Shang Palace at Shangrila Hotel Jakarta

I was fortunate enough to attend a splendid breakfasting dinner hosted by Shang Palace Chinese Restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta. Shang Palace restaurant is totally the gold standard of chinese restaurants in Jakarta, starting from the classy venue to the great quality of premium food they're serving.

Shang Palace offers you the most vibrant dining session with 327 seats, 6 private dining rooms for your private events and Lotus Ballroom for a special occasion like wedding reception to hold around 200 people. I was stunned by how classy-looking the venue is, with majorly gold and red colors. Red and gold mixed together creates this expensive sense to the eyes and heart.

Lobster with Spicy Sauce
IDR 229k
Comes with a great presentation, this course was the perfect opening for the night. The lobster's meat is perfectly cooked, great moist consistency. The usage of mango for this dish needs to be appreciated, totally a play in my mouth.

Minced Beef Soup with Spinach
IDR 60k
Just before I knew the name of this menu, I presumed that this soup contains celery or green-onion, but in fact the green leaves were spinach. The minced beef is the bomb of the soup, they're pre-seasoned so when you have it with the soup, you're going to spot the original flavor from the beef.

Deep Fried Boneless Chicken with Almond Flakes on Lemon Sauce
IDR 78k
In most cases, almonds are chicken's best friend, I've had some courses where chicken's mixed with almonds and they both make perfect love for one another, and the same thing happening to this dish. The almond was super crunchy, but I was expecting a more juicier texture regarding the chicken was dry-fried.

Chef's Special Stewed Pork Rib served with Chinese Bread
IDR 88k
If I'm allowed to choose my most favorite dish of the night, then it'd be this Stewed Pork. This is the yummiest, juiciest pork dish I've ever had period. I'm in love with this good old pork, the meat was uber juicy and moist, my God I'm melting right now. There's no certain rule of eating this dish along with the buns, you can have them your way, the deliciousness is the same.

Braised Whole Abalone and Goose Web with Bailing Mushroom
IDR 188k
Fell in love instantly from the first try of the Abalone, very juicy! Everything served here are juicy, don't reall yknow how many times I've abused the word "juicy". If you're curious about the reason why they named the mushroom "Bailing", it's because they're impressed by its beautiful pure white body and its similarity with "Glossy Lanzi" in shape. "Bai" itself means 'white' in Chinese and "Ling" refers to the valuable edible fungus.

Live Crab with Chilli Sauce
IDR 38k/100gr
The biggest friggin crab I've ever had in my life period. The meat was so thick, rich and yummy! It's totally going to fulfill all crab lovers appetite and cravings for giant crabs. Loving the fact that they used spicy sauce because it's my favorite flavor or a crab beside "blackpepper". I have a picture to show you guys! Don't worry!!!

Just look at that crab chunk. I am hungry now.

Homemade Bean Curd with Vegetarian Ham, Shimeiji, Mushrooms and Dried Scallops
IDR 78k
Thumbs up for the bean curd, it's so moist and fluffy. Just by looking at the picture, you can tell that it's totally a huge load of ingredients used here, but overall they blend with one another perfectly. The only negative I can say is that I can't really find and taste the scallop.

Shang Palace Yang Zhou Fried Rice
IDR 88k
I am always excited when it comes to restaurant's signature fred rice, it's like each and everyone of them has their own style, taste and magic touches. This one is certainly on my top five list. Please remember that this dish contains pork, but for non-moslem foodies, this one is certainly the top notch menu. Recommended.

Almond Bean Curd with Mixed Fruits
IDR 35k
This dessert is served cold, you can definitely spot the almond flavor in this dish. While this one doesn't ring 'fantastic' to me, this is still nice to try.

Chilled Avocado Puree topped with Coconut Ice Cream
IDR 35k
I sort of like this one, especially the coconut ice cream. It's just a lovely dessert for a sweet tooth like me.

Chilled Lemon Grass Jelly with Lime Sorbet
IDR 35k
The lime sorbet is just brilliant, and I gotta give it to the kitchen for making such a beautiful dish with Lemon Grass, this is for me another succesful invention from Grass Jelly, remembering it's not very easy to create an impecable dish with that ingredient.

Chilled Mango Pudding
IDR 35k
One of my favorite desserts since I am a huge mango lover. The texture is so soft, smooth and definitely melts in your mouth.

Chilled Mango Sago Cream
IDR 35k
Hands down to the best dessert of the night, a good old Mango Sago, Shang Palace style. This one is certainly not to be missed. Highly recommend this one for you all, the flavor just simply bursts in your mouth.

If you're noticing the food from the beginning until the end, that's a lot of food! I am super full but I am totally happy. Happy fats are always the best!

For a family restaurant, the prices of the courses in this restaurant is relatively affordable, regarding to the portion and the impressive dining experience, certainly worth sharing with your loved ones.

Special thanks for Shangri-la Hotel, Shang Palace Restaurant and crew, especially to the talented Chef Benson Fok Ping Kong (executive chinese chef of Shang Palace).

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