So today is a pretty hectic day for me, I have been all up from 8 AM to do to my works and finish all the crazy deadlines that has been haunting me ever since I was back from Bali, but in the middle of my activity, I had a few hours off for break before attending another restaurant opening, and being around Kuningan area, I took advantage to actually come and check out this newly opened coffee shop that I lately see pretty often on my Instagram "explore" tab: LUCKY CAT COFFEE & KITCHEN.

I looked at their Instagram before actually coming, and for some reasons I had this inkling that this coffee shop must have something to do or connected to Sajiva in Lippo Karawaci, mostly from the homey and minimalist design and the round marble tables that are just so Sajiva-ish, and it is indeed the sister joint of Sajiva (confirmed this to the cashier). I fell hard for the interior design, it literally feels like you're having your coffee and dining at someone's gorgeous home, the homey vibe of this coffee shop is too much not to soak it in your heart, and even though it was pretty packed on my visit (and how I normally like when coffee shops are a little more quiet), the energy was on, not to mention the cold air-conditing and the music they're playing.
Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen is located in the Pasar Festival and standing around the very busy area which I consider strategic, now I am about to tell you what I found amusing from this coffee shop: IT FREAKING OPENS 24/7!!! So you can totally get your caffeine fix anytime!
Besides serving coffee, they also have main courses and pastas to pair. Sajiva came with their idea to pair the coffee with Dim Sum (FYI the owner of both coffee shops are the Dim Sum Inc. group) and this time Lucky Cat comes with the idea of pairing the coffee with Western inspired cuisine such as Pan Seared Salmon, Roasted Chicken and more. I wasn't feeling any heavy meals, so I went with the more casual goodness: seafood pasta. Price range for coffee here is around IDR 30k and food (main courses) starts around IDR 50k-IDR 80k (IDR 30k for cakes).
Hot and Iced Cappuccino (IDR 40k)
For the coffee, I went with their hot and iced cappuccino (the iced cappuccino is not in frame because that bitch is basic looking). The hot cap was actually not bad at all, but it's not the best I've had either, but it did had this decent strength and flavor balance. I hate it when people magically mistaken my order for cappuccino to latte, you can definitely tell when the coffee is way too milky, and luckily they did not fuck up my order so that's all that I care.

There are two kinds of blends for the coffee and I was glad that they asked me first hand whether I wanted the mild or stronger blend. This is the kind of gesture that I appreciated.
Seafood Pasta - IDR 68k
The pasta took a while to be served on my table (around 20 minutes of waiting and they did promise 10 minutes FYI). The pasta was just slightly overcooked, but the seasoning from the sauce was quiet nice, there were 4 fresh chunks of prawns and a few slices of squid inside. Not bad.
Overall, the only thing that I dislike about the coffee shop is the name (Sajiva is cool, Lucky Cat is not really FOR ME, OK FOR ME), other than that everything was just pretty decent: coffee was good (at least better than I expected), the seafood pasta that I ordered was not a disappointment and space wise, one of the best looking ones in Jakarta. Best of luck Lucky Cat! err...


Lucky Cat Coffee Kitchen
South Parking area of Pasar Festival
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. C/22
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan
021 - 5296 1475
Opening hours: 24 HOURS!
Average spending for two: IDR 150k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen

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