A couple of days ago, I went to have dinner with my friends at this newly opened Korean seafood restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk: The Seafood Tower. As the name might suggest you, the restaurant focuses in serving seafood cuisine in unique and one of a kind tiers presentation! This is certainly something that I haven't experienced nor seen before so I kinda had this excitement and must admit I expected it to be good.

The Seafood Tower is located align with Shirokuma and Huang Ji Huang at the Rukan Crown Golf PIK, and it was quite spacious for a PIK restaurant standard (think about Huang Ji Huang's kind of space). Comparing to last year, I must admit that PIK is getting more rapid in terms of "producing" new dining outlets and if you've been reading my blog posts, most of them are quite nice and those that I would take seriously. I arrived at 6 PM-ish and there wasn't a lot of tables filled with customers, but just around 30 minutes later, in a sudden there was no empty table. Good start I see.
 I did not take photos of the interior, it was already crowded and I didn't wanna seem "norak"
 Now this is a seafood tower!
If you prefer the tower sets, they have options ranging from 3, 5, 7 to 9 tiers seafood with price ranging from IDR 299k for 3-tier and IDR 1,5 mil for 9-tier tower. There was just three of us and we were earlier super full from our lunch at Saine Daise so we decided to go with their 3-tier seafood and additional 1 tier lobster (2 pcs) and 1 ala-carte tteopokki tier from the ongoing promotion that time. Upfront you'll be asked what kind of soup you want for the closure, we opted for the spicy kimchi soup to finish our meal.
I won't keep you long with the opening so let's dig in to the food part! PS I give my opinion about the food based on how it's served and without the help of additional sauce available at the center of the restaurant. The first tier consist of the batik clams, green mussels and scallop-vermicelli (for two). I didn't find this anything special, it was just a pretty common steamed clams and mussels, and the meat was quite small as well. I expected chunkier insides. The vermicelli was simply dressed in this salty soy sauce and topped with small scallops and garlic on top, and by the way I think they should adjust the portion for how many people are eating at the moment. On the menu it's stated that the 3-tier seafood tower is proper for 2-3 people, and when there are actually 3 people there eating, they should add another portion of that scallop-vermicelli.
Second tier: steamed prawns and beef. I don't normally see seafood and beef in a same frame, but luckily none of the proteins here affect one another when it comes to the flavor or else it would be an epic fail. The prawns were fresh and quite chunky, and the beef reminds me of Shaburi's beef special, cheap but fresh & tender but slightly overcooked.
Third tier: lobster and cheese.
Now to the one that's finally special and quite delicious: LOBBIES! The lobsters were actually quite tiny (but it's free what can you expect), but I like the idea of adding in the cheese to elevate the flavor. The lobbies are particularly better seasoned comparing to the previous two.
Ironically, this might not be included in the 3-tier seafood, but I found this to be my favorite meal of the dinner! The ttetopokki was beautiful both flavor and texture wise, the ttetopokki was not as firm as I wanted it initially, but after a bite of the soft tteopokki, I must admit I might like this one better than what my mind imagined, the seasoning was spot on without being overly spicy, and the of course the cheese UH!
Ok now to the bad part, somehow I did not like the idea that we are a bit obligated to eat fast because this is what would likely happen to you when you casually and relaxly eat and chat with your friends, upon finishing the tteobokki, suddenly we smelled this burnt smell and the smoke just got more and more, turned out the spicy kimchi soup was all boiled up and dry! I did not want this to happen for sure I think they need to start coming with a better idea in order to prevent this from happening. Imagine those having the 9-tier seafood duh.
However, I was glad that they quickly change the soup with the new one and we added extra ramen to  make it more fun. The soup was light but pretty tasty, and indeed the right ending to our dinner that night!
 I found this funny as the kids who are not yet tall enough to reach the peak of the seafood tower needed to stand on the couch to reach it.
Do I have The Seafood Tower special? Not really.
Do I hate it? No. I don't think they're bad.
Will I come back? Maybe, if my foreign friends ask me to accompany them here.

I came because I was itching to snap my dinner here and I wanted to upload it to my Instagram. There you have it, the real honest reason.


The Seafood Tower
Rukan Crown Golf A No. 29
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Penjaringan
Jakarta Utara 14470
021 - 2251 2603
Average spending for two: depending on the tiers
Dresscode: casual


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