Dill Gourmet Cafe Plaza Indonesia

Hello dear my lovely readers!

It feels great for me because I've been updating pretty often lately while I am still in my busy days, but anything to keep in touch and share with you, I'll gladly do!

So I got an email and it was a lunch invitation for a private casual lunch session with Dill Gourmet Cafe, this is certainly what I love about casual yet private lunch, I got to chat more and more with the authorized accounts behind a restaurant, while definitely having lunch, it just feels great for me. Exclusive while yet not in a super glamorous kinda way.

Dill Gourmet Cafe is an invention from the Culture Royale Catering, this catering is pretty well known for its upscale costumers for they mostly handle upscale events, mostly relating to the socialites' event, and they're trying to make a new invention for a more general market with this cafe. Dill Gourmet is located just across "Fat Burger" on the LB floor. The area of this venue's not spacial, but it's pretty comfortable for a coffee time and lunch. Let's tour this place.

Okay, you're probably going to be shocked about this one. Despite the upscale clients they're having for its catering company, the food and beverages served here are (relatively) cheap and affordable. If you're expecting a cafe with a kitchen, then this might not be something you desired. They're selling food from their catering office that's being freshly served as your order. If you're starting to get a little confused with my explanation, then it's good, because I'm getting more detailed!

This cafe doesn't have any kitchen and they're serving food that needs to be heated with the oven. I know some of you might think of this as a friggin cheap food you can find at grocery stores or supermarkets, I can totally relate, because I had that in mind too at first, but wait until you try the food here yourself, you might change your perception of this kind of food, again we learn that it's not always okay to judge a food from its packaging.

Spinach Canneloni
IDR 30k

Surprisingly, those need-to-be-heated food actually tasted adorable. This was my first course to try and you can see for yourself that this food doesn't look bad, ehm, it's not because of me who took the pictures but I'm just capturing the fact here, you can even see that the tomato is still pretty fresh. I love the taste of this food, it fits vegetarians who want to have pasta for their daily cravings, the spinach's so fresh, the canneloni is nicely cooked, the cream's sort of cheesy but not in an overpowering way, this whole course is simply my new love growing from the lunch.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich
IDR 38k
Okay, second round. Just when I unwrapped this sandwich, the aroma of the grilled chicken just tortured me, trust me, you won't feel the greasiness from the mayonnaise and the bread. Thumbs up for the nicely cooked and seasoned grilled chicken! The bread's almost sort of semi-moist which is good because you're probably in a rush in the morning and you need something express while wanting the stomach to hold it for another few hours, that bread can fill you up.

Dill's Mini Breakfast Pizza
IDR 34k
Looking for a personal pizza for breakfast? This one might be in your consideration. It has a thin crispy layer with beef bacon toppings and half-done Sunny Side Up. Sunny Side Up in the morning is always exciting for me.

Hot Tea
IDR 28k
Just when they told me they're using Ronnefeldt tea, there was a little smile. Ronnefeldt has a very great selection of teas yet with a very nice scent! They gave me this "Morgentau" flavor to try and I can say that this is probably my new favorite tea flavor. Very calming, for this kind of tea, I don't want to overpower it with tons of sugar for my liking, just a little sugar and let the original flavor soothes to your soul.

Hot Cappuccino
IDR 33k
The cappuccino package is served with two Dill Gourmet signature flavored cookies! I got mine in "Matcha" and "Double Chocochip". The cappuccino is light, proper for you who doesn't like a strong taste for coffee. Not a huge fan of the burnt stuff on top (guessing it's like creme brulee), but it's their style of presentation so what can I say, the burnt stuff itself is not affecting the taste much tho.

Chocolate Pie
IDR 16k
For a sweet tooth like me, desserts are some things I just can't say NO to. One glance at this Chocolate Pie and I knew I wanted to have a bite. It's rich in chocolate, I'd recommend having this with a cup of coffee to balance the sweetness :).

Red Velvet Cake
IDR 30k

Apple Crumble Pie
IDR 16k
Had this during another visit, just another reason to earn happy fats! Overall the pie is pretty moist and decent, the apple filling's too.

Tiramisu Mango Pudding
IDR 8.5k/each
A little sweet treats for you, just in case you're not feeling for the cakes (but who does that). I am fond of the Tiramisu more than the Mango Pudding, I was expecting the texture to be mousse-like but in fact it's jelly-like.

DILL rewarded me with their famous cookies for me to take home. Double Chocolate Chip Cookies to be exact. The cookies are not the moist and fluffy ones but certainly the delicious ones. I kinda love this cookies.
IDR 75k/can

DILL is just a perfect place for you to have your coffee or tes time or a private meeting with your co-workers or relatives. The ambience fits the versatility, you can get rather casual or formal here, it's a place to sit back and relax for me. If you want to work on your projects? High speed WiFi is ready for you, why do I feel like WiFi is like the main menu of a restaurant lately?

Dill Gourmet Cafe is having a promotion right now!!! For every purchase of Tea/Coffee, you'll get 50% OFF THE DESSERTS! (cakes, puddings, pies). Such a nice deal right for those beautiful cakes! Another 50% off for every cakes passed 19:30!

Come and visit Dill for a day to relax while sipping on your favorite coffee, and oh, I also love their Mocha Cafe (IDR 39k), I didn't manage to take a picture of my latest visit, but that's worth to try :)).

Until the next post!

F43, Level Basement 
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30
Jakarta 10350

Opening Hrs: 08.00 - 22.00

email: eatandtreatsindo@gmail.com

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  1. I really like the design of this little coffee shop, bought a few of their pudding in a cup at 50 off. But was not really convinced with the prepared bento untill I see your photos. Looking good!!


  2. Is the discount after 19.30 still available now?


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