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Ever since I was a little kid, I've been a huge fan of Italian food starting from the good old pasta to the pizza, but of course Italian food is not always around pasta or pizza, there are also some awesome italian food like Calzone, Bruschetta and my most favorite one: LASAGNA!

Basically, Lasagna is layers of pasta with minced beef, tomato sauce, creamy white sauce and cheese baked together resulting the most amazing culinary star! I don't know what's it with Lasagna but the thought of it already kills me when I'm hungry, I love that it left some prints in my heart and most of the times, makes me crave for more. Don't you just love the smell of your favorite Lasagna and the look of the sticky mozarella cheese when you slice it until the moment it melts in your mouth. Duh.

A very good person named Virra Vinsenssa contacted me and she wanted me to try her homemade Lasagna creations, lucky for me I'm not a food racist, I believe that people are gifted with talents and we always do things the way we do it so we have our own style in making something, and in this case, this Lasagna. I even got more excited when she told me that it's homemade.

Nah, so...just because that it's homemade it will always taste worse than the ones we can find in restaurants? Oh My God what year in the world do you think you're living? Some people just need to be more open minded!!! And trust me, some people just try too hard to convince themselves that the restaurant's food always tastes better and somehow got super blown away by the branding itself.

So it's an honor for me to introduce you to:
LASAGNA LASAGNE by Virra Vinsenssa!

I got the large package and that's already a good start, regarding that I am living with people who are beast and feast! It even smells so good it's like the smell tried so hard to tease my nose but somehow it did work! It also came with a simple clean packaging like the one above inside a paper bag.

I chose to reheat the Lasagna for a couple of minutes with medium heat because I wanted to experience the awesome fresh-from-the-oven look and smell of Lasagna.

And here's how it looks after I reheat it!

Just by looking at its original form I can see that it's cheesy and it looks like the most amazing/prettiest foodporn you've ever seen! I'm even hungry now as I am typing. What a bottomless pit of stomach I am having.

I can't help it anymore I need to slice it!!!
The smell even grew stronger as I sliced it and I could see a little smoke effect from the fresh-from-the-oven Lasagna. Can't you see that some of the cheese and cream left its spot at my slicing knife? Proving that it's super creamy!

Closer look to the Lasagna!
As you can clearly see, the layers of pasta in this Lasagna just melts along with the minced beef and the sauces. Damn why do I need to type this in the middle of the night it makes me super hungry now plus my brain starts to visualize the smell. I ate the whole half of this Lasagna and I didn't feel noxious at all, even for once. I love my pasta with a little chili sauce and I found them to be like soulmate to one another.

The tomato sauce is very generous here but somehow it didn't take over the whole combination of the taste, infact, those generous amount of tomato sauce just emphasize the deliciousness of the Lasagna to a certain level. You can say that I'm overrating this Lasagna but you just need to try it for yourself and therefore you'll understand.

So to make it short, clean and focused I'm just going to conclude this as
No, I'm not kidding, I just finally found the best Lasagna in this world hidden somewhere at someone's home kitchen that definitely needs more publication! Please throw away a certain state in your mind and try opening it for certain things and...this! I'm not overrating this just because this is an advertorial and I got sponsored, but this is just an honest review from a food lover who keeps on looking for great culinary treasures. This one makes me realize that I just found another one.

What makes it even better? The ingredients used here are PREMIUM QUALITY and taste won't lie, you can tell when something tastes classy and expensive, and for the vegetables, she goes with ORGANIC so it's totaly cleaner and healthier.

This Lasagna is available in two sizes:
Personal: 15 x 7 x 3 cm for IDR 45k
Large: 18 x 8 x 4.5 cm for IDR 85k

and if you're a vegetarian or you don't eat beef: DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY because there are also two other options for this: MUSHROOM LASAGNA and MIXED (Mushroom and Beef) LASAGNA!

What are you waiting for???
Dial this number 08561300086 and place your order!
Available only on Monday and Friday, place your order 3 days in advance.

LASAGNA LASAGNE by Virra Vinsenssa
Virra: 08561300086
Facebook: Lasagna Lasagne

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