If you saw my Snapchat earlier today, I went to have a quick lunch (and Skype meeting) at this newly opened café in Senopati (yay finally a new one in Senopati) called Mister Sunday, precisely located at Cikajang, next to Cut The Crab.

Brunch is currently one of the most happening trends in Jakarta, or should I say evolving, more and more places are opening with the emphasize on both brunch concept and menus. Whenever I have this brunch convo, my memory brings me back to all the beautiful brunch I had in Australia and now missing it. That’s why we actually need more and more good brunch places both serving good food and ambiance, and I can say that Mister Sunday worth raving about.
The place is not spacious, it’s located at the second level of this unfinished building (you can still see a construction happening), but if you peek from the window, it looks pretty legit and neat. I actually toured the building a bit and even on the current state, it will make a perfect backdrop for your OOTD pics! As soon as I stepped inside the cafe, I knew that I would love the space, it’s just my kind of thing: indeed neat, clean, bright, and minimalist with a touch of industrial. I like the purposely unfinished details, and most importantly large-large windows for sunlight (which I believe will benefit you with the pictures), but I actually have this picture in mind that when it’s raining, I might love the ambiance even more, and not to mention good air-conditioning + chill music they’re tuning (and thank God it’s not Top 40). 
For the food here, they serve all day brunch menu inspired by the Down-Under brunch menu, so expect to see a lot of poached eggs, brioche, sourdough, muffin, but all that with Asian and local twist. My friend is super recommending their dish with pork belly but didn’t provide me with the name so I guess it should be their pork belly brioche, paired that with their hot cappuccino and some cakes, so the review will be based on the food that I had for lunch today. 
Hot Cappuccino – IDR 35k
Their coffee wasn’t my focus and what I was here for, but turns out it was actually quite decent. I was honestly distracted by the unbelievably pretty clay cup the whole time.
Pork Belly Open Brioche Sandwich – IDR 110k
Following my friend’s recommendation, and I just gotta thank her later, or if she’s reading this I don’t need to (HAHA), this was an interesting this with a twist: sambal matah dressing. The toasted brioche was pillow soft, the bomb has got to be the generous, tasty (perfectly seasoned with additional tar-tar cream like sauce), tender and juicy pork belly. I was weirdly happy for the fact that they gave rocket salad on the side, rocket leaves (arugula) is such a big part of Australian brunch, something about the dish that has the charisma of Melbourne brunch, it’s just how they presented the whole thing and even the plates that they’re using.
Eggless Noir Lindt Chocolate Cake with Pistachio – IDR 40k
I ordered this because of how good this looked on the display, I don’t know how to explain this, but sometimes you just look at a cake and you know “that shit is good”, but sometimes you can be wrong too. Well take a look, doesn't this look unbelievably moist for you???
Turns out my instinct was super right! The cake which was actually eggless and made with premium Lindt chocolate, are exactly what they’re made of. It was divine: super moist, very chocolaty, perfectly sweet and I love the little crunch and aroma from the pistachio. This is SERIOUSLY GOOD YOU GOTTA ORDER. It’s a shame if you don’t.
Salted Caramel Brownie – complimentary
Special thanks for whoever sent me this. The friendly waiter just gave me this saying this was a complimentary. Appreciate that. I honestly really-really liked this one. Not because it’s a freaking complimentary, but it had the right moisture, the amount of sweetness and salted caramel flavor that I like. I feel like they’re giving a certain amount of salt to the cake as at certain points, I notice the hint of salt, it was a brilliant idea tho.
I heard they can custom made the cakes special for vegans.    
Food and service on point, all that with a quite affordable price, is there anything to dislike? Hmm let me think for a bit (I really stop for a while here)... Oh, maybe for the fact that there's no separated area for non-smoking guests, anyway if they can keep up with the quality that I experienced earlier today, I believe they will stay long in the business. Watch out bitches, you better be intimidated by Mister Sunday’s presence.

Hello Mister Sunday
Jalan Cikajang No. 30 (next to Cut The Crab)
Senopati, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12190
0811 1776 185
Opening hours:
Sun-Thu: 9 AM-9 PM
Fri-Sat: 9 AM-10 PM
Sun: 8 AM-8 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Hello Mister Sunday (located beside Cut The Crab)

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