I could not imagine the more perfect pairing to the mochi! Ok if you start wondering what the flavor of the mochi was? Boy it's water, it's just bland and not chewy like common flour mochi, technically it's water with gelatin to form the shape and solidity. Back to the roasted soy powder and Kuromitzu Okinawan brown sugar syrup: these two classic ingredients work complements each other very well and somehow had this similarity to the flavor, dirtily talking, the two made love to one another and it was perfectly sweet to balance the more neutral and bland flavor of the water mochi. I have tried several ones in Jakarta but none is close to what I had here, none.
The question is will I re-order this when I am here? I am not sure about that because my priorities will always be their soft serve and roll cakes. This is just a fun and cute dessert that I'd love to take pictures at, post in occasionally on my Snapchat and Instagram, but personally wouldn't be my favorite.
What do I really like from Kyo Roll En if you ask me? On the very first visit here, I obviously had a great experience that made me came back for more. I think they make beautiful ice cream for the eye and the palate, especially the matcha flavor where you can spot the authenticity, and after the third visit: CONSISTENCY! Consistency is a rare thing these days especially for new cafes opening, and it's important for business owners to do so because it shows the quality and "seriousness".
Three times a charm, but definitely not the last! See you when I see you Kyo Roll En!


Kyo Roll En - Siam Square One
254 Phayathai Road
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330
Bangkok, Thailand
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: 500 baht (IDR 200k or $17)
Dresscode: casual


Map for Kyo Roll En

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