I just recently came back from THE BEST birthday trip EVER, and why is that really special? Because I had the whole family with me in Bali to celebrate the birthday. It's just seriously the best freaking feeling in your life to give back to someone who has given you the best love and support and back then without their struggle you'll never be here, and I love you mom and dad. I hope I can continuously make you happy :").

Ok no time to be dramatic, I want to share you guys this new resort that I spent the first two nights at. It's a gorgeous fancy boutique hotel that has been opening for several months and is starting to light up at the hype-mosphere, ladies and gentlemen, I am gladly introducing you to Katamama! Disclaimer first: this is not ad and I am in no way get paid to write about this I swear! The experience was good and this is relatively new establishment so I wanna blog about it <3.

Katamama is a gorgeous hotel establishment by the amazing PTT Family (and I just found out about that when I googled it a few days before my arrival here), there is just something about the PTT family that I really like: they are just always serious in building something that they desire and their brand has this very urban and lifestyle focused image and it's easy to see from their top notch restaurants: Potato Head, Potato Head Garage, Three Buns the Potato Head Beach Club and last but not least this hotel. All the mentioned establishments are known for its exquisite architecture and interior design that you instantly notice they must have spent a good effort (and fortune) in creating ones.

Akademi, the hotel's in house mini bar.
I love the naming...Katamama Katamama Katamama, in English it actually means "Mother's Say/Saying" but there's just something about the word "kata" that fits the Bali image nicely. The hotel is located precisely opposite Potato Head Beach Club in Petitenget Seminyak and you'll take the same  entrance road to get to both places. It took me a quick 30 minutes and IDR 200k taxi fare to reach the hotel from the airport. If you've been following me for some time, I think you know my habit of googling my destinations before I actually arrive, and of course Katamama looks stunning on the website (I think that's what websites are for). My soul was technically in Bali a few days before the departure and my empty body was just completely drowned in projects and deadlines that I had to finish!!!

Katamama was actually a bit smaller that I thought it would be, but still gorgeous. I heard more than 1,5 million pieces of bricks were used in the construction process and as you can tell from the pictures above, Katamama is basically a brick-hotel, all orange and nice.

As soon as I stepped in, I notice Katamama's service was slightly different that the Bali hotels I had been, none of that wrapping your neck with this Jepun flower necklace and there's no receptionist counter, the check-in process was actually done in your room and first guest verification was executed at the buggy center, so technically as soon as you arrived at the hotel entrance, the first thing you'll see is Akademi, the hotel's in house bar (photo above), here you'll be given a welcome drink (I got iced water) and a few minutes to sit back and relax while they make sure the room's set for you, after that you'll be escorted directly to your room and check in is done there. I call this effective, especially at that moment I did not sleep even for a second and I seriously wanted to freaking doze-off ASAP.

Before the grand tour of my gorgeous suite, let's do a little tour of the hotel first! (even more below)

Right after Akademi, to get to your suite, you'll have to pass through the hotel's GORGEOUS restaurant: Movida! Anyway I am super duper excited about this one because this is the Movida from Melbourne Australia that I have always wanted to try for the fuck-ever, I didn't manage to try it on my last visit to Melbourne, but I kinda don't need to go to Melbourne because I now can sample a tiny bit of their delicacy here in Katamama Bali! Review of the restaurant will be on the upcoming blog post.
Humid as always but a great blue sky to balance it out! *sunnies on*
Indoor pool is important. It is important!
I was stunned by how gorgeous my room was when I first stepped inside, to be honest I didn't expect the room to be this spacious, but it was with just the perfect scent, and the perfect air-conditioning (AC is bloody important for me in Bali!). OK damn excited to tour you guys the room!

