This is certainly one of the main highlights of this trip and particularly today: reuniting with one of my MOST favorite coffee shops in the world: OMOTESANDO KOFFEE. I was pretty sad when hearing the news that they were closing their pop-up Tokyo store as I am seriously in love with the store (as you can see here). I have plan to visit to Omotesando Koffee, but initially not today. OK so it was actually quite funny, we were crossing the road after having our delightful coffee at The Cupping Room (review coming soon) and I accidentally looked at this guy crossing the road while holding a familiar plastic cup with black stripes, and in a micro second my mind knew it was OK! I literally shouted "hey that's Omotesando Koffee's plastic cup!", we checked Google Maps and it was just a 3 minute walk from our then location in Wan Chai, so yes, double jackpot of caffeine boost!

The Hong Kong outlet has a totally different design to the more "local" and "cultural" one in Tokyo (I know right I am so sad it's gone now), but it doesn't mean that I don't like it, I pretty much like it! It's not ultra spacious, but it is minimalist with a touch of industrial, a lot of humble and earthy tone and materials usage and still that signature cubical coffee booth of theirs that you can also see from their logo. There are two cubicles here but they only operated the other one (on the time of my visit), not sure why was that.
It was seriously super packed by the time of my visit that I had to grab my order and go (it's good though because the lighting was much better than the indoor), FYI before actually sitting you first have to buy the coffee and give the receipt to the barista in the cubical.
They occupy La Marzocco Strada espresso machine and judging from the coffee that I had here (and not to mention their cold hands!), this is just pure beast!
They have pretty good range of drinks here and pretty much the same as the Tokyo one, expect to find selections of espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, banana coffee, Nutella coffee and matcha beverages. Most of them are available in "iced", and you can customize whether you want the single or double espresso shot! AAAND of course not to miss are their freshly baked custard cubes (available in original and matcha flavor) to accompany your coffee here! Price range for coffee starts from 40-70 HKD and custard cube is around 30 HKD each! We had both custard cubes but I personally forgot to snap the pics, but you can see what they look like HERE.

Hot Cappuccino (40 HKD), Iced Cappuccino (52 HKD)
If you're pretty shocked with the pricing, I gotta share you the hard truth: coffees are expensive in Hong Kong! I don't know how the locals see this but for Indonesian standard, the price is certainly double that what we're faced with back in town, nevertheless "value" and "worth" are different things, as long as I got good coffee I am all good. The first few sips brought so much memories of Japan, and I am just going to keep this short: STILL ONE OF THE BEST CAPPUCCINO I'VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE! Perfectly creamy with just the right everything (and naturally sweet too)! If you've been following me I think you know how I prefer my coffee sweet, but sadly they don't have brown or coconut sugar here.
Banana Coffee - HKD 65
Now something with more "flavor", this was actually Jack's order but I took a few sips to "evaluate" HAHA! The banana flavor balanced nicely with the coffee resulting this tea-ish taste on my palate, and believe me it's not a bad thing! It's altogether sweet, flavorful and creamy without tasting cheap and fake. If you actually like banana flavor (and don't mind having flavored coffee) then you should go with this one.
There was an event happening at the Lee Tung Avenue - Queen's Road (where Omotesando Koffee is located) and there were a lot of kids and families here. Spotted these two people dressed in costumes hanging around the spot with people around them queueing for pictures!

Omotesando Koffee
Lee Tung Avenue
200 Queen's Road shop #24-25
East Wan Chai, Hong Kong
+852 2601 3323
Opening hours: 9 AM-9 PM
Average spending for two: HKD 140
Dresscode: none!


Map for Omotesando Koffee Hong Kong

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