With the rapid growing number of new coffee shops opening in Tangerang, Sajiva ranks on the top on my list as the homey-est of them all.

It all started when I saw Eddy and Shelmi uploaded this coffee shop on Instagram, and being more familiar with Tangerang's F&B scene, the couple are my bible to what's hot in Tangerang. I went to Sajiva earlier this afternoon before attending an event in Lippo Karawaci. The coffee shop is located in this office complex around the Karawaci-Karang Tengah highway and align with Myeong Ga Myeon Ok Korean restaurant, it's a little complicated to explain, I suggest you Waze or Google Map it. Upon arrival, Sajiva wasn't exactly what I had in mind. It was actually way smaller than what I expected (and saw from Instagram), but that doesn't necessarily mean a negative thing because as soon as I entered Sajiva, the homey vibe of this two-storey coffee shop was so strong that I instantly fell in love with the interior in a single glance.

The interior was dominated with earthy elements like wood and concrete with two kinds of lighting in a single space. There were three round marble tables near the entrance embraced by the natural daylight shining through the window, and the more inside area was a little more dimmed, romantic and warm. It was pretty quiet this afternoon and I like the calmness of it, and not to mention how well air-conditioned the area was. Besides selling coffee, they also sell juices, pastries and dim sum. I know dim sum might not be the best fit for coffee but let me tell you they make BEAUTIFUL & TASTY dim sum! If I live around the neighbourhood I might go here everyday to work on my stuff.
The barista told me that there will be a 3rd and 4th floors soon, the third floor will be functioned as a ceramic gallery and the fourth floor will be the spot for ceramic workshop and classes.
My favorite view
Me and my sister each went with Iced Cappuccino (IDR 30k/each), Chocolate Croissant (IDR 18k) and various Dim Sum, the coffee was relatively cheap for Jakarta and Tangerang standard and it was decent, but not spectacular. Ironically, the highlight for me was the dim sum. Be sure to have their dim sum with the homemade chili. Price range for the drinks here starts from IDR 10k-35k and food (pastries and dim sum) starts from IDR 18k-25k. I did not take pictures of all the dim sum I had as most of them wasn't the most appetizing to look at.
Chocolate Croissant (IDR 18k). There's a little chocolate bar filling inside the croissant and it was cold, not an issue but I 'd like it better if it melt. Texture wise, OK.
Before leaving, my sister noticed another logo at one side of the glass and guess what? After raving about their dim sum, turned out the dim sum came from Dim Sum Inc. and the owner of Dim Sum Inc. is actually the owner of Sajiva too! So that explains why! I have been a fan of Dim Sum Inc for a very long time whenever I am around Kemang and craving for easy dim sum. Even though they have some other outlets in Jakarta, the Kemang one remains my favorite, and oh, they also have Dim Sum Inc in Benton Junction.
A super homey coffee shop, venue wise, one of the coffee shops with the best ambiance, and to be alone working on your stuff. I can sit here and open my laptop for hours ONLY IF I live nearby. Good luck Sajiva and thank you guys for reading!


Sajiva Coffee & Ceramics
Ruko Excelis Blok B No. 21
Karawaci, Tangerang
021 - 5576 0682
Opening hours: 8 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 100k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Sajiva Coffee

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