Fresh plants = fresh welcome!
Complimentary fresh fruits and eclairs. The eclairs are delicious, especially the chocolate one.
Now I initally thought the welcome drink was too basic wtf, but turned out the iced water was just iced water meaning nothing special, instead the staff who was doing the in-room check-in told us that a mixologist would come to our room and made us all just the perfect welcome drink (basically whatever we desire), he suggested Akademi's signature Nojito (virgin mojito) and I was down for something that refreshing. I don't normally praise welcome drinks, but this was certainly one of THE BEST (both welcome drink and virgin mojito) that I've had! The sweetness & the sourness were perfect and it was totally recharging! If you happen to be here you gotta order that or the alcohol version with a bit of rum.
On the left side of the suite entrance, there's a mini bar where you can make your own drinks if you feel like it completed with ice cube container, a muddler, glasses, jars, sink and all. GENIUS and ONE OF A KIND!
Bedhead in the same joint as the multi purpose desk. I just love how there are just a lot of plugs here because I have so many things to charge on a daily basis.
Bathroom was tiny with clean and neat design, and oh a bath tub fo sho!
When in Bali, in a sudden the bath tub gets super important. Ironically, I almost never dip in my own bath tub at home, the feeling is just not quite there LOL.
The bathrobe is gorgeous and made from premium local fabric and designed by local designer.
NOW THE TOUR OF THE EVEN MORE EXCITING ROOM: THE PRESIDENTAL SUITE AKA KATAMAMA SUITE!!! This is the grandest of the 60 suites available here.
The Katamama Suite is their grandest suite with two bedrooms (perfect for a family of four/five), a killer view and a private rooftop lounge if you're thinking about throwing a private event or please, A PARTY (hey you're in Bali!).
OH did I mention that the hotel is teaming with Monocle, so you can totally have some good reads oh Lord I love Monocle! Plus points for this one.
More room details!
The little living room facing the ocean and Seminyak view! The building with windows surrounding it is the Potato Head Beach Club.
Stair to the rooftop
Pretty spacious rooftop lounge! I can chill here all day, but this is not the most exciting for me (keep scrolling baby)...
...NOW THIS IS!!! Hashtag #jacuzzigoals #bathtubgoals and bucketlist ticked off! I could literally dip all day and not wanting to get up, but then my whole skin would be dead wrinkly lol.
The rate per night for the grand Katamama suite ranges from $1500/night, and I think that depends on the season as well.

I stroll the hotel and see what more do they have in store, let's surf!
A mini gym area is ready for those who are in need to stay fit, this might be the only area in this hotel that I was not glad about because I HATE GYMS!
Now to my favorite area (besides my suite of course): POOL! I do judge hotels from its pool too *ahem*
Cocktails to dance to, they are available at this mini bar area
Their pool was not relatively large but judging from the setting and surrounding, this is a nice little retreat inside the retreat (Katamama hotel) where you can basically jump in, get wet and soak yourself in water all day.
Preview of Movida, coming on the upcoming post! Stay tuned.
I might want to put all the food on the separate posts because this post is getting too heavy with photos! Again, super loving the design and this homey vibe of this restaurant. It's warm, friendly, intimate with a bit of industrial design, but overall this "Balinese" vibe from the little details. I love when restaurants in Bali do have that Balinese culture infused to it from the design and stuff, it makes me see them differently.
Overall, my experience staying two nights in Katamama was fantastic. I did not have anything to complain! The hotel might be smaller than most of the hotels on its range, but they can accommodate my needs here. The pool and gym were not the biggest but I don't really swim and work out so I don't really care. I am glad enough that the AC was perfect, the bathtub was pretty spacious for this body that I am carrying, and they bloody have their own private in-room minibar and FREAKING MONOCLE!!! Andra Matin is the main behind the design and he's just bloody genius. I honestly think spending $1500 for their presidental suite is somehow worth it. Normally presidental suites for hotels in Seminyak could go from $3000 above. I will definitely come back to Katamama!

Thank you for reading!

Jalan Petitenget No. 51
Seminyak, Bali 80361
0361 - 3029 999


Map for Katamama