I have been to Jjang Korean Noodle & Grill in Senopati twice, only this time I feel like the experience is worth sharing simply because it’s better. My first visit wasn’t a hit, but the latest definitely changed how I see Jjang.
Jjang is a Korean restaurant serving various Korean cuisine with the emphasize on their pretty well-known jjigae (Korean soup and stew dishes), rest assure if you fancy other Korean food such as grilled meats, jjajangmyun or Bimbimbap as they’re also available here. Jjang is located in Wolter Monginsidi, precisely on the right of the street and sharing the same building as Kambing Cairo, only it’s located on the second floor.

The restaurant wasn’t spacious, but really homey and simply designed, it was crazy packed during my visit there so I kinda have to wait around to get the spot with good lighting and snap some pics, anyway here are some of the food that I had for lunch that day!

Classic Korean snack that you can munch anytime, this was the menu that I ordered back on my first visit but failed to impressed me that time. This was just better.
Jjajangmyeon – IDR 49k
I don’t know whether it comes from watching the K dramas, but I think Jjangmyeon is currently one of the most popular Korean dishes in Jakarta, the problem is, the image of Korean food is very relevant to pork and that’s the common problem here (as FYI Indonesia is the country with the largest muslim population anywhere else in the world), and I am glad to find restaurants that actually cater the sorta request. The Jjangmyeon in Jjang is totally tasty and completely halal!
I found this a bit large for personal serving so you can totally share this with a friend.
Bibimbap – IDR 55k
Bibimbap is traditional Korean mixed rice dish and Jjang’s bibimbap is just loaded with generous toppings and a sunny side up with runny center.
Buk Kal Bi – IDR 225k
If I should name one dish here that you guys must order, then this is.
Marinated short ribs grilled to perfection with Korean style serving (vegetable, homemade Samjang sauce and kimchi). I like the blend of savory and sweet soy flavor marination, and the perfect cooking made the short ribs very tender and fragrant!
Budae Jjigae – IDR 150k
I remember the first time having their Budae Jjigae, especially that very first sip of their soup and went “oh no this is not for me”, the soup was just so bland with a mix of sweet flavor that didn’t get along, to be completely frank, me and my friend didn’t even finish the dish.
BUT, I must say that I was pretty satisfied with the improvement of their budae jjigae, it was very flavorful with the right amount of spicy, savory and salty from the Gokjujang sauce and base seasoning. The topping was generous, especially the sausages and tender premium beef slices, omg the beef upgrade is just a must!
I met the owner there and frankly told him how I felt during my first visit and how happy I was to acknowledge that the quality of their food has improved way better, especially their jjigae. Since my first visit, I had zero complaint towards their service as I think the staffs there were super friendly and attentive in helping and serving me!

In conclusion: good food, affordable price, the kind of place that I’d love to go when I happen to be in the south and wanting a fast Korean food therapy.

Jjang Korean Noodle
Jalan Wolter Monginsidi No. 39 - 2nd floor
(same location as Kambing Cairo)
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12190
021 - 722 9749
Opening hours: 11 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k


Map for Jjang Korean Noodle & Grill

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