First of all, the biggest apology for the one-week hiatus! I am sending you guys a lotta love from Bali and as usual, I am just super duper thrilled to be here (even more because I am here with my family yay!)
If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, besides going here for a family holiday, another reason why I go to Bali is to celebrate my birthday (that happened two days ago). I made a personal vow to myself that I had to celebrate this year's birthday with my family and (if possible) it had to be outside Jakarta. Initially I wanted to bring my whole family to Sydney, but after further consideration, the trip would cost me so much money and I didn't want to go back home being broke, so I guess Bali is the cheaper alternative, and besides it feels just like Sydney as 80% of Seminyak is probably Australians. If you watch one of my Snapchat, I actually snap a selfie of me with people on my background and caption "Hello from Sydney!", I was literally the only local tourist there, so yeah Bali all the way woohoo!

After all, what matters the most is that special and private moment with my family! I have been enjoying this trip so far and sorry that I have not been so active in posting on my Snapchat, I guess that's just me living in the moment :). I choose to stay at Seminyak the entire trip as it's my favorite area in Bali and it's easy to get around from here. The first two nights I stayed at this newly opened hotel by the PTT Family: Katamama! I will definitely write a review on my blog (please pray for me to be diligent after the holiday withdrawal), and we have been exploring Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Ubud and Tanah Lot so far, and I am sending you guys some "postcards" from this trip!

The welcome drink at Katamama was actually FANTASTIC! I don't normally rave about hotels welcome drink but I like this a lot and the idea of an assigned mixologist actually made the drink inside your room! Can't wait to share more stories!
 Another thing to cheer about: MOVIDA Melbourne is finally opening in Bali, and lucky enough, it's located inside the Katamama hotel! DAYM!
 When in Bali: eat seafood by the beach!
 Monkey pictures coming! Initially wanted to upload more monkey pics </3
I personally want to thank everyone who has been sending the warmest birthday greeting and I am terribly sorry for not being able to reply to everyone!!! My Snapchat literally freez-ed and it's funny that my provider told me I had 2GB left the D-1 (birthday) and half the day I did not realize that I was running out of data. Normally I would be super tardy and careless when it comes to text, but I am a bit paranoid when it comes to replying special greetings, so to those who I do not have the chance to reply, I am terribly sorry and trust me I never meant to be a bitch! So virtual hugs and kisses to everyone. I LOVE YOU!

More Bali stories coming soon! Thank you for reading and I hope you're having a good day! Ending this post with a photo of a dreamcatcher, a friendly reminder for everyone to keep on pursuing your dreams!

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  1. Salam Mas Bro / Mbak Bro

    Wow, keren banget gambar-gambarnya.
    Ngambil pake kamera apa Mas Bro / Mbak Bro?


  2. Happy birhday Hans ;)

  3. Happy belated birthday! Lucky you the monkey didn't steal your camera away haha.

    Tia, fatialoves

  4. Wow cool photos dude! And Happy belated birthday for you! God bless!

    Kindly see and leave a comment at Thankyou! :)

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